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New Here!
Hey folks! Living in Boston, USA. Excited to build community with other facilitators. I feel like there aren't many people who see the world the way a facilitator does and must admit that I carry some pride in calling myself a facilitator. I love what I do and sometimes wonder if there is some spiritual aspect to the work holding space. I like noticing things, especially when they help me recognizes something I though I knew but took for granted. I find a great deal of joy in those small moments. Thanks for reading!
New comment Feb 27
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@Bob O'Malley nice! Hoping we can connect at some point!!
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@Asena Ayse I am eager to hear more about your thoughts on it.
Ok, I have a (internal) client, now what?! 😬
Hi guys, Some of you might remember me asking how to switch careers and start in facilitation. Now I’ve finished fundamentals course and did a minisprint with my salesteam which turned out to be an amazing experience. Something wonderful is starting to happen where I have been asked to run two facilitation gigs at our company. There are two situations and I need your advise 🤩 So I work at a training company where we conduct different courses in marketing, communication and innovation. Situation 1: There will be an evening during which we will organize a brainstorm to change the name of a category of trainings. But we also want another brainstorm to come up with new training ideas in this category. We will have limited time of max 3 hours and the audiences consists of very experienced trainers and some do facilitate such sessions themselves. The group is big - 12 - 14 people. There will be some introduction speeches by few managers, so have vert limited time left. Challenge 1: It seems like quite a lot of wishes for such relatively short session Challenge 2: I feel a bit intimidated by all that experience in the room. Challenge 3: which workshops/setups could I select to let creativity flow? Situation 2: Our team of 4 colleagues want to come up with ideas for the new system which will accommodate communication with our students. So relatively clear goal and a small group of people. I feel quite confident facilitating this session. But I am looking for some creative setups. We have three days to get the job done. Which seems like enough time. I am vert happy that putting it out there, sending my intention to start facilitating has been answered, but now my inner critic is killing me 😅 Especially regarding the first impossible workshop. I feel really not ready for it, but I kind of have to get it together and just go for it. Anyone else recognise this situation or feelings? How to fix your mindset? Thank you all so much. I hope others might learn as well from my experience 🥰🍀💫🙏🏻
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In my experience facilitating with facilitators feels easier because we all speak the same language and understand how important participation is to the process. My only guidance is to keep things simple. Fight the urge to impress or perform and trust that they know how to make you look good.
Best books for problem solving workshop exercises
Hi there, Which are the best resource books packed with exercises that can be used in problem-solving workshops please? thanks!
New comment Feb 19
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I learn a CPS method through these folks.
Facilitation style assessment
Hi there! Do you have some facilitation style assessment to recommend? :) Or any cool article or book to understand possible styles. Thanks!
New comment Feb 26
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I like this tool by Roger Schwarz. It only indirectly answers your question but was a real paradigm shifter for me. Hope it helps you too. Six Facilitator Roles.
Help with a change management workshop!
Hi there! My name is Patsy and I'm working in Reykjavík, Iceland. I'm very excited to be a part of this community and hope I can contribute as well as draw from your collective experiences. I've been given an opportunity to host a workshop for a public institution that is moving into new headquarters. There is a lot of change happening with the new move, including changing into an open plan office which I'm told there is a lot of resistance against 😬. Do any of you have tips for workshops that would help? Including possibly: - How to help people make the most of a "bad" situation - Getting everybody onboard with new changes; engaging people - Addressing people's fears about the move - Team-building in the face of change Any tips, links or insights would be very helpful to me! Thanks 🙏
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I really like the Hopes & Fears Protocol as an opening exercise.
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