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🔴 [HIRING] AI Voice Developer
Hi everyone, We're Hiring An AI Voice Developer at Inflate AI. Responsibilities: - Design and develop prompts for various applications, including AI voice systems (like Vapi). - Collaborate with clients and internal teams to understand user needs and translate them into effective prompts. - Continuously test, iterate, and refine prompts for optimal AI performance. - Utilize automation platforms (Zapier or to streamline workflows and improve efficiency. - Stay up-to-date on the latest advancements in AI, NLP, and prompt engineering techniques. 🔧 Qualifications: - In-depth knowledge of AI voice systems (Voice Models, Providers, Platforms). - Extensive experience with automation platforms (Zapier or - Strong written and verbal communication skills in English (fluency required). - A creative and analytical mind with a problem-solving approach. - Excellent attention to detail and a commitment to quality. ✅ Benefits: - Competitive commission-based compensation structure. - Opportunity to network with the founders of leading AI platforms and successful AI agency owners. - Gain valuable experience working directly with clients and building exceptional AI products. 🔗 Apply here: 🔗 Learn more:
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If there is a specific platform, topic or video you'd like to see. Feel free to let me know!
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How To White-Label AI Phone Callers | Synthflow
In this video, I show you how to white-label AI voice callers with Synthflow. This platform enables you to fully customize a dashboard to sell to clients. You can manage unlimited assistants for clients and upsell the costs. You can easily onboard clients, giving them their own custom login information.
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How To White-Label AI Phone Callers | Synthflow
Voiceflow full page chatbot.
Hi everyone! Does anybody have information on how to embed a custom size chatbot?
Reaching the do-not-call on Vapi
Hi; I'm interested in vapi outbound calling homeowners that are on the "do-not-call" list. How do we get around Twilio number being shown as "spam" to the person receiving the ai bot call because previous homeowners have marked the incoming call as SPAM? thanx
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