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Welcome to a place for the new generation of entrepreneurs, and freelancers to learn everything about the remote revolution, Software, A.I. & more. (This is a thread for everyone to connect, so even if you've been part of this community for a while, please introduce yourself) Start by liking this post and introducing yourself below.
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Bart Wiendels
Mike Nussbaumer
Aqdas Rafiq
Daniel Dalen
Bobby Sekao
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I'm giving you everything for free (SaaS Playbook invite)
I want to build your software idea out together with you. And I'll be doing this in the form of a playbook. The goal is to help you ideate, validate and create software as a service with either no-code or code. As someone who's been doing this for over a decade, I know for a fact this will get you to successfully get into the software space as an; - entrepreneurs with an existing business that wants to expand into software leveraging their current infrastructure - entrepreneurs that want to build software as a new venture unrelated to the previous/current one - and — anyone who wants to get into software. You can add comments to the Notion file by signing up via the below link: Click here to access the file
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Adrian Barra
Daniel Dalen
Luke van Steenderen
Janis Mjartans
Antoine Cassart
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Hope everyone is doing well!
Hey everyone, many apologies for my lack of input within the community. I've had a hectic summer with lots of travelling and playing golf etc. As far as business goes, I've been deep-diving into the world of Bubble, FlutterFlow, Airtable, Make and other No/Low-Code apps as I believe it's the future of software development and being able to quickly create MVPs in a fraction of the time as traditional code. I'd love to hear how everyone else is getting on and what's keeping you all busy!
Brent Bogaerts
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HI there, my name is Ruben Vis. I am a software developer with a passion for creating engaging and user-friendly websites. With years of experience in the field, I possess a deep understanding of the latest web development technologies and am adept at creating visually beautiful and functional websites that provide an optimal user experience. My proficiency in programming languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP has enabled me to develop innovative solutions for a diverse set of clients. If you are looking for a skilled software developer who can help bring your web projects to life, feel free to contact me!
Filip Djordjevic
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Not getting hired for the job you dreamed off
Not getting hired while you're hyped up about a job sucks... it does. I got an amazing job offer went all the way there across the country to do the interview and a case. Literally my first case ever and just got an reply after almost two weeks of waiting, a mail and a call to the office l o l that I'm not a fit. Because i'm too specific? Well to say that i'm confused af is a understatement. So what now? The only thing I can do is ask for feedback for when I interview for more jobs. Kind of want to go further and give my own agency a full boost now that I wont be working there or applying to a different job similar to this offer. Im stuck in what the right decision is right now. So if you have any advice please share! Just needed to get this off my chest and what better way to do that then putting it in a creative community.
Anton Bosredon
Bart Wiendels
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