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A lot of you guys have been asking, what's next? πŸ‘€ Tbh, we haven't given 'next' much thought... πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ We've been so focused on the 'now' and making Agency World the #1 community in the agency space and making it FREE πŸš€ That said... some of u have given some ideas on additional value, and I'd like everyone else thoughts on em' πŸ‘ˆ A lot of you want to network with people at your level πŸ“ˆ and learn some of the more advanced strategies in the agency game. πŸ’° I've debated this for a while so I figured I'd just ask you guys If I created an "Inner Circle" for agencies doing AT LEAST $10k/mo+... Would you want to join? πŸ€” This is what it'd look like: πŸ“² Private Slack channel for everyone to network and grow πŸ† More advanced: Sales / Paid Ads / Customer Success trainings - training from my agencies CMO 🀝 1 on 1 access to me βœ… 1 on 1 access with @Josh Rivera ($400k/mo SMMA owner) βœ… Private sales training from our personal sales coach (he doesn't sell coaching so u literally can't pay him if u wanted to πŸ˜…) βœ… Weekly 5 person mob calls with other agencies at your same revenue range and most importantly... ✈️ Multiple PRIVATE retreats per year with @Josh Rivera & I PLUS @Josh Rivera and I pulling back the curtains of how we're scaling our agency to $1m/mo this year (it's actually nuts but I can't flood the market with everything to 2k+ agency owners or Josh will kill me 🀣) I'm not tryna be Joel Kaplan or Charlie Morgan I love those guys but 400 people masterminds ain't my dream... πŸ˜… So IF we did launch this... it'd be locked to 20 people max. πŸ” Everyone would have to apply and meet me 1 on 1 before even being considered. So... comment 'INNER CIRCLE' below IF you're doing +$10k/mo and are interesting in applying πŸ‘‡
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Who wants a free client?
ATTENTION New Agency Owners - this Thursday at the end of the Accountability Call, I will be giving away a free trial client to one lucky agency owner. For context, this client responded to one my paid ads and is a good fit but just doesn't have enough money for our services. He is hungry to grow and wants to run FB ads. I told him I would connect him with an up and coming agency owner that will work for free in exchange for a testimonial (he will cover ad spend). So if you're a relatively new agency owner and you're looking to kick start your journey with a free trial up to the call this Thursday and you might just get picked. To increase your chances of winning, provide some VALUE. Respond to posts in the group. Lift up those around you. Ask thought-provoking questions. P.S. as a bonus, I will help you set up and manage this guy's ads...for absolutely free. See y'all soon!
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As expected we have a lot of new agency owners in here, but ALSO, a lot of $10k-30k/mo guys. There’s also some $100k/mo sleepers lurking in the shadows 😎 I’ll be answering as many questions (not in DMs, but in the main community) as I can today. No matter what ur question is, post it in the community today and if u have an answer for someone else, share it! keep growing, keep serving. πŸ™
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Question for short form content agencies
What acquisition methods have worked best for you yet? I have been utilising Instagram dms yet and all the clients I have gained are from that method. But now I see a drop in response rate. Ofcourse, building my personal brand better will increase that rates though, what other ways have been working great for you guys?
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Automated Cold IG DMs?
Does anyone know of a way to automate cold IG outreach? It would actually be a life saver...
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