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IG DMs don’t work???
Hey Guys, I have a big problem. I am doing outreach over Instagram and then suddenly it says „Failed to send message“. I think Instagram thinks I am sending out to much or so. I don’t really understand it. I have 3 accounts and all 3 have the same issue although I have just crossed the limit of 50 DMs/a day on one account for one time. One of the account was created in November 2023, the other one in December 2023, the last one in January 2024. so they are also not the newest. I have only been sending out for 18 days now and did slow down the outreach a lot I have already contacted Support Team and tried YouTube tutorials. Does anybody have some good advices or can anyone help?
IG DMs don’t work???
Relationships? Distraction or Motivation
Yoo guys, I want your opinion on Relationships with a girl when you are starting a business, trying to make money and building your future. There are 2 sites (A,B) A.) This perspective is supported by the Tate brothers. They think that you should become an excellent man and not have a girlfriend, while you are building your future. They think it is a big distraction. B.) Other people use it as a motivation. They say that if you have somebody that will support you and stand by your side, it is better. They use a girl as a motivation. What do you think? I am not talking about having 10 girls, but just 1. Let me know which site are you? A or B?
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Relationships? Distraction or Motivation
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@Dean Flamurtari thanks man
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@Ren Tyler thanks bro you too
Get faster ⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️
What is time management? Time management is like being the boss of your own time. It's about using the time you have wisely to reach your goals, both in your personal life and at work. Here's how it works: 1. Choose what's important: You need to at first identify, what is important and what needs to get done now. Write that down on a piece of paper. Example: · respond to that email · Send out cold emails · research about xyz 2. Make a schedule: Now you know what you need to get done. The second step is to create a list of the things that need to get done in what period of time. Example: Total time: 2 hours respond to that email: 10 minutes Send out cold emails: 90 minutes research about xyz: 30min Doing this will give you a clear vision. It is very important to commit to it as well. Grab a phone and open the clock timer. Set the timer to 40 minutes and when your phone rings, switch to the next task immediately. It doesn’t matter if you are finished with that task or not. 3. Set Realistic Deadlines Give yourself enough time for it, because it is important to switch from task to task. If you are working on a big project, don’t try to finish it in one day. Break it down into several tasks that are essential to finish this project. In case you need to get something done today, give yourself enough time for it. It's better to finish before the time is over than the opposite. 4. Find out how long it will take you Sometimes it is hard to know how long you need to do something. But here is how to fix this problem: Record your time! In the first week it is hard to know how long it takes you, so record your time in the first or even second week. you'll get a sense of how quickly you can get things done. Always remember the first week is just a test week, so find out, what you need to know about.
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@Nandi Pieterse no problem. I appreciate that it helps
Before starting an agency..
Guys if you want to start an agency, you should get these things (>100$) - A Website (clients will ask) - Professional Email (Can’t do it with your free email Adress, clients won’t trust you)  - Facebook, Instagram & Twitter, LinkedIn - SEO Optimization  - Content Plan  That’s what you should have when starting out. Lot of you say that you don’t need a website, but clients will ask for it. You can get all of it very cheaply. So go for it, but if you don’t have any money then win your first client and then get that stuff
Do it when you are young 🥇💸
Guys, So many people are scared to start their own business and they delay it. But why? If you are 40 years old and start a business while having 2 kids and a woman at home, it is going to be much harder. Start now when you don’t have a family. What can you actually lose now? NOTHING (you don’t have a family, a house, maybe you have a car but that’s it) So start now and even if you are already +40 and you have kids,… It is never to late. But it also never to early. The best day to start is today!
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