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I saw this post from @Paul Gray and it made me think, our generations biggest problem is overstimulation (probably this is why videos about Dopamine Detox and Outwork Everyone By Being Bored gets so much views). We are aware of the problem, and even the solution, the only thing is that the solution is too painful, and after a while I find myself going back to old habits enabling the recommended feed on youtube, re-following people on Twitter and I'm back at the same position, I think this is a belief problem, we believe that watching educational youtube videos are more productive than boredom, and we justify to our brain to indulge in pleasure. but in reality, you already know what to do you already have the necessary information, it's just your brain creating the perfect sales letter on why you should watch that Sam Ovens video again instead of working. I believe the answer is boredom and dopamine detox mode. but first on boredom, our current default state is distraction, when we spend all day in front of the computer and it's our default state we will find ourselves checking emails and social media between tasks, I believe instead we should be more intentional about our tech use, and only sit down in front of the computer when we need to do something, and there is a clear intention, if you don't have any intention just go on a walk, sit down, be with your thoughts, and journal, this will help you be more mindful and consume content more intentionally (if you decide to do that) Now onto dopamine detox mode: it's a period of your life, when you are super conscious about the cheap dopamine you let into your life. Do you really need to bring your phone to the toilet? Put that mayonnaise on the food? Or listen to that business podcast while you do chores around the house? sometimes the answer is yes, but more often than not, our brain just justifies these stuff, to get more dopamine but avoiding the cheap dopamine maybe more productive than the stuff you learn in that business podcast. I believe mindfulness is more important than the extra knowledge because if we are always busy we won't let our brains come up with new creative ideas.
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@Paul Gray lets gooo
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@Alan Paul doing pretty good currently Im traveling and Im in Kuala Lumpur building with my business partner and we help agency owners get client with cold email and content and Im founding it by editing on the side to cover the costs so been pretty busy however I definitely want to start being active again in this community
20d ago 
Is long form a good idea
Been doing faceless content for some time on my Instagram. I want to transition to long-form content. I am not sure if it is worth the time and instead, I should focus on a different type of content altogether. What are your thoughts? Is long-form content dead for beginners who have no social following and starting from scratch or am I wrong?
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@Sam Bomjan hmm I see, in that case you can try to build momentum with shorts and btw you can still be authentic in short form content slow the pace down a little bit and change the video from advice to personal lesson instead of "how to focus for 12hrs" you change it to "how I focus for 12hrs" I did this and the short still felt authentic and it got like 2.5k views. With long form you can try to experiment with it and see how you like it if its too much hassle I would just stick with shorts if you find them more fun
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@Sam Bomjan yeah definitely, with good storytelling skills and ideas also here is this idea
Sep '23 
Invite for
Anyone got an invite for Thanks!
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send a message to the CEO on twitter, it worked for me
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@Efe Ateş I sent out all my 2 invites, but just send a message to the CEO guy on twitter
Aug '23 
Little advice needed
Hey guys! (This is my first post so I just want to say I am really grateful to be able to even do this post in a community of so great people like this) Not long ago I started my youtube channel but I noticed that it is really similar to many other self improvement new channels and got a little frustrated of being just like a copy of others. Can someone give me some advice on how to differentiate myself in a leverageable way on the long term? This is my little channel if you want some more context: Thank you in advance and I hope you’re having a nice life!
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search for "David Perell Personal Monopoly"
The Synthesizer Editing Crash Course
I'm a video editor, and realized, that when it comes to synthesizing, a lot of you guys struggle with editing, so I made a free course, that will teach you to do simple but effective editing! 1. Introduction 2. Boring parts/dead space 3. Subtitles 4. Graphics 5. Sounds (note: loom doesn't record the sounds of the video I was editing, here is the full video)
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@Christina Westergaard Larsen its my webcam, the trick is the have a lot of natural sunlight
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@Christina Westergaard Larsen I have a logitech c920, but thats nothing fancy
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