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🎁 the NEW Monetize is open! bonuses expiring today!
The all new Monetize is OPEN! ⚡ But the special mastermind call bonus ends TONIGHT at 11:59 PM ET! ​Enroll here now to get the early enrollment bonuses ​ 🎁 Everyone who enrolls on any price plan before TONIGHT Friday April 19th at 11:59 PM ET gets invited to a one-time group mastermind call with me (a very rare occasion!) 🎁 As of the time of posting this, there are also still a few 1:1 sessions available for anyone who pays in full! These are first come, first serve - once they are gone, they're gone! The 1:1 session is a 3-hour async strategy session with me, valued at $2500 on it's own, so enroll with the pay in full option ASAP if you'd like one of these. ​ You'll also find my brand new masterclass and a full tour of the *NEW* Monetize course + community platform on the page - so you can see everything inside! The new Monetize is quite literally *everything* you need to grow an evergreen education business fueled by online courses, digital products and group programs. Every single template, training, tool, script, system, process, SOP - you get everything at your fingertips for building any type of offer at any price point, any funnel to sell any digital offer, all of my live promo strategies...and most importantly, how they actually work together to create sustainability. We've integrated and combined our world-class curriculum and best-selling courses into one no-brainer package where you get everything at your fingertips. ​Get all the details and enroll here now for instant access! 🎁 REMEMBER - Everyone who enrolls on any price plan before TONIGHT Friday April 19th at 11:59 PM ET gets invited to a one-time group mastermind call with me! See you inside!!
The ALL NEW Monetize bundle details revealed! 🎉
The Monetize bundle opens for enrollment this Thursday, April 18th! ⭐ The waitlist will get early access to the truly limited space bonuses, so make sure you put your name on the waitlist here. ⭐ Mark your calendar, set a reminder on your phone for Thursday April 18th at 9 AM ET when I'll be sending out the link to the waitlist ⭐ Review all the details about the program, what's included, the pricing options, etc on the waitlist page so you're ready to join us when the doors open! ⭐ My brand-new masterclass will be live on the enrollment page on Thursday April 18! Reverse engineer your course + creator business, my simple operating system for product design, content creation, lead gen, evergreen sales and more! It's full of absolute *gold* about how I run my 7-figure creator/course biz behind the scenes. Monetize 🤝 Profit Architecture = the bundle everyone’s been asking for 😍 The *NEW* Monetize program will be a bundle of all Profit Architecture legacy courses and the Monetize curriculum in one, streamlined, cohesive experience - and I am so thrilled! Below is everything you need to know about the upcoming Monetize x Profit Architecture bundle enrollment opening on Thursday April 18, 2024. The best way to get all the details: - ​Listen to the podcast episode where I riff on more of the decision making process, what's inside and more - ​Check out the full waitlist page with all the details here​ ​ 📆 WHAT & WHEN: - Enrollment for this intake will open on Thursday, April 18th. - The waitlist will get early access to the truly limited space bonuses, so make sure you put your name on the waitlist here. My goal is to get the link to our waitlist VIPs by 9 am ET on April 18th (10 am ET for everyone else), so mark your calendar, set a reminder on your phone! - My brand new masterclass showing you the strategies and systems working for content + course creators in 2024 will also go live on April 18th, available for you to watch on demand when we open the doors! ​
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3 profitable products selling *now* 💰
3 Types of Profitable Products, Programs, & Courses Selling Now ➡️ Read the article on my website​ 🎧 Listen to the episode on the Mariah Coz Show podcast​ ​ I hope you've got a notebook and a pen because after this episode, you might wanna make some tweaks to the products and programs you're selling to make sure they are what your audience wants to buy right now! I’m breaking down what types of digital products, courses and program structures are working right now with real examples you can model. Everyone wants to know what is actually selling *now* when it comes to courses. I get DMs and messages like this all the time: - “Are courses still selling as well as they used to?” - “Are people still investing in higher ticket programs?” - “What types of digital products are the most profitable?” Yes, there are certain delivery formats and structures that people are looking to buy right now. I’ve got you covered! Read the full blog post here or find this episode of the Mariah Coz Show podcast on your favorite podcast app ⭐ In this podcast + blog post: - Why you probably already have a profitable digital product hiding in your files or inside your bigger program and how to pull it out as a low ticket offer - The power of having an “all access pass” style program or subscription that combines your products or courses in one place - The specific signature course structure behind our highest revenue generating offer in the last year - The little known high ticket offer type that quietly brought in an extra $60k for us the last few weeks - Private insights from the “x-ray vision” of being behind the scenes of hundreds of my clients businesses - How to make simple tweaks to turn the products, content, and curriculum you already have into the types of offers your audience wants to buy right now
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selling other people's stuff (my epiphany) 🙃
➡️ Read the full article on my website​ 🎧 Listen to the episode on the Mariah Coz Show podcast I realized something this past week. I’ve been doing you a disservice. In my attempt to not fall into the “guru” pile of being another one of those annoying people online yapping about how great having an online course business is - I often completely downplay how freaking great having an online course business is compared to other options 😁 I never want to minimize the fact that building any type of business takes time and hard work - and that includes creating + selling online courses and digital products. But I realize I sometimes go so far the other way - that I forget to share that, yes, although 10% of it is hard and challenging, the other 90% of it is WOW, AMAZING, “I CAN’T BELIEVE THIS IS MY LIFE” GOOD. Selling your own products to your own audience is honestly SO much more empowering than selling other people’s stuff (whether that be through affiliates, brand deals, ads, or some other options I discuss in the episode) It can be easy to take something you’ve been doing a long time for granted and look at other people/models and think they have it all figured out…or that the grass is greener… but I’ve learned a powerful lesson about how awesome selling your own offers to your own audience is. ➡️ In this episode + blog post: - My a-ha moment about why I tend to downplay all the good stuff about running a course business - Some of the highlights from the last year I didn’t share because I didn’t want to brag or be annoying - Reflecting on where you might be downplaying your success or forgetting how amazing your work is - From thinking the grass might be greener monetizing with sponsors, ads, brand deals or affiliates to realizing that nothing really compares to creating, selling and owning your own products and your own audience - Why the message I’ve been sharing since 2015 is even *more* relevant in 2024 with all the wild stuff going on on social media - Developing the core skills that will serve you for life, no matter what you sell online or what niche you are in
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lessons learned serving 15k+ students 📚
10 Lessons Learned from 10 Years as a Content + Course Creator ➡️ Read the full blog post here 🎧 Listen on the Mariah Coz Show podcast I’ve been a content + course creator for about a decade now. I’ve helped well over 15,000+ students plus the thousands of people I’ve taught in my live workshops, events, and in person! I’ve learned about a gazillion lessons in my time making a living as a creator online, but I want to share the top 10 with you today. These are my confessions, my hard-won wisdom as a dinosaur in the online education space 🦕 ⭐ In this episode + blog post: - The paradoxical realization that timeless strategies never change, but the environment is always shifting - Why making more money won’t change how you feel about yourself - The myth of hockey-stick growth and why you probably don’t want to “blow up overnight” - The reality of looking at things over a 10-year timescale and what matters, what doesn’t, and why everything is really just a “blip”  - How to balance mastering the basics with that new trendy tactic you want to try out - Comparison-itis, lumpy revenue, and the fear of being forgotten about 📝 Resources + Links: - Visit the site -  - Blog -   The Newsletter - Share your thoughts, questions, and comments below! 👇
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