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❌ My Thoughts On The TikTok Ban
First, I'd say always keep yourself nimble and be ready to go wherever the attention is. Life will always move along and we'll need to adapt. I think its a better mindset just to stay there and do what you need to do, when you need to do it. Changes in the system always bring new opportunities as well. But, getting more specific, even if its banned it will likely be sold to a US company. At that point it'll likely remain nearly the same. That's how I'm thinking about it. If you have any insights or thoughts drop them in the comments below!
New comment Mar 22
1 like • Mar 14
@Bill Candelaria yes just read on perplexity. Project Texas .. move all us data to us to allay concerns a likely route they will take. I’m in Uk .. it was banned on govt devices but of course could impact reach..
1 like • Mar 14
Biden has said would sign it at senate round so that would likely have sway and think Trump would also be for it as would be consistent with us first policies
Building Your Own Automated Content System
I dropped a new YouTube video this week that covers how you might go about building your own content system. This system is powerful but still easy to install. If you want the Airtable and automation templates you can get them in the new Content Machine Blueprint course.
New comment Mar 13
Building Your Own Automated Content System
1 like • Feb 16
@Stephen G. Pope Socialbee and Hootsuite are on there. I have lifetime social bee (appsumo) so will likely look to get that working. I couldn't see API documentation for metricool s perhaps not an open endpoint. A shame.
1 like • Feb 29
@Stephen G. Pope can you send me a link to the metricool api documentation and I will have a play with a trial account and make
3K members with 40 to 50% weekly active members!
Wow everyone, pretty cool to see how things are growing! Appreciate everyone here! Thank you 🙏 What are some things you'd like to see more of? challenges? competitions? content? Leave any thoughts below in the comments!
New comment Mar 8
3K members with 40 to 50% weekly active members!
1 like • Feb 29
Well done buddy. Not an easy feat (not sure who wants easy feet anyway)
The Myth, Mistake and REAL Opportunity of Content & Social Media
I think a lot of people (not all) are keen to the opportunity of social media and content. But it's a myth that you just need to "start" and get going, and that it'll all unfold for you. Yea, if you're stuck, or procrastinating it's a smart move to just get going. But the mistake so many new and experienced entrepreneurs make is just checking the box. Social media, content, video—it's not an opportunity if you just check the box to say you're "doing it". There are so many people competitively trying to out do you, to capture the attention you say you want. The real opportunity is to go deep on what you're trying to do. Don't just set out to make a YouTube channel, make the BEST YouTube channel. Don't just make a community, make the BEST community. Don't just make a newsletter, make the BEST newsletter. You get the idea. If you don't go deep, you'll likely just scratch the surface, spread yourself thin, and make zero impact. I fall victim to this myself. Do you really want to make something unique and interesting? Doing something big can be scary, so sometimes we don't REALLY try. Is there something big you want to do? do you find yourself sometimes just poking around the edge and not really doing it? or just thinking about it? or doing too many things to make a real impact? What is it? share in the comments what you really want to go deep on. And what's your plan? what's your commitment?
New comment Feb 16
1 like • Feb 8
@Jesse Kalapa I'd say you probably would have been better to buy one not too but have been there in early days too. Work through the 10k course on making courses as a priority would be my suggestion and try and get money back on house flipping if poss and come back to it. Go through it and take action and get support where you get stuck. Marisa Murgatroyd on her making courses course has a strong guarantee if you do the work .. I think it was 2k to buy and guarantee you make 2k or more in set time. 10k is a lot to pay for something like that in all honesty and should come with more hand holding. If not taking advantage then that's a big portion of the cost
1 like • Feb 13
@Jesse Kalapa is the hand holding for life as often its a limited time e.g. 90 days. If not then work out if your priorities are still right as will you be able to achieve the same outcome without the support you are paying a lot for. Also bear in mind motivation of the cohort tends to wane so can be good to ride when excitement and motivation is high and network... Really depends on how they run things but I have quite a bit of experience
🤖 Content Automation Projects: Ideas Wanted
Hey Guys, I was curious what type of content automation projects would you like to see me create? I'd love to hear what you guys think/want in terms of your own workflows. If we get some good ideas we can put them up for a group vote and I'll work on them. Let me know if you have any ideas in the comments.
New comment Feb 10
🤖 Content Automation Projects: Ideas Wanted
1 like • Feb 8
@Stephen G. Pope I'll add this here as it's an older vid I'd like to hear more on the last point - finding and supporting and encouraging/motivate the core members as I agree that those 20% of 20% say or 10% of 10% are the ones who can really help with a group. What steps do you recommend? Thanks
1 like • Feb 8
Currently my Facebook group is new and under 100 members and I'd like to try and grow it to 1000+ and would help to have more engaged members who comment/like/post..
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