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I just purchased Debrief and it’s soooo good.
Thank you for selling the Debrief as a course. It’s really good and I can see how selling something smaller before the higher ticket can be so effective. Thank you for the great content from the consumer side and thank you for modeling and excellent (value rich) funnel from the marketing side!
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my advanced, invisible launch strategies 🤓
You will learn more actionable, implementable ideas from just ONE of my ​launch debriefs​ than you did from the last "how to launch a course" program you paid for (for a tinyyy fraction of the price). Bold statement, I know. But that's how freaking valuable these behind-the-scenes breakdowns of my own 6- and 7-figure launches are. My launch debriefs are NOT just "ooh, look how much money I made! Isn't that great!" It's me showing you, in detail, every single thing I did, and why, and how YOU can model it in your own launches going forward too. To make YOUR next launch the biggest and best it can be, by incorporating these little tweaks and advanced strategies from someone who has had many, many 6-, multi-6 and even a few 7 figure launches. I wish someone would have made something like this available to me earlier in my journey! For a few days, you can get the entire collection of my best and biggest detailed launch debriefs for 44% off with the coupon code “LAUNCH44” at checkout 🎟️ ​Get instant access to the Launch Debrief Collection here!​ *Please understand, I teach very advanced launch concepts and strategies in these debriefs - it is not for newbies!! YES, the Launch Debrief Collection comes with a private podcast feed of the audios of each breakdown so you can listen on-the-go! *If you're already in Profit Architecture, you already have access to the Launch Debrief Collection because you have ALL our programs + courses in Profit Architecture! 🎁 And if you're ready to learn the same strategies I use for all these different types of launches (low ticket, signature courses, high ticket, everything)... ​get on the Profit Architecture waitlist here​
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my advanced, invisible launch strategies 🤓
I want every holiday to be an actual holiday :)
Hello everyone, I have two children who are 8 and 4 and I have a longterm goal that I would like to be able to take time off (and still make money) every holiday. Your content is so useful, Mariah, thank you so much. For this 42 year old who is still blown away about the potentiality of the internet :) - I love the way you teach and share. Thank you x
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Heeeeeeeeeeeey guys!!
Hello everyone!! I'm Val, I'm new here! I purchased Champagne Client yesterday and listened to the podcast, and just today I realized I had and email in my junk about this community 😅 So well, a bit late to the party, but I'm here ahahah Ready to apply everything I learn 😍
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Bundles? Effective or No? 💵
Has anyone seen consistent lead gen from being part of a bundle? Meaning, have the leads generated actually turned into ideal clients for your business? Please select in the poll 😊 below!
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