Ramping up on running my 1st marketing agency PinkRain. Spent 15 years as a biology scientist and then a machine learning engineer.
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Joined Nov 8, 2023
US, Tennessee
CEO of Flex Space Untapped. Passionate about supporting our members and community in realizing their dreams and building their legacies through flex
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Joined Sep 14, 2023
Violinist and founder of Musicwork.com
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Joined Sep 29, 2023
22+ yrs as a fitness founder & coach. Now accepting fitness coaches into our private community before we launch to the public
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Joined Aug 30, 2023
US > Panama
Hey. I'm Jeff. I'm the founder of the GOAT JOAT SPEAKEASY.
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Joined Nov 26, 2023
Pickleball doubles course creator
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Joined Jul 27, 2023

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