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🥳 What are you OBSESSED with in your business right now? 🤓
Let’s share the excitement with folks that will understand ❤️😅 My current obsession is over a membership idea I plan on starting in September 😱😱😱😱 I’m really struggling to calm down and do the spring/summer stuff before jumping on the new idea wagon 😄🥳😍 What are you OBSESSED with right now?! 😊
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@Sean Mize Thanks 🥰 I really believe the subscription offer will actually complement the main offer my business has right now AND turn into the main thing quite quickly 😱😍 Just love how it fits into my calendar, the offer suite and to what people have been asking for for years 😭❤️😍 I get to finally help with that in a sustainable & profitable way. 👍🏻
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@Ron Medlin You’re going to be the one teaching the rest of us AI! 😊👍🏻 Glad you’re interested in it, ’cause so many of us can’t even learn the basics, it’s overwhelming 🥵 There’s so much market potential right there 🥰
Scheduling software recommendations
I'd like to invest in a scheduling app but am unsure whether to go for Calendly, Acuity or something else. I'm a coach and I want: - clients to be able to book in free consultations - me/the client to be able to book our package of calls (usually 12 over 3 months) on the system so they get reminders, and so I can keep track of any cancellations or reschedules. - other bookings e.g. day of voxer What are your experiences with these apps? I work full-time alongside my business and have a day (sometimes 2) off a week with my son, so my schedule is complicated and looking for something that can alleviate the background stress of, "oh shit, did I forget that we'd rescheduled that session" etc. Thanks!
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My Calendly notifications have been going to trash… maybe it’s my bad 😅 Anyhow, I don’t trust people get my reminders from that software. 😊
@Danielle Turton Thanks for the tip! 😍
Squarespace Vs ShowIt: Which website platform do you prefer and why?
I’m currently on Squarespace and was wondering about switching over to ShowIt because I heard it’s better for SEO. What do you prefer and why?
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I’ve heard Showit is easier to use (for someone who doesn’t have very profound website skills 😅) and that you can host your WordPress blog on Showit (and therefore the SEO is in good hands). Needless to say I’m not the expert in this, but I’m team Showit 😄 I also saw a trend of website designers navigate towards Showit and took note of that. 😊
How would you grow your email list without ads?
I’m looking for low effort, high return on time strategies. So far I’ve tried: - podcasts - Freebie swaps - Bundles Podcasts to my surprise hasn’t yielded a ton of subscribers so I’ll be sunsetting this strategy going into Q2
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YouTube videos are a bit of an effort, but they do have a long life-span. They’ve been my main traffic source. What’s your current take on them? 😊 I remember you had a YT video automation too (at least at some point) 🥰
Grow As You Go (the anti burnout approach)
Fighting creator burnout is one of my biggest barriers to posting consistent content across platforms: I’ve alleviated that 3-month fallout (and while making more unique pieces of content) this year by: - Choosing to scale later - It is too much to learn the ways of 10 different audiences/algorithms - I’ve just picked 2 to focus on and I’m more consistent than I’ve ever been - Focusing on what I can control - I do not control the engagement of others (not 100% control at least) - but I do control my own output of content that I feed to whatever platform I’m on - the goal is now to post/provide as opposed to receive likes, comments, subscribers, etc. - Viewing content as a skill and not a luck machine - it is something to improve at (and to fail at) like any other skill - It is not a reflection of my own personal value. Skills can be improved - luck cannot. Do you have any systems or tips for fighting creator burnout?
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@Jenna Beatrice Yes!! Last round I created content the same scripts turned into: - YouTube video scripts - Launch emails and - IG texts And then send the same emails and IG posts next year ❤️❤️❤️
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@Jake Enslin It’s a software for scheduling Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube shorts. You can store the pictures/videos + their correponding notes on Later and add ”labels” to them. Then when you go to the calendar view to schedule the content in advance, you can first filter the content by labels and then drag-and-drop the pic into the calendar. It’ll auto-fill the pictures notes as the IG post text. A bit of a long explanation 😅🙈
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