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N.B. Must Read. Main Rule for this Community
We have a clear No spam & NO self-promotions policy in this group As Moderator for this Community, I have been receiving many complaints lately from several of our valued members about self-promotions and affiliate promotions and spam via chat, and this is not allowed in here. A lot of the people doing this have also made no contributions to the Community. The main rule in here is that you may not do any self-promotions of affiliate promotions in here either in the main threads, through Chat or in your BIO. Failure to comply with this rule will mean instant removal and being blocked from this Community. If any of our Members have or are being affected with this problem, then please notify me in chat with a copy of the message and I will take care of it. There are many great and helpful people in here and it is all about helping each other. Enjoy your time here.
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Welcome to Zamboni Inner Circle (PLEASE READ)
This place is built only for my best followers and students. It's a secret place where we can talk about anything you want. Inside the Product Creation, Affiliate Marketing, Artificial Intelligence, Etsy, Mindset, and Self-Publishing sections, you can find my best case studies and lessons, and you are free to post anything regarding those topics: questions, answers, ideas, and more. The more you talk, the more points you get, and the higher you can go to grab my bonus courses or special videos that are only available on this platform. The "General Discussion" area is for talking about whatever we want, marketing-related or not. Until you stay, you will get a lot from this inner circle.
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7 pro tips for boosting sales with stories
Hey, Stories are one of the all-time most-effective marketing methods ever conceived. But most people just aren’t sure how to create stories for their promotions that entice and engage their audience. I’d like to help you get a jump on creating stories that sell. So, I’m providing you with 7 simple tips designed to help you make more from Module 4 of my Storytelling That Sells training. ♥️ Keep in mind that the stories you tell DON'T have to always be about you. They can be about other people/things, too. 1. Make an Emotional Connection Compassion gets donors to give money. Concern gets consumers to beef up their PC security software. A sense of mystery and discovery drives quest stories. You get the idea. Your story should be genuine and from the heart, and connect with your audience's pain points, values and desires. 2. Be Inspirational Stories don't have to be inspirational to be interesting (think of tragedy storylines). But when it comes to telling stories in a marketing context, you want to inspire the audience. A fundraising ad that shows starving children isn't meant to drive you to despair and give up hope. They always say, "YOU can make a difference." Inspiration is important in a marketing context because it influences the person to take action. Taking action could mean buying a product, or it could be something more subtle such as allying yourself with a brand and its vision. Stories that don't offer this hope and inspiration don't lead the audience to take action. 3. Remember the Product Is Secondary In all good marketing stories, the product is in the background. When telling a story, focus on making it a good story, not on promoting the brand or product. Just like other forms of content marketing, your story will do the selling for you. If you're telling a product story, of course the product will take center stage. Its benefits will be a major part of the story. But remember that it doesn't have to be, and in general, the less promoting the better.
Hi, 👋🏾. I'm new here.
My name is Temitope, but you can call me Temi (Tay-me). I'm from Nigeria. I have been around the digital marketing block for the past 7 years and finally settled on marketing writing. I'm here to learn how you good people are marketing yourselves as solopreneurs and content creators. Thank you for bringing me onboard, admins.
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Bring photos to life with D-ID
D-ID allows users to generate lifelike talking-head avatars from just a static portrait image and a script. Step-by-step: 1. Sign up for a free account on D-ID and receive bonus credits. 2. 3. Click "Create" and select "Video" to access the video creation page. 4. 5. Choose a pre-generated presenter, generate a unique AI avatar, or upload an image. 6. 7. Type a script and customize an avatar with language, voice, and style options. 8. 9. Click "Generate video" to bring a photo to life!
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