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Increased TCPA = Even Less Spend...
Hey team, Had a campaign that I'd been scaling vertically for 6-7 months. I recently upped the budget and noticed it wasn't spending the full budget. I then increased the TCPA by 25 dollars and it has spent all of 10% the following day. I also increased the spend on another campaign and the next day it spent all of 10 dollars. These are proven audiences with 3x ROAS. Is this normal? TYIA. @Brian Moncada
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When you switch anything with the budget/bidding strategy, your campaign then goes back into LEARNING phase. If after 2-3 days it's still not spending, switch it to Max Conversions and just let it spend. Typically you want to just increase budget when winning campaigns are spending and working, duplicate them to switch bidding strategies and test
I figured out how to get rich "quick"... new video
Hey Ad Men, I posted a new YT video yesterday called, "I figured out how to get rich "quick" And by "quick", I mean for sure... Because for me, it took 5-years... And that's pretty "quick" in the grand scheme of things lol. But for you, it might be sooner? Either way, I'm just going to tell you exactly what I did, so you can do it too. The feedback so far has been pretty good, you watch watch it here: -Brian 'here's what I did" Moncada 🥂
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YouTube Ads problems/questions?
Happy Friday Ad Men, What are you currently struggling with when it comes to creating and running profitable YouTube Ads? Reply and let me know. -Brian
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@Ahmed Ali My guess is you've spent like $400-500 right? You need to spend at least 10x your target CPA IF using max conversions, and 15x your target CPA IF using Target CPA bidding. And allow the campaigns 7-14 days to optimize.
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@Michael Taylor well, the mini-course in here is just the creative piece. So if you paid for wetube, just do that.
Ads are not a magic pill...
Ads are just ONE piece of the marketing tripod. 1. Attention (Ads) 2. Nurturing (Sales funnel, email marketing, and sales process) 3. Trust (Social proof, credibility, case studies, reviews, and testimonials) Without ONE of these 3... the entire tripod falls. Most people when they spend a couple hundred dollars and don't get any leads, or calls: "My ads aren't working..." No sir, your ads ARE working... It's your Nurturing system that's broken... Aka your sales funnel. The landing pages, or your VSL, which means the traffic that's clicking, isn't interested in what you're actually offering. Ads get you MORE attention. More attention means nothing if your offer and sales funnel isn't optimized. Remember this. -Brian 'Ad Man' Moncada
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@Mike Markin What are you currently doing for #2 in your marketing process right now?
Paid ads pop quiz…
Okay Ad Men, riddle me this… If you had a ROAS of 1.64x in total revenue, and only a .87x ROAS in cash Would you… A) Create better ads to increase ROAS B) Dial in sales process to increase cash collected and closing rate C) Work on backend to improve LTV and spend more Reply in the comments below 👇
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@Fredrik Bakke Spend more.
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The answer btw, is in fact all 3... A) because you could always improve the CPL and CPBC with better creative, which then could lead to cheaper CAC B) because if you closed MORE of the leads that did opt-in and book, you would have a higher ROAS... C) because even if you didn't do A or B, and you knew you'd be making an extra $3k per new client on the backend on average with upgrades/renewals/MRR, you'd be able to STILL spend more with your current results and be completely fine. Thanks for playing 🥂
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