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Always speak to a financial advisor for professional investing advice. But the way I see it, the more bitcoin I get now, the richer I'll be in the future. Is it guaranteed? Of course not. But is it possible? Sure is. How so? When I buy bitcoin, and the price of it goes up, I become richer. If the price goes up high enough, I'll eventually become a billionaire. I predict by the year 2035, the price of Bitcoin will be (at least) 1 million dollars per coin (and that's being conservative.) But to make sure YOU are able get bitcoin at the best price, and to make sure YOU store it securely... You need to understand how bitcoin works. And this community will help you do just that! So welcome :)
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The System:
You think losing 10% of your purchasing power each year due to inflation is something built into the monetary system? Nah. It IS the system.
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Where to buy bitcoin
Hello everyone, I would like to start buying bitcoins. I need guidance on where to buy it. any help is appreciated.
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Bitcoin just set a new all-time high
In Japan, BTC is at an ATH.
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