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So, I think I finally had what I call the breakthrough run. Each time I've trained the 9Miler way, I've had a run that was so much faster than the previous ones that I knew I had made a breakthrough. As all of the other times, I'll do a few more MHR runs before I'm completely sure that I'm able to run faster at MHR, but this is probably it. I'm especially encouraged by the fact that I was more tired than usual for this run because I went for what was meant to be a super easy bike ride yesterday and overdid it a bit. It was still a pretty easy ride, but it was certainly more than I intended. So, two days after my longest MHR run so far in training for Hampsterwheel and one day after an overdone 'recovery' ride, I posted a much faster run at MHR. This is a very good sign. It is just in time, too, because I only have 7 more training runs (not counting easy taper runs) before the race.
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