We Did A Speed Run Of Making Viral Shorts!
Last night, myself and a few friends from synthesiser skool, stayed up late making as many shorts as we could in one sitting while all on a call with each other.
The point was obviously to gamify the content creation process (Inspired by the Minecraft speed run the week before) and it was a ton of fun!
We currently are hoping to make it a regular thing, possibly every weekend, so instead of gaming nights, we have content creation nights!
Going forward we'll probably be focusing on long form content instead of short form, as we believe it's more useful to get good at long form as opposed to short form.
This year I've learnt that community is perhaps the most important part of setting and sticking to goals, as it makes the process much more enjoyable, plus you get held accountable.
If you haven't already, make sure to connect with people in this community!
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