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#ask DR idea with a twist - or DR add in idea
Ok so I have this idea that i think would be 🔥🔥🔥 but I’m not sure how to price it Some prospects we come across for DR have small lists. In a past business I had, when we were starting out, we would do a cross promotion swap with another business that catered to the same type of customer. For example we had a window cleaning company - then we’d find a landscaping company that had similar values and list size. Or like a gym cross promoting with massage place etc We would send their offer to our customers and vise versa. === I’m trying to brainstorm a way to get paid to facilitate this for other companies It would be like getting 2 clients at the same time. Because let’s be honest, most business owners don’t want to deal with the tech, the ad copy etc. Just not sure how to setup my payment structure for myself in this. It would be an amazing offer to pair DR with new lead acquisition and its the best kinda traffic bc you’d be tapping into another company’s buyers list. Maybe getting other ideas / feedback could help. What do you guys think?
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@Noah von Maur thanks! Hipeoflly we will connect the dots so that everyone could win.
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@Vivian Watkins yup! I come from online marketing background so very familiar with aff marketing. Kinda why I want to bring it to this niche. I did solo ads, swaps, link swaps all the goodness. Lol. I’m currently I’m home service space.
$12k booked from less than 500 person list
Here’s another DBR we dod and I just got updated results today from client. They did follow up themselves but I’m seriously considering offering to do more follow up for free for them because they still have an additional 28 people that were interested and got a quote but never followed up. I feel like I can help them hit $20k then I’ll be primed to sell higher ticket offer with us doing the follow up. Objective: To generate revenue from list of customers that haven’t booked within the last 18 months This company never done text blast in past # of contacts sent: 468 non-active customers # of responses: 218 (46% response) # of jobs booked: 15 (6.9% booked) 👉Total revenue booked $12,305 ========= Investment: ========= ✅ Twilio $78.39 ✅ Setup Fee: $1497 (includes 4 total text blasts over next year) This is what I charged them to get “case study” results that I could share. Adjusted Investment for 1st text blast: $452 ROI: 20x Note: we will still run 3 more campaigns during 2024 as well for no additional setup fees. ====== Services offered: - Window Cleaning - Power Washing - House Washing - Roof Cleaning - Hard Surface Cleaning ====== 🛟Special Offer: 10% off 3 or more services 📆Start date: Oct 10th - End date: Still going ===== 🕖 7 Day Multi-touch campaign (SMS only) Send message on: Day 1, Day 3 & Day 7 *This was a slightly aggressive text campaign ===== 🔑 Key Points / Take Aways: ✅ We doubled the response and results by sending more than one message ✅ Only send “Day 3” and “Day 7” message to those that haven’t replied ✅ No need for fancy, “professional” sounding texts. Speak like a normal person. ✅ Throttle your outgoing messages to 20-50 contacts per day Tuesday - Thursday for best response ✅ Replying quickly and sending pricing via text & email will increase results ✅ Organization & Tracking is a MUST to know who to follow up with ✅ adding an option “No Thanks” allow people to not get any follow ups about the campaign but help save people from completely opting out.
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@Roy Brock very welcome!
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Text cost was actually only around $78 the $452 was the average investment total. Doing 2nd campaign now. About halfway through and they booked $7k plus so far with 10 others interested in booking that they haven’t responded to yet.
Twilio A2P approval backed up - here’s what I did to help
Hey guys just wanted to share this. For a while A2P approvals was taking 2-4 days the. Recently over the last few weeks Twilio confirmed that they are backed up 2-3 weeks again. I waited about 4 days after submitting the A2P then submitted a support ticket with the campaign SID I asked nicely if there was anything I could do to help with the process. Their reply was that they are backed up but they put I a request for expedited review. I’m be done this 2x and both time the campaign was approved within 48 hours later. This isn’t a guarantee that it will work every time but just wanted to share incase it helps anyone.
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@Mo Andre you’re very welcome!
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@Jacob Lane you bet!
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Aloha! Welcome to GoHighLevel w/ Robb Bailey... This community helps GHL users + agency owners get the tools and resources needed to generate sales and make a positive impact on the world. Step 1: Introduce yourself below! (✄ copy/paste template 👇) - Where are you from? - What are you working on? - What immediate help do you need? Step 2: Discover How to Unlock all the FREE BONUSES in the Classroom and get your TRAININGS! Step 3: Unlock Agency Masters Elite by signing up for (or upgrading) GHL here! ------------- You’re here to claim your bonuses. But why are we here, giving away bonuses? Our mission is to add you to our collection of success stories. You can see a couple hundred of them here. Here’s the good news: They all started out just like you, reading a welcome post from us, just like this. Here’s the bad news: You’re not getting the same step-by-step system they all got. Here’s the other good news: You’re getting today’s step-by-step system - which is the best version yet. Why? Because we are always learning and improving the entire system. Which means you’re starting with the best we have and, as it improves, you will automatically get those improvements. Cool? Cool. -------------------------- Best practices in this community: • Level up by posting result shares, insights and thoughtful comments. • Help others level up by liking 👍 good result shares, posts and comments. • Be kind - no self promotion here. • If you need help, just ask the community 💪 Aloha y’all, 🌴 Robb
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@David Mayne very cool background! I bet with the google yahoo enforcements of the next few months, adding email campaigns With DR would be a really good 1-2 combo.
First question in this group!!
I'm from Belgium and was hoping if some of you wanted to share the niches you used DR for, how you went about it, and what your results where. As I'm from Belgium no one needs to be afraid I will compete with you as I will only use this for the Belgium and Dutch markets. So everyone who is open to sharing their experience with me about this can send me a DM (or a comment of course if you don't really mind sharing it with everyone). Look forward to connecting with you guys!
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Hey Robin. I’ve been in the home services niche. Welcome!
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