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Oct '23 
This is where the magic happens
So, I think I finally had what I call the breakthrough run. Each time I've trained the 9Miler way, I've had a run that was so much faster than the previous ones that I knew I had made a breakthrough. As all of the other times, I'll do a few more MHR runs before I'm completely sure that I'm able to run faster at MHR, but this is probably it. I'm especially encouraged by the fact that I was more tired than usual for this run because I went for what was meant to be a super easy bike ride yesterday and overdid it a bit. It was still a pretty easy ride, but it was certainly more than I intended. So, two days after my longest MHR run so far in training for Hampsterwheel and one day after an overdone 'recovery' ride, I posted a much faster run at MHR. This is a very good sign. It is just in time, too, because I only have 7 more training runs (not counting easy taper runs) before the race.
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Ironically, I developed a sore hip during this run and made it worse the next day with an easy spin on the bike that normally would have made any aches and pains feel better. I think the injury actually stems from my race the previous week and I just didn't notice it because the knee on the same side was swelling and I was trying to keep weight off that leg. Anyway, after taking 5 days off, I finally felt brave enough to test the hip with a 1 hour MHR run. I had a couple twinges when putting weight on it unexpectedly, but the hip held up well otherwise. If it doesn't become sore overnight, I'll be comfortable that I'm on track to at least give my ultra a shot. I'm still prioritizing going into the offseason healthy, though, so I'm mentally prepared to cut my day short if it seems like the hip or knee are going to give me too much trouble.
Where do you like to run.
This is a happy place for running. This was my morning run. I came up from the back side then along the ridge to here then down back into the valley. Light Rin and 8c. The Lake District - UK
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That's a little brisk for me, but that certainly LOOKS like a happy place to me. I'd love to ride my bike there on a warm, sunny day, also.
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@Michael Thorley I'm more of a road/gravel rider. I have little fear on the roads, paved or not, but trails are a different
I am a 9 Mile Marathoner
Done! 4:19.51, a lot of pain, I didn't follow my MHR, but I completed my marathon and now I am taking a nap. Thanks to Marlies and Baz, and thanks to you folks for being part of our awesome team. I will just have to run other marathons to see if I can break 4:00.
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Nice work! I had hopes of breaking 4 hours in my first marathon too, which resulted in me running the first half too fast and I ended up taking more like 4:40. My next serious attempt at breaking 4 will be next spring, I'm thinking.
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@Thomas St. George winter running the 9Miler way is really challenging for me, because my HR is kept low by cold temperatures. I am going to experiment with my foot pod that I got this spring and see if running at the power I normally generate at MHR gets me through the winter in 9Mile shape.
Hi 9 milers. Ran a 10 mile run at very short notice, The Great South Run, UK. I haven't been running much for the past year, but have kept up my strength training, and any running I do, I do the 9 miler way. I need to do my CHR and MHR again, but overall I was very pleased with my result. 1hr 44, I was expecting 2 hrs, so pretty chuffed. 😁
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Way to go!
Yorkshire Marathon
Hi all, my name is David Maddison and on Sunday 15th of October at the age of 64 I ran a lifetime PR in the York marathon in the UK 🇬🇧. My time was 3:43:50 which qualifies me for the Boston marathon as a “good for age runner”. This was only possible due to following the training plan set out by Marlies and Baz. They showed me that by adding in intervals, spinning, gym session and core work together with removing the old school super long runs and replacing these with 9 mile runs that I would be fresh on race day and significantly improve my time. They also showed me how to run at MHR to get the very best efficiency during the marathon. Both Marlies and Baz are Brilliant coaches and if you follow the plan I can assure you it works. Boston here I come 🎉🎈🎊👍😂
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Well done!
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