#ask DR idea with a twist - or DR add in idea
Ok so I have this idea that i think would be 🔥🔥🔥 but I’m not sure how to price it
Some prospects we come across for DR have small lists.
In a past business I had, when we were starting out, we would do a cross promotion swap with another business that catered to the same type of customer.
For example we had a window cleaning company - then we’d find a landscaping company that had similar values and list size.
Or like a gym cross promoting with massage place etc
We would send their offer to our customers and vise versa.
I’m trying to brainstorm a way to get paid to facilitate this for other companies
It would be like getting 2 clients at the same time.
Because let’s be honest, most business owners don’t want to deal with the tech, the ad copy etc.
Just not sure how to setup my payment structure for myself in this.
It would be an amazing offer to pair DR with new lead acquisition and its the best kinda traffic bc you’d be tapping into another company’s buyers list.
Maybe getting other ideas / feedback could help.
What do you guys think?
Amber Jones
#ask DR idea with a twist - or DR add in idea
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