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Where do you like to run.
This is a happy place for running. This was my morning run. I came up from the back side then along the ridge to here then down back into the valley. Light Rin and 8c. The Lake District - UK
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@Rob Green it's great for mountain biking especially if you have no fear
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@Rob Green I can absolutely imagine!
Chester Marathon - stronger than ever
We all know that the 9MM works for training for a marathon. But I have a new discovery which I would like to share....but you may know it already!! I had three friends who did a marathon the same day as me and they trained the traditional way....running slowly for hours at a time! My discovery is that my recovery is SIGNIFICANTLY faster than theirs (as was my time and I'm 25 years older than them 😉) We all ran on the Sunday (I got my fastest time for a difficult course in hot conditions using MHR) but on Tuesday I did a recovery run through the woods and on the Saturday did a gentle 5k. There was a little soreness in my quads but I felt fine. My friends said they could not run at all! Why do I think this is? Many reasons but three stand out: 1. Less developed overall strength in the whole body 2. Despite a 3 week 'taper' accumulated fatigue 3. A lack of stretching after all running activities. There is no doubt that the 9MM training makes us really strong. Not only for the A race but for other things as well. They now want to know 'how I did it'. Shall I share our secret? Have a wonderful day.
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@Rob Green wonderful. And one of these three commented on my Tuesday run that I was a "show off" as well. Seems that envy has a common language
Strength Training 💪
Strength training is an essential component of my weekly workout routine, which I engage in at various locations such as the gym, CrossFit box, and even at home. I dedicate three sessions per week to focus on building my strength for the upcoming triathlon.
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@Brian Bryant it means Intense Workout Of The Day along with Challenging Workout Of The Day CWOD. They are in the strength part of the programme
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@Brian Bryant you will enjoy it
I finished!
I completed my first 70.3 Ironman race in Michigan last weekend. It was incredible. The swim was super cold (60 degrees F). My feet were completely numb but I knew I needed to keep swimming and get out of the water so I kept going. I realized later in the day I had chaffing on my neck from the wetsuit, don't make the same mistake I did. Speaking of mistakes, when I got to my bike I realized my bike gloves were inside out from my last ride. Oops! I had a great ride once I got going. I took my time figuring out my pace and HR. There were a few big hills and the biggest one was at mile 54 so I knew I needed some energy for that. I was so glad to be done with the bike. I took my time going through transition to get ready for the run. I started running or jogging very slow. My legs felt pretty good. My plan was to walk a minute every mile and walk 30 seconds every half mile. It worked perfectly! I felt good through the whole run. My goal for this race was to enjoy the experience and have a good time. That is exactly what I did!
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Great write up. I am almost with you. It is encouraging me to consider transitioning to triathlon
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@Rob Green thank you Rob. That is very good to know and I will call on the wisdom of this community
MHR Trail Run
The upcoming Half Triathlon in France, is just a little over two weeks away. The third leg of the triathlon is a challenging Half Marathon Trail Run. Today's training program focuses on the MHR trail run. It includes various elements such as stairs, dunes, and hills, designed to enhance my endurance and strength for the upcoming race.
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I love a trail run - hope you enjoyed it
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@Marlies Kort always!!!
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