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Our private community for strategies & resources on how to grow your consulting/coaching company to 7 and 8 figures a month.

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The IG Shoutout Blueprint is a guide for coaches and consultants who are ready to skyrocket their sales with inbound leads.


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New to Skool. Who dis?
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whatsup Alex!!!
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My bro
BIG WIN! We just hit $300,000/month with Skool as our core platform
A few months ago I stated I wanted to hit $500,000 every single month in cash collected with the help of Skool as our core platform for lead-generation and community building simultaneously. As we're on the way there, we've hit an incredible milestone I wanted to share with you all. This month in November we closed in on $300,000 in cash collected through the help of Skool for our B2B division, in December we're also launching a community for our B2C division on Skool. For context, this is what I do: 1. Our B2B helps coaches, consultants, experts start or scale their online business to $1M-$10M/yr. 2. Our B2C helps everyday beginners become a $5K+/mo Remote DM Setter. HOW did I do it? I'll break down the strategy for you here. 1. We launched a FREE Skool Community and setup the 3 questions that allows us to leverage to see if any of our leads are "in-market" for a Zoom Call to see how we can help them get to Point B. You can see the 3 questions here: 2. We then sent our EXISTING organic traffic via e-mail, facebook, instagram all over to the Skool Community so we can reach out to group join request, leverage the 3 questions -> book a call 3. If people don't book a call right away, one of two things always happen if not both, they consume the course content and get nurtured over time, then book a call. Or we follow up till they say "How can we book a call?" or "STOP FOLLOWING UP!!" lol. 4. We've been doing this for about 3-4 months now and it's all compounded into today's results, the reason I'm going to double down on Skool is because it's more focused, more intentional and it doesn't have annoying chat restrictions like our previous core platform, Facebook. 5. Most importantly, every single day, my DM Setter will have 50 new conversations per day and does 300-500 follow ups PER DAY, without any restrictions or headaches like Facebook gives. So all you need is:
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$0 to $500K/mo GOAL with Skool ONLY..
IM PUTTING THIS OUT AS AN ACCOUNTABILITY POST! MARK MY WORDS ON THIS.. We will make $500K/mo in the next 3-6 months or less with Skool ONLY.. At the moment we're doing $600K-$700K/mo with AppointmentSetterCom using IG/FB only but it's a total mess.. Everything is scattered among different platforms with our marketing strategies. Me and my lady who is also my business partner in this company are going to do 2 cool things over the next 7-14 days. We're going to build two low ticket courses, one for our B2C and one for our B2B. Here are my goals that I KNOW we will achieve in the next 3-6 months or less. 1. Make $500K/mo with our low ticket offer strategy for our B2C & B2B ON SKOOL ONLY.. 2. Make $10K/mo as a Skool Affiliate as we move fully onto the platform for marketing now too I'm already invested multi 6 figures into Skool and my next step is to also now truly use it as marketing platform for our companies because it fits so perfectly into what we're already doing. In the past we've already achieved these figures but then we used a Facebook Group where our DMs would go to spam, the course was on another platform and it was all scattered.. Now on Skool you'd land in primary, your emails land in primary, you can DM people WHILE they watch the course.. So we're now going to be building our LTOs and launch in the next 1-2 weeks. I'm grateful to be a part of this community and I'll be breaking down A to Z how we'll have achieved this goal once we've hit it in this community and using Skool ONLY. For now, this is just a post to hold myself accountable and use it as a future case study too for people who are on the fence of using Skool. Let's GO!
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@Vianney Wilson It's going to be $7!
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@Nicholas Ross thank you! here’s my website: B2C = beginners B2B = agencies, coaches, consultants etc.
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