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Who here has your own Skool Group?
I'm curious how many of you have your own Skool groups?
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@Tiffany Bacon yay! I love the action - taking!
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@Carrie Baty are you doing direct invites? or something else? how many followers?
300 members!!! YAY🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀
300 members!!! YAY🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀 I started this journey on July 31, 2023 (last year) right here in Mariah's group . . . I lost the dream after a few weeks . . . got to about 85 members. I went down some other paths . . . and a few weeks ago found myself with 125 members - people just kind of wandering in So about 10 days ago I asked myself, what might happen if I went ALL-IN? about 10 days later . . . I went from 125 members to 300 members! Thanks so much @Mariah Coz for motivating me with YOUR initial push to 1000 members and your Monetize launch . . . so very inspiring . . . now I am following in your footsteps (although many miles behind, lol! ) Sean
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300 members!!! YAY🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀
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@Diji Wusu thanks!
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@Ify Bujé thanks!!
4 Assumptions I Dropped This Year About My Content
💰 Everyone is a creator and my content is behind - 99% of users are consumers - they are not viewing ur content from a creator lens - they are just trying to learn 💰 Everyone knows what I know already - some people do - most people do not 💰 My point of view sucks - it doesn’t - your copywriting might suck (but you can get better at that) 💰The algorithm is burying me and visibility is out of my control - people ARE seeing your content if you’re active - so either you aren’t active and expect others to find you in search somehow or people are seeing your content and all u need to do is improve your hook/offer/value And just so we’re clear: You are doing something hard that most people don’t do, you have good things to say, and improving your skills is absolutely 100% within your control Let me know what other assumptions or limiting beliefs I should work on. Thanks!
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4 Assumptions I Dropped This Year About My Content
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@Jake Enslin I think one thing that's becoming more important to realize is, as you mentioned, people already have access to the information, but the information isn't changing their life. What they need now is help implementing that knowledge, whatever that looks like - membership, coaching, etc that's our value-add
How would you grow your email list without ads?
I’m looking for low effort, high return on time strategies. So far I’ve tried: - podcasts - Freebie swaps - Bundles Podcasts to my surprise hasn’t yielded a ton of subscribers so I’ll be sunsetting this strategy going into Q2
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@Christina Lopez I use linkedin, I'm using skool, YouTube, I built a Facebook group to do it (not recommended, lol) but it's not the volume of leads that you get with ads
selling other people's stuff (my epiphany) 🙃
➡️ Read the full article on my website​ 🎧 Listen to the episode on the Mariah Coz Show podcast I realized something this past week. I’ve been doing you a disservice. In my attempt to not fall into the “guru” pile of being another one of those annoying people online yapping about how great having an online course business is - I often completely downplay how freaking great having an online course business is compared to other options 😁 I never want to minimize the fact that building any type of business takes time and hard work - and that includes creating + selling online courses and digital products. But I realize I sometimes go so far the other way - that I forget to share that, yes, although 10% of it is hard and challenging, the other 90% of it is WOW, AMAZING, “I CAN’T BELIEVE THIS IS MY LIFE” GOOD. Selling your own products to your own audience is honestly SO much more empowering than selling other people’s stuff (whether that be through affiliates, brand deals, ads, or some other options I discuss in the episode) It can be easy to take something you’ve been doing a long time for granted and look at other people/models and think they have it all figured out…or that the grass is greener… but I’ve learned a powerful lesson about how awesome selling your own offers to your own audience is. ➡️ In this episode + blog post: - My a-ha moment about why I tend to downplay all the good stuff about running a course business - Some of the highlights from the last year I didn’t share because I didn’t want to brag or be annoying - Reflecting on where you might be downplaying your success or forgetting how amazing your work is - From thinking the grass might be greener monetizing with sponsors, ads, brand deals or affiliates to realizing that nothing really compares to creating, selling and owning your own products and your own audience - Why the message I’ve been sharing since 2015 is even *more* relevant in 2024 with all the wild stuff going on on social media - Developing the core skills that will serve you for life, no matter what you sell online or what niche you are in
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selling other people's stuff (my epiphany) 🙃
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@Mariah Coz thanks for sharing this . . you have always amazed me at how easy you make the hard things . . email campaigns that convert webinar campaigns that run on autopilot high ticket hybrid and all that is still solid gold !!!
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