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Our goal is simple: collaborate as a community to reach peak performance in mind and body.


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Black Friday Deal: Skool ($1,200) + Wetube ($9,800) + for $999
We've got a SICK Black Friday deal for you... - Skool 1-year subscription (usually $1,200) - Wetube self-study course (usually $9,800) - Total: $11,000 This Black Friday - get both for $999. That's $10,000 in real savings. A true 91% discount. Interested? Join the waitlist here to be notified the moment it goes live. 🔥🔥🔥
Andrew Kirby
Esteban Andrade
Sid Sahasrabuddhe
Marcus Mokros
Jesse Clark
New comment 13h ago
  • 3 likes • Nov '22
    @Jesse Clark ah thats super unfortunate - would have loved to be able to use my current group and get access to the wetube self study - is there any way to avoid having to create a new one?
Who wants a SICK Black Friday deal?
We're thinking of doing a sick Black Friday deal. The craziest Black Friday deal we've ever done. Interested? Give me a sick GIF in the comments below if you want a sick deal.
Shew Tanden
Regina Martinelli
Benjamin Nabers
Cepand Yegani
Aleks Fidurski
New comment 7d ago
Who wants subscription billing?
We're working on subscription billing, and we need a few creators for the private beta. Interested? Give me a money GIF in the comments below if you want subscription billing.
Robert Boulos
Ka Hou Chiang
Giovanni Antonelli
Jenny Kit Ching Campbell
André Nünninghoff
New comment Oct 27
Introducing Skool Kompanion - A Free Mobile App for Skool
Hey everyone, Introducing Skool Kompanion - A Free Mobile App for Skool I’ve made a number of tools for Skool over the past few months such as Skool Directory or the Members Export Plugin. I believe in Skool the product and ecosystem, and am excited to see it grow. As with directory, this project was inspired by seeing numerous requests about a Mobile App. In response I’ve gone ahead and created Skool Kompanion. Skool Kompanion is a simple mobile app that allows you to access Skool as you would from a browser. It also gives you access to real-time push notifications for posts and comments at the tip of your fingers. Over the course of the last couple of weeks — I have found myself more engaged with Skool due to the way notifications keep me looped in. I think this mobile app with notifications will lead to higher engagement within your groups. I encourage everyone to try it for some time, and see how much of a difference it makes. I think it will be an essential tool in order to stay engaged and connected with your groups. At this time Skool Kompanion does not support Android, and notifications do not support chat. These are things I may look at in the future depending on support and feedback. So please try it, and let me know if you have feedback.
Josh Gavin
Oli Reitmaier
Oliver Cantin
Fitzgerald Council
Megan Smith
New comment Apr 10
  • 2 likes • Jan 22
    @Kevin Lee Youre doing great work man! Do let us know if you figure something out with Androids! That would be amazing!
New features: Custom level names + Unlock courses at levels
We just shipped some new gamification features to make things more fun! • Custom level names: Personalize your group by naming your levels. • Unlock courses at levels: Unlock a course or something of value when members hit a high level. • Leaderboard redesign: Now you can see your progress and what you can unlock as you level up. Watch the Loom video below for more info on how it works and how to set it up for yourself. This is an experimental feature we're playing with, so we want to hear your feedback! Try it out for yourself and let us know what you think?
Trent Grzegorczyk
Abhi Amalsadia
Abby Flores
Kyle Shaughnessy
Jo van Eller
New comment Oct 7
FREE SKOOL Communities
If you have a free group that anyone can join post your links here and tell us what your niche is.
Sid Sahasrabuddhe
Dan Harrison
Rick Wagoner
Ming Fung
Marc God
New comment Sep 21
  • 5 likes • Jan 7
    I made a free community for people to optimize their health skills and thrive on a plant-based lifestyle!! - Plant-Based Optimizers (
Restricted access to courses
Is it currently possible to restrict access to courses only to specific members or groups of members? Or would that require having a second skool?
Nick Guadagnoli
Nils Koppelmann
Cameron McFadyen
Chris Lawson
Maurice Wasbauer
New comment Sep 6
New Feature: Let there be GIFs!
Sometimes you need to express a feeling, but words alone can’t quite do it. Now you can add GIFs to Posts, Comments, Replies, and Chats! Just click the GIF button, type your keyword, find the perfect GIF, and it will attach to the post or comment you are writing. Comment below with a GIF! Thanks team! 🙌
Ted Carr
Marcos Razzetti
Chris Marsella
Dalibor Stojkovic
Corey Creed
New comment Sep '22
YouTube Short Links
Does the youtube link below only allow us to attach desktop youtube videos, and not shorts?
