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Mariah’s fantastic funnels are pulling me in all summer long.
I wanted to share how I got into Mariah funnel today in case it could help someone else. I was going for a walk this morning and looking for a biz podcast to inspire me to take actions in my biz (not the best action to take but not the worst) and then I saw a notification that content opened up in the creator party group for me so I clicked the button which took me to the level 3 traffic training and I decided to listen to it while I was walking. I was blown away as usual with the quality of the training which drew me into the group where I saw Mariah’s post and offer for the “Content Course” for $199. I didn’t think I needed or wanted it because content isn’t a problem for me but after her post, I wanted it. Just sharing because it’s giving me energy and inspo!
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That is SO cool to see the "flow" of how you found us! I so appreciate this post because it's helpful to see how people come into our world ❤️ And I think it's helpful for other people to see and understand - everything you create and publish creates this ECOSYSTEM, where all these little touchpoints flow together. A lot of people seem to think very "linear" about their customer journey - thinking they have one opt in, one training, one funnel, one thing and it's this super straight line. But that's not really how the customer journey works in reality! It's so much more organic than that. So we just have to build the ecosystem to allow it to happen 😁 I am so glad you're in our community Michelle!
Time Stamp Question
I’m watching the “traffic training” and wondering how did Mariah: 1) make these time stamps 2 how did she make them clickable to move the timer in the video. I’d love to do this for students in my courses. Thank you! I’d post a pic of what I’m talking about if I could but I don’t know how to post a pic here-lol But it looks like this: in the next module. Timestamps: 00:01:43 - Purpose 00:02:12 - What is traffic? 00:04:22 - The Truth About Traffic 00:11:01 - How long should you experiment with a traffic source? 00:11:51 - Traffic Mindset 00:20:46 - Choosing a Traffic Source
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That's actually a really cool built in feature of Skool, the platform we're on! It automatically does that when you add just the timestamps to the text under the video - it makes it into clickable "chapters" - I do love that feature! Here is my affiliate link for Skool if you want to check it out: Skool
Thank you from the Kiddie Pool!
I finally feel like I have an organized plan for a launch that makes sense. I have been told so many times that its mindset and not logistics that makes it hard or even unsuccessful...I've been beating myself up wondering why my nijia mindset didn't work for the logisitics and now I can have some grace for myself and know that there is a step by step plan to follow and it is not something I am "thinking" that is making it hard! NOW I can use my nija midset to create some LEVEL 10 content! THANK YOU!!!!
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I am so glad!! 🥂
my 4-step content process in <2 hrs/wk ⏰
YOU ARE SPENDING TOO MUCH TIME CREATING FREE CONTENT. There, I said it. Creating + publishing content regularly is a piece of the puzzle when it comes to making consistent, evergreen sales of your courses and programs 💵 But it's only one piece... Outlining, creating, publishing and repurposing your content should NOT take you hours and hours every week. You should never be staring at a blank page. You should be able to get your podcasts, emails, and posts out quickly! You need to simply and systemize. Which is exactly what I did last year when I overhauled my complex content process to a simplified and streamlined system that me and my one-person team can execute quickly every week. I give you EVERYTHING to create + publish content designed to sell more courses in ​Content Machine​! ... and people are LOVING IT. Here's what I do now to quickly publish content that SELLS my courses around the clock: ➡️ STEP 1: Go into my content bank of 500+ high-converting content ideas, all neatly organized in one place. I choose ONE theme that I'm inspired by. Yes, I give you the content bank Airtable base in ​Content Machine​ so you can plug-and-play (see screenshot attached). ➡️ STEP 2: Outline ONE piece of content per week in my pre-filled template doc. This ONE outline becomes the foundation of my podcast, livestream, video, email, blog post, and social media content. So easy. Of course we give you this template doc in Content Machine! (see screenshot attached). ➡️ STEP 3: I record that one piece of content while multi-tasking (aka, I record the podcast + video from the outline with just my webcam + mic - NO EDITING!!). I recently added in live-streaming while I record the podcast episode, which is optional but has been fun! ➡️ STEP 4: We repurpose that one piece of content everywhere: upload the audio to our podcast platform, upload the video to this community as a post (like this!!) publish the typed up outline as a blog post, send the outline as an email, and share the same piece of content all week on social media with a few different hooks.
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my 4-step content process in <2 hrs/wk ⏰
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@Elizabeth Singh yep you just gotta realize done is really better than perfect - just show up SOMEHOW!
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@Elizabeth Singh saves me tons of time :)
shop with me! 🛍️ the new SHOP is open!
“Get in loser, we’re going SHOPPING” 😂 🛍️ Big news: We just launched a new SHOP page where you can find all our products, templates, and courses in one place! 🛍️ You can find everything at Since we’ve launched a handful of mini courses and digital products lately, I’ve gotten so many DMs and messages from people asking where they can find everything we have to offer right now in one place. So we launched a shop page and wanted to share a little bit more about what’s available right now, where to start, what you can find there now (and what’s coming soon!) We’re going to be adding so much more to the shop over the coming weeks so you’ll definitely want to check back often! In this video I’ll walk you through what we have available right now, who it’s for, what’s inside, all the details! Right now, a lot of things are on SALE! So I wouldn’t wait. 🚀 Launch Debrief Collection is 44% off - get it here! 📝 Content Machine is $100 off with the code SAVE100 at checkout - get it here! 🥂 Champagne Clients is only $22 right now! Get it here. 💰 Profit Architecture has a promo right now: the next 3 people to Pay In Full will get a personal, 1:1 offer + sales page review from me! Get it here. 🛍️ You can find everything at If you have any questions about which program or product is best for you to start with now, just comment below! 👇
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shop with me! 🛍️ the new SHOP is open!
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