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How To Go From $3k/mo --> $100k/mo ✈️
FOR AGENCY OWNERS DOING OVER $3k/mo... 👀 I started offering 1 on 1 coaching in secret a couple weeks ago and the results have been pretty insane... 🤑 As you probably could guess 🤷‍♂️ After building 3 different agencies to 7 figures in just the last 3 years... We've kinda cracked the code. 🤫 I'm 75% full but my team and I want to partner with a few more savage agency owners. 😮‍💨 Here's the catch: 👇 ✅ YOU have to be willing to do the work - you can lead a horse to water, you can force him to drink, but you CAN'T make him thirsty ✅ I care more about YOU than your money - I don't want headaches at this point man lol ✅ You have to be doing atleast $3k/mo in your agency currently These 1 on 1s have contributed to the wins you see below PLUS tons of others already lol. Since it's 1 on 1, we're keeping it very tight knit, so don't be hurt if we don't invite you in, it's ain't personal. 🤝 If you think you'd be a good fit and want to learn more, comment "1 ON 1" below and my team will reach out! 👈
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about my Agency Inner Circle... 😪
As some of you know, last week, on April 1st... we officially launched the Agency Inner Circle 🚀 And out of 100 available spots... 💯 58 members already joined 🚀 In the first week... 😅 Not only that... But they got a CRAZY amount of wins in their first week LOL 🏆 We decided to cap it at 100 agencies because I don't want the mastermind to be the BIGGEST 👀 I want this mastermind to be the BEST 👈 So if you want to apply to be a part of it, here's the dets: ✅ you must already have clients and be running an agency ✅ you must not be a stinge who only wants to take value without giving any ✅ you must actually care about your client results and building a REAL business (that's the secret to all the Wins you see below btw ;) If you want to reserve one of the final spots before it fills up forever... Just comment "SERVE" below and our team will reach out 👇 🚨 Fair Warning: This is NOT fake scarcity, we need to be very careful with who we invite or none of this works. We have already had to turn people down, plz don't be offended if we don't think you'd be a good fit 🙏
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Welcome To Agency World 🌎
The #1 agency mastermind in the world is finally here, and it's... free? Welcome. 🤝 We gotta lot to discuss... 👇 To start, watch this video: Next, introduce yourself here! ✍️ Name: Where you're from! Current monthly revenue: Goal monthly revenue: Biggest thing blocking you? Vision: 👀 Create 1,000 HIGH CHARACTER millionaires. Mission: 🖤 Create the most predictable path to millionaire the world has ever seen. The ultimate mission is to Serve Others by freeing the world. ⛓️ Financial freedom is only the 1st step so as you can imagine, we have a lot of work to do. 💸 P.S If you want to serve others, answer someone else's intro post before you make your own :) P.S.S If you really want to serve others... send one of your friends a link to this group before it is full (they will thank you later).
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Agency Owners!!
I'm currently still offering people 5-lifetime VAs. Each typically books 2-5 appts per day consistently. Trained in sales/appt setting - commission-based. We booked over 72+ Appts in 1 week. Ultimate scaling opportunity. DM me "VA"
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