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New Studio - Ads & content about to go crazyyy 👀
Setup my new studio this week, what do you think?
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We made $125k in 30-days with this NEW 'HYBRID' Agency Offer (here's how)
Okay Ad Men, We've helped 5 different business owners AVOID the stress, headache, AND overwhelm that comes from having to... Write, film, edit, and setup all their YouTube Ad campaigns by themselves... How? We've offered to write their scripts, coach them on exactly how to film the ads, edit all the videos, and setup + launch their campaigns for them! But that's not all... We've even offered to COACH them for 12-weeks AFTER their ads are LIVE, so that they can learn how to manage, optimize, and scale their YouTube Ads themselves... And so far, in the last 30-days... we've made $125k with this NEW 'Hybrid' offer! I just posted a brand new YouTube video sharing how: Enjoy 🥂
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I spoke at Charlie Morgan's mastermind in London (here's what happened)
The weekend before last, I was in London England speaking at an exclusive mastermind that wasn't available to the public... It was Charlie Morgan's first ever Imperium Mastermind event, and he asked me to speak on YouTube Ads. Charlie is a client of ours at, and we've been working together for 7-months now... In that short time, we've helped him enroll over 262 NEW high-ticket clients into his coaching program, Easy Grow! Which has generated him and his team close to $1M in CASH collected, and just under $3M in TOTAL revenue! But that's besides the point... The point of this email is to show you the recap of what happened that weekend, and give you a behind the scenes look at what it's like to attend one of these exclusive mastermind events for yourself! So, without further ado... We now present to you, the London Mastermind recap VLOG... I spoke at Charlie Morgan's mastermind in London (here's what happened) Enjoy🥂 -Brian "Back At It Again With The Mastermind Vlogs" Moncada
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We Partnered With Patrick Bet-David For His ‘Vault Conference’, And Here’s What Happened…
If you have Internet access, you may have heard of some random dude called Patrick Bet-David. Not so well known, right? Complete stranger.… He’s only interviewed the most influential people on this Earth, and made MILLIONS helping other business owners reach their next level of success with bulletproof strategies that work even during a recession.… He’s interviewed people like Mike Tyson, Kobe Bryant, Shaquille O’Neal, Robert Kiyosaki, Andrew Tate, and so on… So, it’s safe to say that Patrick Bet-David knows what he’s doing when it comes to creating content AND sales. Yet, having a BIG NAME doesn’t guarantee success with a cold traffic audience. Yes, it does help. Don’t get me wrong.… But the reality is, even if someone has ‘heard of you’, that’s rarely enough to push people to buy… …Especially when it comes to a LIVE Event. And that’s the topic for today’s email. See, it all began last year after the last event (The Vault Conference), when one of my friends introduced me to Patrick Bet-David’s COO & Marketing Manager. At that time, they didn’t have much advertising running at all, and so I sent them a few strategies they could implement for their offers immediately. To be honest, I wasn’t expecting what was about to happen… I’ve been in this game long enough to know that these sales cycles for WHALE clients take months and months to work and close… …But after I sent those strategies (actual tactical advice), one thing led to another, and I actually ended up shaking hands with PBD for the first time at a UFC fight in Miami But that wouldn’t be the last time, because it only took a few months until his team partnered with Adspend to start working on his 2023 edition for The Vault Conference, taking place this August 30th - September 2nd, 2023 in Miami, FL.And this is massive… …Not only because Patrick Bet-David is one of the most well-known faces RIGHT NOW… …But because we had another invaluable chance to prove Adspend only works with the best of the best, and that we can deliver amazing results even if things don’t start off on the right foot.
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🇬🇧 London Mastermind recap (plus a surprise at the bottom)
Yesterday we flew back home from the UK after a half-week long business trip where we accomplished 3 things: 1. Meet up with the UK team (shoutout to @Billy Porter & @Asel Abey) 2. Get together with a few members from the Ad Men Mastermind 3. Speak at Charlie Morgan's mastermind on YouTube Ads And I'm happy to report that it was a TOTAL success! Last Wednesday we met up with our team & Cam for dinner at this super unique Italian restaurant called, Circolo Popolare. Once you walk in, you're greeted by the staff and asked if you want to check your coat or your umbrella (something we never even think about in AZ lol...) And then you're eyes become fascinated by the copious amounts of liquor shelves molded into the walls on your right and left of the restaurant with lights behind them that almost make it look a bit like it's Christmas! Not to mention, the food was absolutely delicious... A bit small to be fair, but hey, maybe that's why America is a lot HEAVIER than the UK hahah... Lastly, the conversations were even better. There's nothing like meeting up with your team in person and breaking bread together. You get to learn more about the people you work with everyday virtually, on a whole different level and most importantly... It makes all this REAL! Not saying your business, or my business isn't real lol... But it becomes even more REAL when you get to physically see your clients, customers, and team members in real life! Not just for you, but for them too. Which is extremely important for buy-in and commitment to your vision, mission, and values as a company! Needless to say, everyone left that dinner happy and excited for the future :) Then, come Friday, it was the first day the Imperium mastermind with Charlie Morgan and his team. Now look... I've been to plenty of masterminds at this point in my career... The first mastermind I ever joined and attended was Vince Del Monte's 7-Figure Fitness Business mastermind in Toronto, Canada almost 4+ years ago now...
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