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Any UX Workshoppers here?
Do any of you focus on UX consulting and run UX Workshops? If so i'd love to connect and share notes.
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@Chris Green i am Data Artist and i am running only UX Design workshop :)
Anyone like some free Executive Coaching?
I’m currently training to be an executive coach as I believe it will give me a complementary set of skills for the work I do as a facilitator. As part of my training I need to log a certain number of practice hours and so I’m looking for people who might be willing to try being coached…for free! A few details for anyone who might be interested: I am still in training, and won’t qualify officially for a few more months, but I am being taught by a very reputable coaching institution The offer is for 2 or 3 hour long coaching sessions, conducted virtually, where we can discuss and explore any career goals you have and what steps you might need to take to achieve them It doesn’t have to be about your facilitation career, but given this forum I’m expecting that’s what you might want to discuss There is absolutely no charge If you’re interested, please like this post and I’ll message you to set up some time to discuss things in a bit more detail, Thank you!
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@Rob Stevens interested to be part of your project ;)
Using PERSONA in a game
Hello there, i am currently working on a workshop with sales. i do have several PERSONA CARD very detailed and i am looking for ideas of game / exercice using those persona. it s a workshop for a sales team. thanks for your support
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@Sofia Pinheiro thansk for your feedback. due to the fact that i will be with sales team it is definetely to be used as a "sales enabler" during a client meeting to present our approach regarding "data", we are an IT company.
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@Sofia Pinheiro yes it helps. i was thinking about using something similar but the value proposition is a great idea. ;)
Creating a workshop for a SALES TEAM (how to start ? )
Hi everyone! I am currently working on 2days workshop to support a Sales team. We will be spending 2 days away and we have 3 objectives. 1. Make sure that all the sales team understand a Data journey 2. Explain a new methodology that goes from reactive to proactive 3. Create an action plan together with them to moe forward. Key points to understand. 1. People never really met together as a team 2. This 2 days workshop need to make a big impression on them 3. We have our 6 main offers to present. It’s a team of 15 people and we have the Director of sales for the input phase. he will be here for those 2 days. What would be your advise in designing workshop(s) for this challenge? Thank you so much! P.s. I have pipdecks workshop tactics and workshopper book.
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@Holly MacLean hello we have currently a methodology in place for the sales team to move them from reactive to proactive. everything else is pretty open. i have the feeling that even we have people that are not supposed to work closely together as they are working in different countries we need to find a way to create a "common ground" common base, i do not know ;)
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@Salah Bouchma yes this help. thansk a lot, i was thinking about having a game using PERSONA (we do have 5 persona) but do not exactly how... any thought on this ?
Ideas for Collaboration Exercises
I got a request from a client that needs two senior stakeholders (dotted line) to collaborate. They are very different in personalities and perspectives and it's bleeding down to their teams causing productivity problems. They would like a workshop that addresses teambuilding, communication and collaboration. Any ideas for allegorical exercises or simulations?
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Hello @Salah Bouchma would be interesting to learn more about the lost city expedition ;)
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