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Congrats to the Top 10 Contributors for May 2024 and announcing June 2024 Prize
Congratulations to the following 10 people for being the most contributing members of the community: 1) @Rong Zhou 2) @Monica Bernard 3) @Leon K 4) @Marc Graybush 5) @Lindsay Talbot 6) @Sukhwinder Dhanoa 7) @Velle SG 8) @Sandra Van Den Ham 9) @Cris Bob 10) @Kim Huynh I (Michael) will contact you in the chat to provide you with the gifts. You will receive: - 1 share of (SBUX) = $81.20 USD To show proof of purchase, you must post in the community that you received the share. For next month June, the prizes will be: - 1 share of (QSR) If you did not receive a prize this month, don't worry. Points are earned/given by liking posts or comments. 1 like = 1 point for the author. You can be the next top contributor for the next 30 days ( and receive an additional referral prize. For a limited time, you can get a referral bonus when your friends to join Investing Accelerator. You can get up to $2,000 USD per referral. Here's what you will get: 1st referral: $500 USD 2nd referral: $750 USD 3rd referral: $1,000 USD 4th referral: $1,250 USD 5th referral: $1,500 USD 6th referral+: $2,000 USD per referral onwards The referral count will reset at the end of the year. What's the best method for referral? 1. Talk to your friend about investing and see if they need help 2. Share the free webinar with your friend: 3. Follow up with your friend and see if he/she has questions 4. Suggest your friend to schedule a call with my team Michael to answer any remaining questions your friend has.
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How to join Investing Accelerator for "free"
This post is for people who have more than $20,000 to invest. This is how you can get Investing Accelerator for "free" and Get the market to pay for it for you. So here's how you can get the investing strategy to pay for the tuition of the program from the second month onwards. Secret: You start with the monthly passive income strategy first. 1. You hop on a call with me (or Michael) to see if you are a good fit. If you are, you will get to choose a 12 month payment plan for Investing Accelerator. Link to schedule a call: 2. This allows you to start investing and generating monthly passive income starting from month #2. 3. You go through the 7-week video training. It takes around 4 hours a week. If you got time, you can go through it faster. 4. You start with the monthly passive income strategy. You set up your account with your favorite broker. My favourite is Interactive Broker (IBKR). 5. You fill out a form to get the highest option level (required for monthly passive income) 6. I publish my monthly passive income trades monthly. At the end of 7 weeks, you copy 2 of the trades each month. Placing the trade should take you around 15-30 mins each month. 7. With $20,000 * 3% = $600 per month, this will pay for the tuition cost each month with money left over. Since this is a short-term strategy, you can deduct the tuition expense against your trading income. 8. By the end of 12 months, the market would have paid the entire Investing Accelerator tuition with $1,000 extra left over or more. It's that simple. If you plan to join Investing Accelerator, I expect you to just follow 1-2 of my trades each month for monthly passive income and let the market pay the tuition.​​ Cheers, Eric Seto, CPA ------------- Investing Accelerator is designed for people without a financial background. We focus on developing financial independence, where you have the ability to invest to earn a higher return. The goal is to achieve 30% return per year.
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How to join Investing Accelerator for "free"
Welcome to Invest & Retire
The goal of the community is to learn together for long term investing and monthly passive income strategies in the stock market. Rules: - Be positive - Contribute and ask questions - Avoid topics about day trading, penny stocks, small cap that are prone to manipulation Invite your friends to join: Since this is a free community, you will get rewards for asking your friends to join (e.g. gift cards, books and more). How to get your referral link: - Go to settings on the right - Click Invite - Either enter the email or "Get an invite link to share" - Follow up with any pending invites Classroom: Valuable content and recommended resources: - Strongly recommend going through the free chart course to learn how to find discounted stocks - Then you can grab the additional free resources in the Invest & Retire resources section - Then learn more about taxes Leaderboard: Under leaderboard, you will unlock various awards - You will unlock additional content about how to use a stock screener at level 3 - Every month, the top 10 leaders will also get prizes! We are all here to learn. So don't be shy and introduce yourself and make some friends Eric Seto
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SPY Seasonality charts
I am sharing the seasonality charts for SPY and some stock. July was a positive month 90% of the time in the last decade.
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SPY Seasonality charts
ADBE $1,000 Per Month
On Friday 6/14/24, I collected $175 by rolling ADBE call to $570 (from $560) strike with 7/26/24 (from 7/5/24). Cumulatively, I made $1,353 since 1/2/24. Not much, but be patient & it is a wining hand. Phase 1: I made $618 by selling a put on ADBE. It was assigned to me at $550 (initial strike was $570). Hence, I own 100 shares of ADBE on 3/28/24. Phase 2: I made $735 so far by selling a call after being assigned. The current call @$570 (initially was @$560) with 7/26/24. I am sharing with you because I am incorporating what @Eric Seto is coaching us (staying with blue chips) + @Marc Graybush is saying be patient. Be selective on the stock you want to own. Have your own check list & follow them. Cheers, Monica
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