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Hello @everyone I'm new here and thrilled to be here 😊😊😊
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Take your outreach system to the next level
No I dont have a lead gen agency dont worry. Use this system if you keep on getting ghosted or get almost no response from your leads. 1. Form submitted on tally 2. GPT creates a hyper-personalized email + subject line based on the responses 3. Eleven Labs takes that email and converts it into audio in your voice 4. Saves it on Google Drive 5. Creates a draft ready to be sent out to your lead
Come hang out with me, Cole Gordon, and David Draey in AZ 🌵
22-days left! That's how long we have until our 2nd ever in-person Ad Men Mastermind happening on May24th-26th, in beautiful Scottsdale Arizona 🌵 And after our last mastermind, where we celebrated New Years Eve on the biggest yacht in Miami...😎 I knew I had to make sure that this one was just as good, if not, better! Which is exactly why I asked my good friends Cole Gordon, David Draey, and Clark Kegley to speak! And in case you didn't know... 👉 Cole Gordon is the Founder/CEO of ($3.8M/month company) 👉 David Draey is the Former Sales Manager of w/ Sam Ovens 👉 Clark Kegley is a famous YouTuber & Coach with over 1.7 MILLION subscribers The theme of this mastermind will be simple... ✅ YouTube Ads ✅ YouTube Organic ✅ Sales Training, Management, and Leadership! Two weeks from now, Ad Men from all across the world are flying in to mastermind with us in-person, and I can't wait to share all the behind the scenes footage with you! Now, if you remember, I emailed you 1-month ago asking if YOU would be interested in attending this mastermind IF we decided to ever sell tickets to these in the future... And a lot of people raised their hands saying YES! However this time, we decided to keep this one smaller, and more intimate... Which is why we're only allowed 15 people to attend. And all 15 spots have already been RSVP'd... But, I am planning on making these mastermind events more fun by including the option to purchase tickets to attend in the future 🎟️ So even if you weren't able to attend this time, stay tuned to my YouTube channel where I'll be posting all the takeaways and learning lessons :) For now, happy Monday. And let's have a killer week! Cheers 🥂 -Brian 'Ad Men in Arizona' Moncada
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Increase client satisfaction and retention by doing this
Just like most marketing agencies, one of my clients was struggling with their onboarding process as it was just a constant headache of keeping track of things and also the battle of timely communication and getting the required information on time. So I made an automation for him and he absolutely loved it as this saves him hours of work and also helps him to create an impression in front of his new clients. Also if you want to go further you can also make a system that can be integrated with your project management tool and can send your clients regular updates to keep them up to date. The picture is just one part of 3 workflow systems that we made for him to automate his onboarding process. Also, did you know that "86% of B2B customers believe the onboarding process impacts their overall satisfaction" Hope that helps!
Do this to improve your ad results
Hey everyone, recently I helped a fellow social media marketer with a couple of custom build automation specifically for ad campaigns and leads management. I noticed that a lot of people here offer similar services so thought of sharing this with yall. This automation is for facebook ads however you can replace this with literally any social media platform (youtube, IG, etc) and then it will pass the lead info to the other app where that software will either call them up or send out a hyper personalized text and keep following up on them (all of this is automated) This system will help you guys to keep track of every lead and also extract as much info as one can from them, keeping aside the actual cases that are increasing in conversion rates and show-up rates. Hope this helps! Feel free to ask me if you have any questions, would be happy to help
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