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Jade Ward
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Bio: CEO
Éva Raposa
MVY, MA + Brazil + Budapest
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Bio: 🎯 Websites & Digital Marketing Strategy for up-and-coming wellness entrepreneurs 🥕 Raw vegan for 17 yrs (went from sick to well!) 💜
Jade Dinh
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Bio: 🌺
Jon Walz
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Bio: Just a guy in the world
Clarice Armstrong
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Bio: Passionate about nutrition and understanding factors contributing to longevity. I'm a professional dancer, vegetarian and fitness enthusiast.
Arsal Ak
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Bio: I am obsessed with peronal development
Patrizia Ponti
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Bio: Passionate about health, creativity, and helping others.
Fer Campos Freire
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Bio: 21, from Chile
Angee Komano
Toulouse (France)
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Bio: I am working for a property development company in France. I help people design and build their dream house.
David Philippe
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Bio: Branding Expert - CBO @ The Setting Camp
Comrade Dean
United kingdom
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Bio: Making the world a better place for everyone
Vishav Dheer
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Bio: Entrepreneur, spiritual seeker, artist, visionary. I help the next generation of innovative entrepreneurs become conscious creators.
Venus Loraña
Montreal • ISTJ
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Bio: BDM @
Kelly Jones
Washington • ISFJ
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Bio: Join My Skool Community On Building Winning Sales Team
Greg Philippe
Montreal • ENFJ
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Bio: Founder @
Kamrul Maruf
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Bio: Love to Learn and Dream!
Rohomat U.
• Active 141d ago
Bio: YouTubers, Authors, Influencers, Coaches, E-commerce owners, B2B, Cold specific audience Email lead generation specialist
Jeff and Jess Bangshow
Laguna Beach, California
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Bio: 🏆 Helping you build an online coaching business & life you love!
Neha Panchal
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Eunice Cho
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Bio: California based
Rosaline Lottie
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Bio: I am a Virtual Assistant who helps business owners, coaches, and entrepreneurs to set more appointments with their clients.
Yelson Almonte
Medellin • ENFJ
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Bio: 🧬Peak Performer 🕴🏻I Build High Converting Sales funnel ecosystems for coaches that do not feel outdated and help them grow their email list! 😉👇
Wanda pitre Ruiz
United States
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Bio: Here's how to create a solid digital marketing strategy Explore the landscape and analyze your results Map out your strategy Experts forex trader
Rsd Baz
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Bio: From apathy to love
Inga Ogas
Las Vegas, NV
• Active 5d ago
Bio: I want to Coach Parents with High Functioning, Speech Delayed, Autistic Children & I help people with including/transitioning to a plant based/vegan.
Smita Chauhan
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Madhu Gopireddy
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Bio: I am an IT Engineer
Tom Downs
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Bio: Helping FitPros To Start, Grow And Scale Their Online Business.
Vidya Venkat
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Bio: I’m a Physician Assistant by profession. Love hiking, reading, cooking, editing videos and trying to build a leaner self!
Rick Wagoner
Raleigh, NC
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Bio: I'm passionate about entrepreneurship, local business marketing, graphic design, photography, nature, and all things inspirational!
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Abhi Amalsadia
Founder of 66Days. I help plant-based optimizers transform their health by rewiring their habits.

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