Nick Guadagnoli
Abhi Amalsadia
Paul Juchima
Ryan Alexander
Kaden Pody
New comment Aug 26
Skool for Online Fitness Communities
Has anyone used Skool for online fitness masterminds? I'm currently using Clickfunnels to host my course material and then Workplace by Meta for the community aspect. Love to hear your thoughts/experiences
Chris Moore
Sid Sahasrabuddhe
Tristram Samoa
Andy Smith
Sean Griffin
New comment Jul 15
  • 1 like • Feb '22
    @Rich Talyor-Wellington cheers man good to meet as well - only thing I'm on the fence about is DM notifications. Workplace at the moment has the ability to chat via its dedicated app - great to send gifs, reactions, files...etc. But workplace can get pricy as the users increase
Skool has an App!
Skool's official iOS App is live. Download it here on the iOS App Store, by scanning this QR code, or searching for "Skool Communities". It has push notifications, links open in the app, + more. Our Android app should be live in the next 30 days.
Adam Zalewski
Charles Miller
Jared Egge
Salina Yeung
Meg King
New comment Jun 30
Free Group Funnel: How I Made $100,000 Profit In 10 Days
Hey guys! As many of your know, I have a free Skool community. I started the community with zero intention of monetisation. I genuinely wanted to bring together 'my people'. But recently I launched an offer and... ... Drumroll please ... I made $100,000 in 10 days! With zero employees. And with only $99 in expenses (yes, Skool is my only expense apart from Stripe). From only one simple post. Would you guys be interested if I made a free course sharing how I did it? I could share: - Is a Free Group Funnel right for you? - How to START a free group funnel - How to FILL a free group funnel - How to MONETISE a free group funnel Comment a money related GIF if you'd be interested, so that I know who to send it to!
Heinz Koop
Benjamin Nabers
Landon Limited
Alan Preiti
Michael J
New comment Jun 27
Automated Skool Community Growth Strategy
In my last post titled The Path to $10,000/month with a Skool community I described what a micro niche MRR community is, and the benefits of having one. In this post you’ll see an Automated Skool Community Growth strategy you can use for getting paying community members. Here’s how it works: Step 1: Automate genuinely helpful video content to go out on YT, FB, IG, etc. using a scheduling software. In your video content, have a CTA that sends people to an opt-in LP to get your free course (or whatever other freebie you want to give away)... just make sure the freebie is highly congruent with the content itself. Step 2: When they opt in for your free course, the thank you page tells them to join your free Skool community to access the course. Step 3: When they join your free Skool community, they get an auto-DM from you (or an admin on your team) with a link to the first video of the course. Step 4: The first video of the course should act sort of like a VSL in that it gets them to see the potential of your process and gets them to feel very excited. Step 5: The VSL’s CTA tells them to apply to work with you/your team for free in exchange for a testimonial. Step 6: They sign up for free on a 7 day trial. And voila. Now you have a new paid Skool community member, and it’s your job to get them results and keep them happy. So now the question isn’t how to get new members... The question is: How do you KEEP members? For that, you need to use a few Retention Tactics. If you want to see the BEST Retention Tactics I’ve ever used to prevent churn, comment below with the word RETENTION & give this post a thumbs up and I’ll write another post going into detail on 10 different retention tactics I use to keep members paying month over month to grow my MRR.
Dennis Jones
Bipasha Dutta
Mark Thompson
Wendy Hart
Preston Neubert
New comment Jun 14
When will be the skool app launch
This is one of the best thing created by Sam and his team but it would be great if this thing gets converted Into an app. I have added direct link to my smartphone homepage, which mimicks like an app. Simple and easy.
Sam Ovens
David Bibiano
Abhi Amalsadia
Patrick Thorp
New comment Apr 6
  • 2 likes • Feb '22
    @David Bibiano On androids, when youre on a webpage, hitting the 3 dots on the right shows an option to add to homescreen
SMS notifications
Often I don't respond to students quickly because I don't see email notification. If there was a feature to get notified on mobile via SMS - I think it would majorly drive up engagement and allow me to respond quicker to students as an admin.
Sid Sahasrabuddhe
Lendon Bracewell
Abhi Amalsadia
Italo Campilii
Anthony Llanos
New comment Feb 4
  • 2 likes • Mar '22
    @Lendon Bracewell if you drag any email that's not in your primary tab into the primary tab, you'll get prompted to have this done for all future emails from that sender - by selecting YES, this makes all future emails from skool go into primary
  • 1 like • Mar '22
    @Lendon Bracewell this is true!
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