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shop with me! 🛍️ the new SHOP is open!
“Get in loser, we’re going SHOPPING” 😂 🛍️ Big news: We just launched a new SHOP page where you can find all our products, templates, and courses in one place! 🛍️ You can find everything at Since we’ve launched a handful of mini courses and digital products lately, I’ve gotten so many DMs and messages from people asking where they can find everything we have to offer right now in one place. So we launched a shop page and wanted to share a little bit more about what’s available right now, where to start, what you can find there now (and what’s coming soon!) We’re going to be adding so much more to the shop over the coming weeks so you’ll definitely want to check back often! In this video I’ll walk you through what we have available right now, who it’s for, what’s inside, all the details! Right now, a lot of things are on SALE! So I wouldn’t wait. 🚀 Launch Debrief Collection is 44% off - get it here! 📝 Content Machine is $100 off with the code SAVE100 at checkout - get it here! 🥂 Champagne Clients is only $22 right now! Get it here. 💰 Profit Architecture has a promo right now: the next 3 people to Pay In Full will get a personal, 1:1 offer + sales page review from me! Get it here. 🛍️ You can find everything at If you have any questions about which program or product is best for you to start with now, just comment below! 👇
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shop with me! 🛍️ the new SHOP is open!
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Excellent! 🙌
Time Stamp Question
I’m watching the “traffic training” and wondering how did Mariah: 1) make these time stamps 2 how did she make them clickable to move the timer in the video. I’d love to do this for students in my courses. Thank you! I’d post a pic of what I’m talking about if I could but I don’t know how to post a pic here-lol But it looks like this: in the next module. Timestamps: 00:01:43 - Purpose 00:02:12 - What is traffic? 00:04:22 - The Truth About Traffic 00:11:01 - How long should you experiment with a traffic source? 00:11:51 - Traffic Mindset 00:20:46 - Choosing a Traffic Source
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DON'T write another post/email/anything without this 🛑
Wanna know the very first thing I require ALL of my clients to watch, whether they sign up for my highest level private consulting package or my Profit Architecture program? Before you write one more Instagram post. Before you outline that sales page. Before you package and price that new offer idea. Before you make one more move in your business... You need to watch the ​Champagne Clients mini-course​ (or listen to the private podcast feed of the lessons included as a bonus!). Why? Because it will change the way you think about your offers, your copy, your content, your emails, your audience and your entire business for the rest of your life. My clients send me messages like this in real time as they're watching the ​Champagne Clients ​training (see attached!) Client Continuum is one of the frameworks you will learn inside Champagne Clients. There's a reason that ​Champagne Clients​ is the very first module inside the ​Content Machine​ course, and the very first thing I require my Profit Architecture clients to watch when they enroll! It is truly one of the BEST things I have *ever* created. It is my FAVORITE training of all time. And it's yours for just $22 (yes, really) - NO BRAINER. ​Get Champagne Clients for just $22 TODAY!​ 🥂 Every single person who watches this walks away with an epiphany, a hundred new content ideas, and a whole new way of thinking about their business. You will never be the same. And yes, it comes with a private podcast feed of the lessons so you can listen on the go (though, the video visuals/diagrams in the course are really good too!) This is especially relevant in 2024. THIS is what makes you stand out. THIS is why my copy, messaging, and ads resonate so well and make so many sales. THIS is the foundation of everything else you create (funnels, webinars, copy, offers, pricing - everything).
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DON'T write another post/email/anything without this 🛑
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Yes, I’m in the training now and getting a ton of value out of it.
Mariah’s fantastic funnels are pulling me in all summer long.
I wanted to share how I got into Mariah funnel today in case it could help someone else. I was going for a walk this morning and looking for a biz podcast to inspire me to take actions in my biz (not the best action to take but not the worst) and then I saw a notification that content opened up in the creator party group for me so I clicked the button which took me to the level 3 traffic training and I decided to listen to it while I was walking. I was blown away as usual with the quality of the training which drew me into the group where I saw Mariah’s post and offer for the “Content Course” for $199. I didn’t think I needed or wanted it because content isn’t a problem for me but after her post, I wanted it. Just sharing because it’s giving me energy and inspo!
how content made me 💵 last week
PRE-PS: Have you watched ​my new video​ where I shared some initial revenue, ad ROAS, sales results *and* the mindset shift behind my "sell every day" experiment? It's literal gold. 💵 Okay - so how did publishing + repurposing ONE piece of content make me sales every day for the past week? One thing we track with our sales is where people are coming from and why they are buying. I want to know what marketing channels and content is turning into actual sales! We collect this data at checkout and organize it in our customer database to crunch the numbers. You can see the database from a few days of sales here...and see what is inspiring people to purchase our products (see screenshot below) As you can see - my emails, the podcast, and ads are definitely bringing in sales for this product! Here's an example just from a few hours of sales (see screenshot attached). Notice how these sales are coming from all different pathways and platforms. I shared ONE piece of content last week. And I repurposed that same single piece of content into: 🎙️ Podcast 📑 Blog post ✉️ Email newsletter 🤳 Live Stream 📱 Social Media content ❤️ a post in our free Community The results of repurposing my one piece of content like this? Peek at our sales the last few days since I shared this piece of content on July 3rd (and repurposed/republished, using what I teach in ​Content Machine​) - check out the screenshot below! Some of these sales are from ads too! But look at how many people are telling us the reason they bought is also because of the Podcast, Email, and Community posts. Repurposing my content on multiple platforms and formats makes me more $$$ every time. I make content as simple and fast as humanly possible, because my team right now is just me and a part-time person, and it's summer so I'm busy having fun! ​You can get my entire content system + my templates in Content Machine today! ​
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how content made me 💵 last week
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Stellar and inspiring content @Mariah Coz 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
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Just purchased Content Machine. Your low ticket offers are really working on me this summer. lol! AND THE COURSES ARE FILLED WITH FANTASTIC CONTENT/TRAINING THAT IS HELPING ME IMPLEMENT AND MAKE 💵 Thank you!
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