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How Hamza makes millions mentoring young men on Skool
@Hamza Ahmed is the cult leader behind Adonis School, a Skool Community that currently generates over $2 million in annual recurring revenue. In this episode, we talk about: - His deeply personal origin story - The "spider-bite” that kickstarted his hero journey - Why he chose to embrace the suffering of YouTube - (And why he continues to choose it today) - The struggle of trying to monetise without “selling out” - How Skool changed everything for him - Stacking the value of his community by 10x - The power of selling with conviction - And where he sees the future of his community going Check it out! Hamza's Skool:
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Thank you for the amazing conversation my friend
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@Mridul Golyan it wasn't Hormozi's intention to join the program to steal customers. The intention is what matters. These dirty entrepreneurs look to join as many communities as they can, post the same content in all of them with the full focus of taking other peoples members.
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@Salim Albitar yes I should have clarified that I know about this tactic because I used it myself 4 years ago
Rising Spam Issues On Skool
Leaving this in Product Feedback as it seems best suited for that. We're having an increasingly large problem with spam accounts or otherwise less savory people mass following new members saying sketchy things in their profile like "I can teach you how to turn $150 into $5,000 in 2 hours just join X group or message me/call me". This seems to have become an increasingly large problem over the past week with some larger public investment announcements. The easy fix for this (in my view) is to simply give group administrators the option to "protect" their member lists. I understand that the point of Skool is to empower collaboration and community, but there needs to be a balance between that collaboration & the privacy of users that we quite frankly spend a lot to acquire. For anyone that's operated in the high ticket space, you know full well it can cost thousands, if not many thousands of dollars to acquire a customer. This "list" should be at least somewhat protected by the platform, similar to how it was on some of the more popular alternatives like Facebook Groups. I see this becoming a growing problem as the Skool platform grows, and would love to see some sort of effort to protect our community members from spam and BS.
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@Sam Ovens great to hear
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We're having this problem on a massive scale in Adonis Gang. Scammers and salesmen just mass DMing students. In Adonis School we have the problem of skool community owners themselves 'fake providing value' and funnelling our students into their own community. At the moment we're getting students to reply to a post with screenshots of spammers and salesmen and our mods ban them. But it's a slow and manual process. Glad to see Skool team making this their top priority.
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