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Why is Discipline so important?
Everyone says discipline is so important but they never want to tell you why. I'll tell you why… Discipline is the strongest form of self love. It is ignoring some thing you want right now for something better later on. Discipline reveals the commitment you have to your dreams especially on the days that you don't want to. Your future you is depending on the current you to keep the promises that you made to yourself yesterday. So don’t be motivated, because than you will only work on your goals when you fell like it. Be disciplined and work even when you don’t want to. The disciplined version of yourself is always going to win 💯%
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If you build habits it is actually easier... as you would not have to force yourself.
The Nuts and Bolts of Running A Coaching Program
I have a practical, rookie question (or maybe not so rookie, I don't know). I've set a goal to hit 10k/month with my coaching program. I'm currently about to work with my first beta clients (I have 3) and am getting close to finishing up my course outline and all the materials that go along with it. The next step is to start making video content on specific pieces of the program and put an offer out at the end of the video to sign up for coaching. I did the math and to earn 10k/month working 60 hours a month (15/week) I would need to charge 166/hr or $666/month (4 1-hour sessions). I'm curious about what other coaches are charging, how many hours they're working, and how often they meet with their clients. Also, I have some hesitation about asking for ~$675/month to work with me. That seems like a lot. I could sweeten the deal by offering them access to a community, having access to me daily, and more (undecided) but I'm a little unsure about all this and just curious what other people are doing. Thanks a lot!
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you should do some competitor research.... Also I think that a lot of succesfull creators make way more hours, but the benefit is that they barely communte so if you count that time up that is how you can outcompete others.
How successfully to finish your day?
I recently appeared on the World Edition podcast to discuss some critical topics relevant to both individuals and organizations. DM to get a link to the Podcast!
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🥀 I Truly Feel Like Giving Up...Should I? (It's the post) 🥀
You know, it's a sad story but true. I started a Marketing Agency that never really got off the ground back in January of 2021. I tried and tried and tried and tried. But there were and still are gaps that I'm doing my best to fill. You see... I do some things really, really well... Like, create, and graphic design, and art, and strategy, and planning, and inspiring others. But what I ***don't do well quite yet*** the activities that bring in traffic......eyeballs on my creations (my amazing web pages, and designs, and cool products...) ...and so, the people don't come... ...the appointments aren't booked... ...the deals aren't closed... ...and the money never comes in. I am the gap... ...and no matter how much I learn from anyone...'s never, ever enough. I have BIPOLAR. I'm inconsistent. Moody. Sad sometimes. (a lot) *** OUR EFFORTS NEED TO BE ADDAPTED TO each one of our situations. *** HOPELESS??? (sure does feel like it sometimes) *** Nope. Just work to figure out how to work through, and build scaffolding around our individual and personal circumstances. FRANKLY, I'm not a FINISHER. Unless it's in my zone of genius....(look up The Big Leap book or ChatGPT ask what "zone of genius" means) There are are a few: - Partner with someone who is good at what I am not good at. (Right but here's the deal, they would get a cut, which is fine, but I can't afford that right now, I kind of need to feed my 7 kids and wife and me with everything I earn. Who would I choose anyway? What would be the risks opening up my world to other people to help me that way.) Not opposed but it just adds another layer of complexity. - Create a system ONCE and maintain it. (Sound easy. However, it's just tricky but, I think I'm going to use LinkedHelper2 and maybe Instantly or Manychat to automate some things so I can stop REINVENTING THE WHEEL.) - Paid ads. (Well, I don't quite have the cash for this. I could ask for someone to invest $1000-$2000 in my biz for marketing capitol. I could also put it on a credit card but...this is not ideal in my current situation.)
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🥀 I Truly Feel Like Giving Up...Should I? (It's the post) 🥀
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I had a conversation with the Buddha GPTS and came to the realisation that not cash but inner peace is the end goal. Don´t be blinded by glitter, wisdom is worth more then silver or gold.
Should i sell all my copyright rights of AI TED?
i made AI persona of @Ted Carr and for some financial reasons, i need cash and got this thought to sell it to those who want to use it in marketing and community making! is it good to sell copyright rights to some community owners or give them to Paid contentpreneurship members?
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Should i sell all my copyright rights of AI TED?
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This is definitly a nice Idea, but I would discuss with the man himself. Or rephrase the knowledge and make your own AI Persona.
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