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Automated Skool Community Growth Strategy
In my last post titled The Path to $10,000/month with a Skool community I described what a micro niche MRR community is, and the benefits of having one.
In this post you’ll see an Automated Skool Community Growth strategy you can use for getting paying community members.
Here’s how it works:
Step 1: Automate genuinely helpful video content to go out on YT, FB, IG, etc. using a scheduling software.
In your video content, have a CTA that sends people to an opt-in LP to get your free course (or whatever other freebie you want to give away)... just make sure the freebie is highly congruent with the content itself.
Step 2: When they opt in for your free course, the thank you page tells them to join your free Skool community to access the course.
Step 3: When they join your free Skool community, they get an auto-DM from you (or an admin on your team) with a link to the first video of the course.
Step 4: The first video of the course should act sort of like a VSL in that it gets them to see the potential of your process and gets them to feel very excited.
Step 5: The VSL’s CTA tells them to apply to work with you/your team for free in exchange for a testimonial.
Step 6: They sign up for free on a 7 day trial.
And voila.
Now you have a new paid Skool community member, and it’s your job to get them results and keep them happy.
So now the question isn’t how to get new members...
The question is: How do you KEEP members?
For that, you need to use a few Retention Tactics.
If you want to see the BEST Retention Tactics I’ve ever used to prevent churn, comment below with the word RETENTION & give this post a thumbs up and I’ll write another post going into detail on 10 different retention tactics I use to keep members paying month over month to grow my MRR.
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Automated Skool Community Growth Strategy
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