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I Broke Down Iman Gadzhi's Most Successful YT Ad (here's why it worked)
Iman Ghadzi is one of the most controversial marketers alive today because he's phenomenal at creating ad campaigns that FEEL like Academy Award winning documentary's... And whether you love him, OR hate him... His ads definitely work, and they definitely convert! That's why in today's YouTube video, I'm going to be breaking down one of his MOST popular YouTube Ads for you, so that you can learn how to create ads that go VIRAL, just like him too... Watch the full ad breakdown now Enjoy 🥂 -Brian "Academy Award Winning Ads" Moncada
Youssef Guirguess
Brian Moncada
Alex Reisch
Micheal Frank
Kashif Shahid
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@Youssef Guirguess
New Sucker in the community 😏😏
Hey Guys, Just joined this community yesterday and freaking excited to learn from the monsters of this world. And to be honest, I'm just starting out with YouTube Ads and feeling overwhelmed. Would you recommend something on where I should start?
Matt Penas
Brian Moncada
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@Matt Penas Thanks so much Matt.
I'm Glad To Be Here! 🙏🏻
Hello Guys! I just want to say thank you all for the amazing support and value. I applied the principles teached in the lessons and I’ve seen immediate results. Thank you all, I’m looking forward to grow with all of you :) 💥
Brian Moncada
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Hey @Emanuele Consoli welcome man, what results have you seen exactly? I'm curious :)
Productized Service for YouTube Ads 🤓
Hey @Brian Moncada, I've noticed you're exploring new ideas for your offer. I like the concept of productized services, similar to what offers with YouTube Organic content. They have this partnership with Ali Abdaal, where you pay $10k for the production of 6 YouTube videos every month. Pretty straightforward." Thinking along those lines, couldn't there be a similar approach for YouTube Ads? Something like $10k/month for ad script writing and video editing. I'm doing something similar but for Landing Page design. I like productized services because they offer transparent pricing and expectations, fewer sales calls, and super straightforward service delivery. This is also something some videographers in the community can consider.
Brian Moncada
Matt Penas
Steve Bizz
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Definitely a good idea to streamline fulfillment and scale for sure.
Create ‘Adspend Quality’ Ads Within 16 Weeks - How’s That For An Offer?
A few days ago, I sent an email announcing our upcoming DWY offer, and the replies were quite surprising… …Because I got none lol So, instead of feeling bad about it… …I shut my day down to THINK. Was it my approach? Was it my email? Was it my subject line? …Or was it that the offer wasn’t strong enough? After thoughtful consideration, I realized it was the latter… "Coaching" Offers suffer in this digital era for that same reason… There’s too much noise, little clarity, and every approach has been tried to death… …Reason why I was painted with the same brush. Even though I do my best to give honest value here, every day. So... …I realized it’s not just about giving you what you ‘want’... …But what you NEED… …And what I KNOW most agency owners, coaches, consultants, experts, course creators, and even marketers need RIGHT NOW more than ever is… …Better creative. Better ads. Better editing. Better ideas. Better execution. And that happens to be what we’re known for. We’re the most sought-after YouTube Ads advertising agency in the entire world for a reason: Our creative is GOATED. So I’m here to ask YOU something... …If we could WRITE, EDIT, LAUNCH and optimize control-beating ads FOR YOU… …Would you take us on that offer? Even more… If after writing, editing, launching, and optimizing your ads, we showed you EXACTLY how we do it every day for ourselves, so you can go out there and replicate our success for yourself AND your clients… …Would you think that’s a no-brainer? But even BETTER… If after we wrote, edited, launched, optimized, and showed you HOW to do it all yourself… …We coached you and trained you to THINK beyond processes and become an Ad Man… …Would you reply to this post saying, "Yes, Brian, I want to know what the hell is going on"? If so, please do… … If not, please let me know what you consider a no-brainer. After all… I’m here to make the advertising world a better place. And that includes you. Thanks in advance for your help 🥂
Rohan Saxena
Yamuna Bihari
Nicholas Nicola
Israel Fernandez
Kashan Hussain
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@Anjuman Sagar There we go!
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@Bruno Cardoso DM’d you
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