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Niche / Local business list
I went through some of my old files and found a list of local businesses / niches. Some of them are far from being a perfect client for DR but you might find a way by thinking outside the box. Let me know if anything missing from the list. 3D Printer Academic Specialty Schools Access Control Systems Accident & Health Insurance Accident Attorneys Accommodation Reservations Accountants Accounting & Bookkeeping Schools Accounting & Tax Consultants Accounting, Auditing, & Bookkeeping Services Accounts Receivable Loans Acoustical Contractors Acting Lessons Acting Schools Acupuncture & Acupressure Acupuncturists Ad Agencies Addiction Information & Treatment Adjustable Beds Administrative & Governmental Law Attorneys Adoption Agencies Adoption Attorneys Adult Day Care Centers Adult Education Schools Advertising Advertising Agencies Aerial Advertising Aerial Photography After School Programs Agricultural Equipment & Supplies Retail Air & Gas Compressor Dealers Air Ambulance Services Air Cargo & Package Express Services Air Cleaning & Purifying Equipment Dealers Air Conditioner Parts Air Conditioning Contractors Air Conditioning Repair Air Conditioning Units Air Duct Cleaning Air Quality Air Transportation Aircraft Charter Aircraft Charter, Rental, & Leasing Aircraft Maintenance Airline Flight Information Airline Tickets Airline Travel Agents Airport Parking Airports Alarm Services Alarm Systems Alarm Systems Dealers Alcoholics Anonymous Allergy & Immunology Pediatrics Physicians & Surgeons Allergy & Immunology Physicians & Surgeons Allied Health Education Alterations & Tailoring Alternative Medicine Alternative Medicine Professionals Aluminum Recycling Aluminum Windows Ambulance Services American Restaurants Amunition Amusement Parks Animal Feed Animal Health Animal Hospitals Animal Shelters Animal Trappers Answering Services Ant Control Anti-Aging Medicine Physicians & Surgeons Antique & Estate Jewelry Retail Antique Cars Antique Dealers Apartment Buildings Apartment Information & Referral Services
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How I Unlock My Website's Potential: The UI/UX Advantage
Your website is your online hub, a place to connect with your audience and showcase your brand. But a cluttered or confusing layout can leave visitors feeling lost. Here's how a focus on User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) design unlock my website's potential: Effortless Exploration: Imagine visitors navigating your website like a breeze. Clear menus and intuitive design make it easy for them to find what they're looking for, fostering a more enjoyable experience. Happy Interactions: When your website is user-friendly, it creates a positive impression. Visitors feel valued and are more likely to return for future interactions. Focus on Your Passion: Free yourself from website worries! A well-designed platform allows you to spend less time managing technical issues and more time focusing on what you do best – running your business. Your Brand, Your Way: A user-friendly platform allows for easy customization. This empowers you to personalize your website and ensure it reflects your unique brand identity. Investing in UI/UX design is an investment in your online presence. It creates a welcoming and functional space for your audience, while freeing you up to focus on what matters most. I HOPE THIS HELPS SOMEONE!!
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Close Bot 🤖 ?
Anyone using close bot ai for their business or their clients? We’ve decided to give it a try for our business and maybe for clients as we onboard. What’s your experience?
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Best AI Tool For Ads?
Hi! We have a SaaS company, but we also have a high ticket coaching offer in the real estate space. Does anyone recommend the best AI tool for ads where it can create the copy, images, manage the ads, etc? I've seen Plai and HexUp, but didn't know if there are any others or if these are the best options. We're doing Meta and Google ads right now.
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GHL for a podcast studio
How would you pitch the service to a podcast studio? What features would likely be beneficial here? They already expressed interest in scheduling which is where I will focus the attention of my conversation, but what bonuses should I consider adding in for them?
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