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[video] initial results of my "sell everyday" experiment 😱 💸
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This video is a HUGE value bomb - watch the whole thing for initial results of the last 2.5 weeks of my "new era" (new ads, new funnels, new offers!). I'm talking revenue, ROAS, new sales - it's a gold mine.
This video captures in real time the huge shifts I am experiencing to create a massive increase in sales right now 💸
About a month ago, I made the decision that we were going to make sales all day every day.
I wanted constant pings on my phone that ALL my offers were selling all day - from low ticket products to my signature course to my highest ticket offers.
I then got to work creating the mindset, environment, assets, and strategy that would need to be in place for that to be my reality.
On June 14th, we turned this new system of funnels, products and traffic “on”.
2-ish weeks later…and the results have been nothing short of 🤯!
💸 Sales coming in all day every day of all of my products, courses, consulting - everything amplifying everything else.
I’m getting messages daily saying “You’re on fire! What’s the secret?”
I recorded this new video on July 3rd, just having wrapped up an incredible June, a little more than 2.5 weeks into my New Era (which I declared in the last episode/video), to capture this moment and reflect on just how quickly things can shift for you when you’re willing to make a decision and act accordingly!
I’m sharing one major mindset shift and all the small things that have added up to these massive results.
❌ No sales calls.
❌ No live webinars.
❌ No big launches.
✅ Just massive action in alignment with what works for me and feels fun, with my content strategy, funnels, ads and evergreen ecosystems working together.
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In this video:
  • The decision I made about a month ago that lead to a drastic increase in sales
  • How shifting my mindset lead to massive action the last few weeks
  • My “make a decision and act accordingly” era
  • Sharing results from the last 2.5 weeks since turning on new funnels, new offers, new ads (revenue, new sales, ad ROAS, etc)
  • The core foundational belief I had to get behind in order to blow up our sales
  • Real talk about the hard work and strategy that goes into these results
  • Becoming obsessed with your own offers so you are energized by selling them every day
  • Answering your questions about pivots, showing up as the next level of yourself, and more
  • What’s coming next for us and learn how to implement this yourself
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Mariah Coz
[video] initial results of my "sell everyday" experiment 😱 💸
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