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Quick question
What’s a good balance of organic vs ads for acquiring clients?
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@Volodymyr Marusych depends on your ad budget versus your time organic takes time ads take money which do you have more of?
Is my offer too broad?
Yo! I'm setting up a course to help people make the music they love. I'm wanting to help anyone , whethercomplete beginner or advanced. As long as I state depending on where people are at , the results will obviously be differnet in a time period where they put the same effort in ans also give resources for the beginners to catch up to the more advanced ones, that's ok isn't it? Guess it's just like this group? Thanks in advance!
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@Bryan Diggle the more I think about this, I think you should just open the doors, find out who joins and what help they need and then help the ones who join so much easier to get paid members to tell you what they want, than to guess ahead of time and hope you get it right
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@Bryan Diggle that's awesome! are you opening today?
7 Easy Ways to Get More Audience Engagement in Your Group
There are so many things you can do to engage your audience, this is just a short list: 1) Write a daily post about your progress 2) Ask your members for their advice 3) Offer to help one new member each day, in a post 4) Do a weekly live training call 5 Do a weekly 5 day challenge right inside your group (just print, in your posts, not live on video) 6) Feature a "top member" each day of the week 7) Ask members for their hottest questions, get the other members to vote, and then answer the questions . . and this is just the tip of the iceberg any other experts want to weigh in here and add to this list? @Jade Jemma @Evelyn Weiss @Mariah Coz @Marisa Pell
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@Sebastian Holle thank you kindly!!
πŸ₯‡ I'm Asif Hossain from Bangladesh and a full time freelancer. I bring a wealth of knowledge in all kinds of Search Engine Ads, Google Ads, YouTube Ads, YouTube SEO, Social Media Lead Generation, Appointment Setting, Creative Social Media Outreach, and Cold e-mailing.
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@Asif Hossain welcome!!! love to see a group on those topics
Release plan for community help πŸ™
Hey! πŸ‘Š So I'm just looking at stages of how to maximise my community release with my current financial circumstances which aren't great lol.i have personal experience with my niche and my partner is my ideal client so I'm in a good place. I still want to have customer feedback for my final / full course though so it's as great as possible. I'm looking at a paid course only and doing this. What do you think, any suggestions, advice? Thanks in advance 😊 πŸ™ 1️⃣drip release my full beta course on youtube 2️⃣let people know I'm building a paid community and the first10 people that confirm themselves on a waiting list (I'll collect emails for this) can be accepted in and be the founding members and help with building the course for big discount if future cost.Β£10 a month 3️⃣Ask for help and to email me with what you'd love to see. Say the 5 people with the best suggestions and would like to can also be in with the founding group at Β£10 p/m. Being idealistic but that way I would have 15 people who have great ideas , love the idea and want to help covering the costs of running the monthly skool cost. I will also advertise an at least 50% discount for 121 High ticket guidance for 6 weeks 1 person at a time to help build the 2.0 course too. Thanks for reading, have a blessed day! πŸ™
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@Bryan Diggle paid course . . .I think this is a good plan just do it! adjust once you have 10-20 people in, ask them what they want keep it light until you get feedback from buyers that price is super cheap, you hardly have to offer anything to get them in let them tell you what they want
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