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View Cap And Impression Cap Frequencies | YouTube Ads
Normally, I would reduce my view and impression frequencies to 7X daily after the second day of launching my ads. Then reduce it gradually over time. To 3X daily Then 1X daily Then 5X weekly. But it was taking a long time to reduce my CPAs. And then I had this random conversation with a friend and colleague. He was like, "IDGAF, you will only see my ad once a month." What?!, I said. This guy gets very low CPAs. After that call, I logged in to the ad dashboard of a client. and reduced my frequencies from 7X daily to 2X daily. My CPA dropped by 50%. I will reduce it to 5X per week by Monday.
Welcome New Members 🎉🥂
Hey Ad Men! Hope everybody is having a great Thursday! Let's welcome the new members of the community who have joined in the last week, don't forget to introduce yourself and check our free Youtube Ads mini-course inside of the Classroom, also keep in mind the rules of our community! @Israel Nnaji @Spoki S @Joey Cits @Togar Beckol @Gabriel Roussel @Sai Lee @Abhishek Mishra @Miguel Morell @Toby Wimble @Sumon Talukder @Shakur Mustafe @Namit Chawla @Luke Scherba @Federico Sastre @Youssif Hani @Khalid Shamim @Hiren Varia @Jashanjot Singh @Todd Gladden @Faizan Shah @Marco Koppen @Thabo Baxa @Bouchet Loan @Samuel Hess @Joshua Kontoh @Gerald Confienza @Markus Seb @Muhammad Adeel Khan @Yumer Mestan @Michael Davis @Sunil Kumar @Hector Ruiz @Emmanuel Hanson @Xavier Ibert @Michael Louis @Wajih Jallal
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Over 1000 ads tested on Youtube
5 things I've learned after testing well over 1000 ads on Youtube. In short form. 1) Good creative makes media buying easier, When you have scalable ads, you can target completely broad with 50k/day campaigns. 2) The hook/lead is everything. The first 1-30 seconds is where you'll want to put the majority of focus on 3) Test. Test constantly. Test different angles. Test different formats. Consistently test. Those who don't are lazy. 4) Create variations for winners. When you find winning ads, create variations of that winning ad. That's easier than having to create new angles all the time. 5) Become obsessed with details. When you test this many ads, you have to become more detail-oriented for optimization. What are you testing in the ad? Why? Does your test make sense or are you just testing shit 'for the sake of testing'? Are the video edits in line with the right conversion elements?
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Ad Men of the Month - April⚡️
Happy Friday Ad Men! Hope you guys are having a great day. Now that we have wrapped the month of April, we want to announce a huge shoutout to the 3 most participating people in this group! People who have posted, commented, liked & shared throughout the month! and they are 🥁 in the first place we have: @Gabriel Lamas in the second place we have: @Elena Valdes in third place we have: @Mridul Golyan Thank you for making this happen and enjoy your weekend! 🥂
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How I sent 3215 Cold DM's with a 15-20% Reply Rate
Absolutely NO risk in you trying it out with the 14 day free trial, JUST to see if it FITS for you! ATTENTION My Fellow Agency & Business Owners I did it again, I sent 3215 Cold DM's. This alone sounds impressive, but with the tool I've been using and a offer that made many interested. I was able to get a 15-20% reply rate which I checked using the tool's built-in CRM which is incredible. This sounds like it took a lot of work but I was able to achieve this with hardly any work and I can guarantee that what I did could work for any agency or business owner. I definitely think doing outreach manually is boring and a waste of time, so for YOUR benefit, I'm letting you guys use it for FREE. Just comment "FREE", otherwise shoot me a DM, or you can follow me and COPY the link in my bio!
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