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This isn't fun, but it makes me $256k/month
Well Ad Men, By now, you've probably seen my latest YouTube video where I spoke at Will Brown's mastermind in Dubai. I posted it on Monday, but in case you haven't had a chance to watch it yet... SPOILER ALERT 🚨 I cried lol... I cried because although I pride myself on being mentally tough... I cried because although I pride myself on always being positive... I cried because although I pride myself on being the healthiest person i know... The reality is, these last 8-12 months have been extremely tough. I've been battling some health issues that have been weighing on me mentally, spiritually, financially and emotionally... I won't get into it too much here, because I talk about it more in the video... But because we're leaders... running businesses, sometimes it's even more tough on us because everyone else is always looking up to us! Our team... Our family... Our friends... Which means... We gotta be the most positive! We gotta be the most disciplined! And we gotta be the one's to always be up and leading from the front! So we have to just face it... and sometimes maybe even fake it... Even if deep down we are the one's struggling on the inside. But this is EXACTLY why I started my YouTube channel and began documenting my journey in the first place... To share the HIGHS, the LOWS... And to be real, raw, and transparent with you, about what I am going through... Even if it's not fun... Even if it means being vulnerable... And even if it means shedding a tear or two every now and then... I write these emails to you, not just to always try and sell you lol. But to help you. Because these help me too!
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This isn't fun, but it makes me $256k/month
2 likes • Apr 17
It’s inspiring and encouraging to see your transparency. It makes success look very attainable through your authenticity and minimal ego. Thanks for sharing
New Studio - Ads & content about to go crazyyy 👀
Setup my new studio this week, what do you think?
New comment Dec '23
New Studio - Ads & content about to go crazyyy 👀
0 likes • Nov '23
@Brian Moncada Elgato made one!? Oh I have to check that out. Now your super set for virtual interviews too (podcast), you think of using or another platform?
0 likes • Nov '23
Your lighting is A1 too man! Can’t wait to see your new content.
World’s Greatest Sales Trainer & Marketing Agency #1 Hater Blows YouTube Out The Water...
Ever heard of Jeremy Miner? If you haven’t, let me clue you in… Jeremy is potentially the world’s greatest Sales Trainer right now. (Cole, if you’re reading this, it’s not you… It’s me lolol) He’s the Founder and CEO of 7th Level and Sales Sniper. And one day, after cashing $33 million in straight sales commissions, he decided to create a sales training company. A regular day for him, something remarkable for 99.9% of human beings. The point is… We have the honor to run his YouTube Ads. But it wasn’t a walk in the park. You see, Jeremy kinda hates marketing agencies. And for good reason, too. Most agencies overpromise and underdeliver. Maybe you’ve experienced this yourself? The point being, Jeremy is a no BS kind of person. So when he got sick of so-called gooroooos and on-stage personalities burning his ad budget… He hired an in-house team to manage his Facebook & IG ads. But not YouTube.And why is that? We don’t know. But we do know this… We scripted, managed, edited, and launched all his campaigns on YouTube and Google since January 2023, and surprise, surprise… His ads are NUKING. We’ve helped them make over $800k in new cash collected with under $200k in Adspend… Equaling out to a 4x ROAS in only about 3-months after it took us about a month or two to get up and running and work out the kinks with their campaign. Not too shabby huh? For sure, it helps being a deal closing sensei… But, it also means that it doesn’t really matter if you are amazing at sales… If you don’t have high quality, and affordable leads that are easier to close! Now let's get into you some tactical takeaways for you to implement immediately: - The Offer: Sales Training program for b2b sales reps - The Funnel: (VSL Book A Call Funnel) - The campaign took about 2-months to really get going and profitable. - This is because YouTube was a NEW platform for Jeremy and his team. Although they have a proven offer/funnel cranking on FB & IG, it still takes about a month to dial in your conversion actions and crank... - After the first month, we made changes and optimizations to the landing page that dramatically increase the opt-in rate (shoutout to @Israel Fernandez for his amazing work on this CRO side) and got us to 2x ROAS - Luckily, Jeremy and his team know the power of marketing and that a 2x can quickly become a 3x, 4x, and even 5x, with the right tweaks and time testing... and that's why we love working with them. - Creative scaling spree - we also re-wrote new ads and hooks that Jeremy filmed which took everything to the next level as well... (might do an Ad Breakdown on this in the future?)
New comment Jun '23
World’s Greatest Sales Trainer & Marketing Agency #1 Hater Blows YouTube Out The Water...
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Great testimonial!
Guy making $500k/mo shares his secret money making drug 💊
Happy Sunday Ad Men, Right now I'm at another mastermind, it's Jeremy Haynes inner circle and I've already got 12 pages worth of notes in a Google Doc lol Yesterday Jeremy shared a new type of VSL (it's called the DSL) that he's testing for his clients... and we'll be testing out for our clients too ;) He also handed out a $1M/month award to a guy named Rico who has a really unique type of offer that's been really popular lately, but borderline X rated lol... Then Brandon Carter, aka @KingKeto (who's also a client of ours at, dropped some bombs on peak performance drugs, diet, and focus tips that we're pretty sick lol... Brandon Carter is JACKED AF, and one of the most disciplined people I know... He said once he turned 40, his testosterone levels dropped and he always felt tired... After getting on TRT, that shit was gone and he was back to "normal". TRT is the same stuff Joe Rogan takes, and I'll probably take too once I hit that age tbh... just makes sense. Once DAY 1 of the mastermind was over, I sped home on the highway, and opened up my laptop again just in time to order the UFC PPV and catch the whole the main card... Did any of you watch any of the fights too? That last fight was CRAZY... Jamahal Hill went into enemy territory (Brasil) and fought for 5-rounds in a blood bath to defeat a Brazilian legend (who retired after losing) and become the NEW light heavyweight champion of the world!Anyways, enough that that lol... A lot of people replied saying "YES!" to me making a Sam Ovens Top 5 Lessons Learned YouTube video, so that'll be up next week :) And then THIS mastermind VLOG will come out the week after... So stay tuned for some quality content coming soon! Oh, AND we have 500 members inside of this community already which is SICK... so shoutout to all of you who are here and apart of it! Remember, this community is only as good as its members... so share your best stuff, help somebody else, and have some fun! Last but not least, shoutout to @Jordan Bailey for tagging me in this on Twitter this AM.
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Guy making $500k/mo shares his secret money making drug 💊
0 likes • Jan '23
I’m excited for the video recaps and google doc full of wisdom!
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