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Teach Me
I’m starting over at 65. I’ve been through a shitstorm of a life. Everything came to a head in the year of life collapse. In one year I got cancer, lost my wife, my house, my business and had to end my alcoholism. I have turned it all around. I’ve coached others and had dramatic results. I know how to help people deal with their emotional baggage and rocket forward in life. What I don't know is business. Not really sure I’m smart enough to figure this Skool thing out. Looking for a teacher.
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Right now the Andrew's Cohort is the best thing. You are on time.
How to Get Your 1st High-Ticket Client (By Getting 100 Group Members In 14 Days)
Enough playing. On a call in 4 hours I will show you exactly what to do, everyday for 14 days, to quickly grow your Skool communtiy and get your 1st high-ticket client. I'm taking everything I've learned from Hormozi, Sam Ovens, and all the winners of The Skool Games, and putting it into a checklist for you to follow. And I'll share it all for free! Click here to add the call to your calendar This will be the Zoom link: Last week we broke Zoom, and hundreds weren't able to get in. If you show up early you'll be more likely to get a space. If you haven't already, read my last post, which covers the new fastest path to going full-time online.
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Thank You So Much Bro !!
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@Norman Morgan Thanks Man
Less than 2 hours until the FREE 'Monetization Cohort' begins
EDIT: Call recording here: I'll reveal the new fastest path to earning $3,000 - $10,000/month online. It starts at 8am Pacific time. Here's the Zoom link: See you soon! PS: There's a free bonus for everyone who shows up live!
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Yeehaw Baby !!!
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Thanks a Lot Andrew . You offered So much Clarity !
Alex Hormozi's Productivity System Synthesized
I watched today, Alex Hormozi's video about his productivity system and I synthesized it. Here's the gist of it ! 🕒 Two Types of Schedules: Manager Schedule: - Short Time Chunks: Managers divide their day into small segments (5-90 minutes). - Maximize Meetings: An empty slot is a lost opportunity, so they fill their day with numerous tasks and meetings. Maker Schedule: - Deep Work Blocks: Makers need long, uninterrupted periods for creative tasks like coding, writing, and designing. - Avoid Interruptions: Meetings disrupt the flow, making it hard to regain focus and productivity. 🛠️ Key Strategies for Success: - Protect Your Time: Be ruthless with your schedule. Decline unnecessary meetings to preserve your maker time. - Implement Quiet Days: Dedicate specific days (like Wednesdays) for uninterrupted work. This can significantly boost productivity. - Communicate Clearly: Inform your team when you need deep work periods. Use “maker’s no” to decline meetings without offending. - Schedule Smartly: Plan meetings at the end of the day to keep your mornings free for deep work. Work from back to front to avoid fragmented time blocks. 🏆 Personal Implementation by Alex Hormozi: - Maker and Manager Days: Alex divides his week into maker days (for deep work) and manager days (for meetings). - Audit Meetings Regularly: Continuously assess the necessity of meetings. Eliminate or combine them to reduce disruptions. - Standardize Time Blocks: Set specific times for meetings and keep the rest of your day free for focused work.
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Alex Hormozi's Productivity System Synthesized
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Can you please explain this line man: Work from back to front to avoid fragmented time blocks.
Time Theory Course
Good Afternoon, glad to be part of the community and am excited to get stuck in. I’ve been following Andrew for a good couple of years not but never was part of the time theory course. Is this still available as a legacy product or can the content be published if it is no longer on sale? I’m sure it would help people like myself who are still struggling with procrastination!
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Thank you so much Amigo
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