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Jan '23 
A Message To Consultants: Things are Changing
This is a message for Consultants. Specifically someone who sells coaching or a course to help people solve their problems. In 2022 I: - Spent two days in LA with Sam Ovens (on track to become billionaire) - Spoke with Alex Hormozi ($200m/year portfolio) - Spoke (and worked) with MrBeast (130m subscribers) - Spoke with Cole Gordon ($2,000,000/month) - Met Bas Slot in Lisbon twice ($1,000,000/month) My conclusion after all of this was simple: This industry is changing… The smartest people have noticed, and are already taking advantage of this shift. Everyone else will be left behind. Watch these clips (5-10 mins) to spot the shift. - Clip from Sam Ovens - Tweet from Alex Hormozi - Another tweet from Alex Hormozi - Clip from Cole Gordon (making $2m/m+) - Clip from All In Podcast (all four are Billionaires) - Clip from Alex Hormozi Watch those clips before reading on. They're short. Here's how I see things changing: - Direct Response → Brand - Ads → Content - Selling → Giving And to me, this is a GREAT SHIFT. Thank fuck this industry is FINALLY maturing. It's no longer enough to have flashy marketing and great sales skills. You have to build a brand. Over the past few months I’ve hinted at this shift quite a few times, and how I've used it to make $100,000/month profit (and sometimes even $90,000 in a day). I've made a: - 33 minute Loom video explaining this new model - 21 minute Loom video explaining how I got 600,000 subscribers using this model - Free course explaining how to build a great community - Loom video I sent to Alex Hormozi about using trends to grow an audience when he asked me to help him grow his YouTube - Notion page explaining the lessons I learned about YouTube growth from speaking with MrBeast - Google Doc explaining the content system that grows your audience in just two hours per week
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@Lubos Tomicek Awesome - Cheers Lubos (:
How to get good at anything, FAST - Leon Hendrix
I saw this on my YT homepage and was immediately hooked by the thumbnail (on 14/11/2022 - it's a split image of Mike Shake drawing a circle with Leon completing it). I thought it would be fun to pop my notes in a thread - Twitter style. LIVE as I'm watching through, haha Add anything if I do miss something! :)
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5. Have courage to get worse. Often in our improvement journey, we tend to plateau, and we don't want to go back to failing. So we go back to what we used to do, because it is a risk to innovate. Being alone is painful.
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6. Shift your identity. THIS IS MOST IMPORTANT. Self-image and identity -> believe in yourself. A lot of people tend to let their perception of themselves stop from achieving goals and even stop them from trying.
We Did A Speed Run Of Making Viral Shorts!
Last night, myself and a few friends from synthesiser skool, stayed up late making as many shorts as we could in one sitting while all on a call with each other. The point was obviously to gamify the content creation process (Inspired by the Minecraft speed run the week before) and it was a ton of fun! We currently are hoping to make it a regular thing, possibly every weekend, so instead of gaming nights, we have content creation nights! Going forward we'll probably be focusing on long form content instead of short form, as we believe it's more useful to get good at long form as opposed to short form. This year I've learnt that community is perhaps the most important part of setting and sticking to goals, as it makes the process much more enjoyable, plus you get held accountable. If you haven't already, make sure to connect with people in this community!
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That sounds like awesome fun! Where can I find these viral shorts?
CEO of Speechify goes 100% on YouTube and shares key learnings from books he's read Cliff Weitzman shares his Cliff Notes. Tbh, I only watched one video (this one and instantly subscribed because of 3 key reasons 1. He has real experience 2. He provides honest and fantastic advice 3. Cliff's on camera presence + editing is so damn awesome He's currently around 226 subscribers as of posting this recommendation and would like to see how
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Amazon's Secret Wealth Creation Formula
Before starting Amazon, Jeff Bezos drew this idea out on a napkin about how to grow Amazon community. This became the operating system behind everything that they do, even their AWS business. Not that secret I suppose, but definitely worth staring at for a bit.
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Interesting diagram! And after 2 minutes of staring, I can honestly say I have no clue what is happening 😂
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