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I spoke at Charlie Morgan's mastermind in London (here's what happened)
The weekend before last, I was in London England speaking at an exclusive mastermind that wasn't available to the public... It was Charlie Morgan's first ever Imperium Mastermind event, and he asked me to speak on YouTube Ads. Charlie is a client of ours at, and we've been working together for 7-months now... In that short time, we've helped him enroll over 262 NEW high-ticket clients into his coaching program, Easy Grow! Which has generated him and his team close to $1M in CASH collected, and just under $3M in TOTAL revenue! But that's besides the point... The point of this email is to show you the recap of what happened that weekend, and give you a behind the scenes look at what it's like to attend one of these exclusive mastermind events for yourself! So, without further ado... We now present to you, the London Mastermind recap VLOG... I spoke at Charlie Morgan's mastermind in London (here's what happened) Enjoy🥂 -Brian "Back At It Again With The Mastermind Vlogs" Moncada
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Great vidéo 🔥🔥🔥, Masterminds are the future of education
The Business Summit The 'WOKE ELITE' Doesn't Want You To Attend…
Yesterday, I spoke about a new Adspend Classic Movie release about our experience at Patrick Bet-David’s Vault Conference 2023… …And the fire in some of the responses I got yesterday to that email were truly inspiring. The number of business owners who also felt like they were being sold the same lies as me, but didn't want to speak out in worry of the backlash for their brand... The number of coaches and consultants who feel powerless in front of this huge machinery called Mainstream Media, telling people they should do X, when they should do Y… The amount of agency owners who, just like us, want to break the chains that keep people prisoners of fake information… …It’s humbling. …It’s inspiring. …It’s encouraging. Because I’ve always known I wasn’t alone, and that I wasn’t the only one who felt this way… …But seeing these responses with my own eyes feels like a pat on the back.Makes me feel like I’m doing the right thing… …And that the insane amount of work, hours, and effort put into this ‘documentary’ was all worth it. So, without further ado… I now present to you, our newest Classic: ‘The Business Summit The ELITE Doesn’t Want You To Attend’ In this 34-minute ‘movie’, you’ll discover… - The Only Way To Create True, Compounding Wealth (Applies To Any Market Or Industry) - How To Go From Thinking 1-3 Moves Ahead To Becoming A Grand Master Of Your Own Future (Planning 11-15 Steps Ahead) - Why Most Leaders Fail Miserably And How To Inspire Your Team To Follow Your Lead (By Becoming Leaders In Their Own Way) - Why You Need To Be Able To Ask ‘Tough’ Questions And Have ‘Difficult’ Conversations (Hint: Feel The Pain Now, Or Feel Depleted After) - The ‘Savage Building’ Mindset You Desperately Need To Develop To A Company Worth Exiting For A Bunch Of Zero’s - Why We’re In A World Where Leaders Don’t Lead… And Why You Need To Become A Leader To Look Up ToAnd I could go on and on and on… …But before you go ahead and watch it…
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The headline is on point🫡 i couldn't resist it but click
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Love the takeaways, Can you share with us your cliff notes. Thanks
A Different Game
You graduate as a Media Buyer when you start spending your own money on advertising.
Habit Tracker 2023 - NOTION Template
Keep track of your daily habits and progress. Duplicate the template here :
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@Nick Pifer That would be very useful but Not yet haha
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@Dr. Matt Shiver Awesome
Youtube ads for Ecommerce
Hey guys hope everyone is doing well. I would like also to thank Brian to make this community so we can all learn, I'm wondering if anyone is running Youtube ads for an Ecom funnel or any suggestions/resources.
New comment Jan '23
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@Anas Touloun Since most of the TOF traffic is coming from Facebook ads, I run shoppable video ads in remarketing, and it work great when i direct people to a collection page. PS : I pick only the best-selling products. Video content : Influencers/ Social proof or Product slideshow. Why ? I'm getting cheaper Video views on Facebook right now, i'm testing YouTube ads in TOF...
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@Anas Touloun in TOF i suggest launching brand awareness campaigns using bumper and skippable in stream.
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