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The 9Mile Marathon

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I am a 9 Mile Marathoner
Done! 4:19.51, a lot of pain, I didn't follow my MHR, but I completed my marathon and now I am taking a nap. Thanks to Marlies and Baz, and thanks to you folks for being part of our awesome team. I will just have to run other marathons to see if I can break 4:00.
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I’m going to try again in the spring, I hope the winter is mild and not too icy. I will break 4 hours, eventually
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Even with low temperatures my heart rate hovers around my MHR. I’m not sure though since I might want to focus on building my aerobic base before I train with my MHR
Failed MHR Tune up
So I had a half marathon today and didn’t do anything right. My full marathon is in a month and need to remember to run the plan and not race. I’m concerned.
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I know what I did wrong too, I went out too hard and thought my heart rate would come back to me. I also knew I could go hard for a half marathon. I learned to calmed down, trust the process, and remember the marathon can be lost in the first few miles.
Aug '23 
First marathon is in 12 days!
I’ve been working really hard at this and doing my best to follow all the instructions but I’m still feeling intimidated to do the run. My goal is to finish. It needs to be in 6 hours or less to be an official complete and I don’t know why my nerves are really getting to me. Based on my MHR, I should be okay with a buffer of time but I’ve never run this long. Physically I’m feeling really good. I’ve been loving the interval runs and the MHR runs but I still feel nervous. I have gels, snacks and will carry water with me in my running vest. Does anyone have any tips for success? Is the first marathon always this nerve wracking???
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My first marathon is in about 6 weeks and I’m intimidated by the distance since the furthest I’ve run is 15 miles. However, stick to the method and trust the process and the hay is in the barn!
Todays training program: MHR run.
Run EXACT on your marathon heart rate sweetspot. Next Event September 30: Triathlon ‘Natureman’ in France. 2,2km swim-89km bike-19km (trail)run.
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I ran today without my HR alert on, yes it was a chest strap monitor too, and based it on feel, turns out I was under my MHR for 8 miles/13K, and it felt great. only about 6 more weeks until my first marathon and I think I will be able to do it.
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@Marlies Kort thanks to your good program/coaching
Are there anyone in the group who runs with a run/walk interval?
Hello, I'm Pam, I have been running for 9 years and didn't start until I was 50. I developed a breathing issue due to a virus and now run with walk intervals. Does anyone else in the group run this way? Also, how would you conduct the run test for your heart rate running this way? Thanks, Pam
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I use the run/walk method because I treat my MHR sort of as my MAF, so when the watch yells at me for going to hard, I walk to get it down and go back again. I have found that my pace is only slightly slower at this time, but I'm going at a much slower pace so if I continued to run and not care about my heart rate I would most likely be faster. It is also good to use when dealing with this heat/humidity of summer
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