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📣🤩 Calling All Coaches!
Our first sessions were a success!! Check out the first outputs, and here are the videos of our first practice! Thanks to everyone who took part, you were amazing! 🤩✨ In this first session we tackled the topic of “Onboarding new employees”, and will continue working with it through the next few weeks, as part of a Design Sprint sequence. Join us!! 😆🏁 💫 Here's the official Schedule of Practice Sessions … Save your spot! ⚡✨ We’re looking for facilitation coaches… All levels welcome! It’s so inspiring having so many colleagues interested and passionate in pursuit of new skills. After a bunch of practice sessions over the last few weeks, we’re convinced that with a safe space and a supporting team, it’s much easier to feel confident and take the next steps. For those of you already experienced in facilitation, consulting, and public speaking, this is a golden opportunity to take your game to the next level. By helping others practice these essential skills, you become a teacher, a guru, a guide. Isn’t that what we’re all aspiring to be? We need your help coaching these fellow facilitators in their next practice session. They need your knowing feedback, to quickly become aware of where they need to improve, and where they are rocking it. They look up to you, and would love the chance in the near future to co-facilitate your next client engagement. Better make sure they’re ready! We respect your time and other commitments, and will only require you to attend portions of a practice session. Spots are limited, and all those who accept the challenge will receive their colleagues’ undying love and appreciation. Help a hero. Be the guide! Tell us, what’s your coaching level?
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Hi! Would love to be a part of this!
A taste of Design thinking?
Hey everybody – I have the opportunity to introduce design sprints as a solution creating activity to dozens of school leaders across New York. I will introduce them amidst a conversation about WEF 4.0 characteristics and I only have about 20 minutes to show (rather than tell) them about their effectiveness for leadership teams and as a potential methodology to engage students differently. Do any of you have suggestions for how I might actively engage this audience within a 20 minute time frame to “wet their whistles” with a desire to learn more? TIA
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Hi Bill! Off the top of my head, I would have a highly engaging 20 minute-activity that gives voice to everyone in the room and displays divergent to convergent thinking. You could invent a scenario/product/service and create a pathway to consensus (or not) to illustrate the power of voice, agency, and communication.
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Just saw this. It may give ideas:
What do you spend money on 💸
I'd love to know where Facilitators invest their money to elevate their sessions and businesses. Is it tools? Software? Continuous learning? Props & materials? Marketing? Hiring spaces? Working with co-facilitators? Or perhaps travel and networking? Let me know in the comments...
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I haven't invested in anything yet other than a lot of thinking, re thinking, and planning.
Is there an engagement problem on Facilitator Club?
I've noticed over the last few months the level of engagement on here has dropped off, and some of the earlier leaders on the Leaderboard now rarely participate. It doesn't take much to appear on the Leaderboard. An average of 1 post per day over a month will have you on the 30-day Leaderboard... in the top 20 of over 3,500 members. Though, appearance on the Leaderboard is just one criterium to measure engagement. I took screenshots of the Leaderboard 7 days apart to see what the differences actually are. Take a look at the changes. Quite a lot on the 7-day, some shifts on the 30-day, and very little movement on the All-time board. So, what do you think could be added to the site to increase the level of ongoing engagement? The point system is meaningless by the time you get to my level and no incentive (I have about a year to go at my current rate of contribution to move up a level). What else do you think needs to be added here to maintain a higher level of engagement, particularly for those who have been on here more than a few months? I'm tagging those on the All-time Leaderboard to get their thoughts on this. @Kerri Price @Shannon Wagers @Will Stammers @Joao Ribeiro @Benedict Odjobo @Hassanein Ismail @Sam Pettersson @Jeff Panning @David Finnegan @Jakub Michalski @Rebecca Courtney @Ren Yee Quek @Andrea Browne @Salah Bouchma @Claus Höfele @Austin Govella @Alina Balan @LaYinka Sanni @Abdelrahman Hussien
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@Jonathan Courtney Here we have the same passion, drive, and brilliance, but perhaps a different economy. Running away to Mexico and marrying the guy on the beach has its repercussions!
📣 Join me in a Live Training Session this Wednesday!!
Helllooo Facilitators 👋 Join me for a LIVE training session this Wednesday, July 5th @6:30PM CEST. In this invite-only training, you’ll learn how to run one of AJ&Smart’s favorite retrospective workshop exercises, the Sailboat! ⛵️ The Sailboat is a powerful, retrospective technique that enables teams to reflect on their journey, identify what’s been anchoring them down, and set a course for smoother sailing. In this value-packed session, you’ll learn... ⛵️ ⛵️ How to facilitate a successful Sailboat exercise ⛵️ Identifying the forces that propel your project/team forward ⛵️ Recognizing the barriers holding you back ⛵️ Setting strategies for your team to reach their goals ⛵️ Practical tips and tools for facilitating the session Sooooo, mark your calendars for Wednesday, July 5th, at 6:30 pm CEST (Berlin time) and join me for this free live training. PLUS, there'll be a Q&A session at the end, so you'll have an opportunity to get your questions answered and receive personalized advice! Secure your spot by signing up. Spaces are limited, so I'd recommend signing up soon to make sure you don't miss out! Here's the link to sign up:
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Missed this one, so looking forward to the next!
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@Chakib A Dekik Excellent, thanks!
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