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Easy methods to meet women in the day time. Streets, malls, parks, beaches, coffee shops. Learn from Tony Depp, 14 year veteran approach coach.

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I finally broke $500 MRR
I also closed $1300 in sales yesterday. I dm'd every single person I've ever spoken to in my group and told them I'm raising my subscription by $10 a month. I got 3 new signups. My other sales came from different leads. At this rate, I'll actually be able to live off my MRR one day. I also had one client churn. This was a big win since it's been nearly a month since I made even one sale. Big moral win. Next stop Taiwan and Bali!
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Every Solution to Every Problem is in This Post:
Are you new here & aren't sure where to start with building a $10,000/m online coaching business? Start here. Are you not sure what to offer? Read this and then join our Offer Clarity calls LIVE on Zoom here. Are you not sure how to get attention and struggling to grow your audience? Read this and then watch this. Are you struggling to make sales? Watch this. Are you struggling to stay focused & productive? Watch this. Do you feel like putting all of this off until later and don't think you'll actually go through any of this GOLD due to your procrastination habit? Book a free session on and watch how easy it is to get work done when you do it with someone. (I use this all the time.) I promise you: Every problem that stands between YOU and your $10,000/month business has already been solved and the solution is just waiting for you to implement it. You can either put it off and off and off and never get around to it and stay broke or you can DO something about it NOW. Totally up to you. No pressure. If you want help implementing on these proven solutions and you're sick of waiting around for motivation to strike and you don't want to do this all alone, I completely understand; I was/am the same way... And that's why we offer VIP Weekend, a 2 day intensive where we do everything WITH you, 1 on 1, so you can have everything set up and be open for sales faster than you could ever possibly do on your own.
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I'm working on cutting down screen time Ted, and this isn't helping...
How prominent are you?
More views = more sales. The more prominent you are online, the easier it is for you to make sales. Think of Oprah, how easy would it be for her to make $100,000 just by talking about her new book on her show? SO EASY. Why? She’s prominent. So how are you going to get prominent online? What sort of content will you put out? How many pieces of content per week will you upload? Alex Hormozi puts out 350 pieces of content per week! How are you going to make it as easy as possible to make this content? What will be your content creation system? To help you generate content as easily as possible, I put together 2 workshops that show you how to effortlessly produce content. I suggest watching both… Here’s the first one. This one shows you how to produce 6 months of content in ONE day. Here’s the second one. This one shows you how to build a team and consistently produce content using something called a content conveyor belt. It shows you how to turn all of your coaching calls and group calls into usable content. Enjoy.
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Ted and his team are genius with content review. Side hack, join the paid community and bug them enough, they'll review your stuff.
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Not clear on your offer? Want live Offer Support? Read this.
We're thinking of running an experiment and adding a weekly "Offer Clarity" call to the schedule. I've done 4 Offer Clarity calls in the past and people seemed to love them/desperately need them. You can find the past calls here. If you want to attend live Offer Clarity calls like this in the future, let us know by commenting "YES!" below 👇🏼
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What is a COO?
I want to know what exactly a COO does, how they get paid, what they expect.
New comment Mar 31
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@Kuba Misiek Sweet. But what does he do exactly. And how is he compensated? What is expected?
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Awesome Benny. That clears a little up. Does the COO also runs social media, create thumbs, write social media strategy, branding, video and shorts editing? I had one guy pitch me an entire business plan. But he didn't mention dm's or sales.
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