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I just purchased Debrief and it’s soooo good.
Thank you for selling the Debrief as a course. It’s really good and I can see how selling something smaller before the higher ticket can be so effective. Thank you for the great content from the consumer side and thank you for modeling and excellent (value rich) funnel from the marketing side!
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@Michelle Lagaly I’ve noticed a decline in numbers but I think it may go away as the economy gets up again. (Our country has been in an economical downshift from 2022 on. Now slooooooooowly getting out of it.)
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@Michelle Lagaly Anyhow, I do want to do the monthly subscription model too. 😊 If not for anything else, at least so I don’t get too stuck in my ways 😅 It took me over a year to realise that the overall economy plays a huge role in sales. It wasn’t until the US business influencers/coaches started talking about the economy slowing down that I realised ”oh, that’s what we’ve been experiencing on the other side for the last two years, NOW it makes sense” 😅 You live you learn I guess 🙈 It still urks me when I hear folks preach ”just upgrade your mindset and it’ll be fine”. No, not everything can be fixed by fixing one’s inner world 🤦🏻‍♀️ For example, the outside world!
Course Hosting on Website vs Platform
Hi! I know there are a lot of course creators out there, and want to get some ideas from the group. I currently host my course on Thinkific and there are some conveniences there for sure! But I am considering hosting my courses on my own website platform (assuming I can find the right person to help with this and it is an investment that makes sense). Has anyone here hosted their course on their website or considered it? What are the pros and cons in your opinion?
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@Dre Nolon I’d stress about updating the platform too. Plus folks that specialize in creating these platform will also stay along/ahead of the curve as different needs enter the online education space. 🥰 I couldn’t so that nor want to keep up 🙈😅
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@Ify Bujé I started out hosting videos on Vimeo and sending links to those in emails. 😊 Then later updated onto a platform that can do montly payments and their customer service is in the same language as my program is.
Does anyone in this awesome community have experience with using ScoreApp for lead generation?
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@Eowyn Levene So is it a ”create your own quiz” app that collects the email address before sending the final results…? 😊
🌻 Are you taking time off during summer? ☀️
If not (as much as you’d like), why? 😊 I’m taking a month off in July. 🤓 I’ve noticed if I rest during the summer, I’m in a better place to go into lauch in August. 🤗
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@H S Sounds like a wise move 😊
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@Jessica Andersen Such a wise move! So many of us need to re-learn it after working way too much during summers 🙈
🥳 What are you OBSESSED with in your business right now? 🤓
Let’s share the excitement with folks that will understand ❤️😅 My current obsession is over a membership idea I plan on starting in September 😱😱😱😱 I’m really struggling to calm down and do the spring/summer stuff before jumping on the new idea wagon 😄🥳😍 What are you OBSESSED with right now?! 😊
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@John McMeniman That’s great! Traffic is so essential for selling products & services online. 😍
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@Suzanne Chadwick Sometimes a move is the fresh beginning you need! 🥰🏡 Happy for you 🥳
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