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7d ago 
I got laid off from VaynerMedia working for Garyvee & now I'm working on my own business. 📹✏️💻
Hi guys! My name is Zak Ross. I’m a Senior Motion Designer & Video Editor. Was previously working at VaynerMedia APAC here in Singapore for about 4 years & recently got laid off with the global downsizing in 2023. I was hired as the 2nd employee in a team of 20. I lead & helped scale to grow the video production team. And the agency grew to 250 working regionally in Asia Pacific. Low key wished I had shares to begin with. But they did gave me a severance cheque when I got let go. But anyway I am back into the freelance world tryna make it on my own again & start my own video agency business. Here’s my website if any of you wanna check out some of the work I do. I design, art direct, animate & edit videos for brands. 2024 hoping to build my own business & be financially free. Starting off by shooting my first YouTube video & uploading it this week to share my story in the meantime check out my website to see some of the work I've done at the agency. 📹✏️💻
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Retention WIN 🏆
i just got the retention of my new video It lasts 14min and the retention is incredible, I’m still working in my hook but when it comes to retention, I think I got the trick. If anyone wants some advice hit me up
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how many views tho bro. loyal audience = more retention. funnily enough viral videos have low retention low CTR compared to lots of videos. I suggest you read this (and all his other threads):
Need Advice?
So ... a friend, Matthew messaged our group chat: He started a skool group teaching people how to make money as virtual assistants! I know, wild right? Matt? Teaching assistants? The guy who still gets his mum to book his doctor appointments? 😂 But apparently his VA course is pretty legit. He already has 34 students signed up at $69 each! Part of me is wondering if I accidentally hopped timelines into some alternate reality though. I mean, since when did Matt become an expert at ANYTHING? (No offense to him, great guy.) YET people are eating up his course! And I can’t help but think... Maybe I’m missing an opportunity here. 🤔 So let me pick your brain ... Have you ever bought any kind of course before? You know, like a “how to” program with video lessons and stuff. If YES: What specifically made you pull the trigger and buy? What transformation did it create in your life and business? On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate the VALUE you got from it? If NO: What’s held you back from buying one so far? Bad experience in the past, or...? And what shift would need to happen for you to confidently invest in a course someday? Here’s my reason for asking: For a while now I’ve been thinking about putting together a course on skool... .... around the freelance copywriting strategies I’ve picked up over the years. You know, how I went from clueless noob getting $20 gigs on Upwork ... To getting a $12k offer to write a welcome series ... So yeah, I’ve learned a LOT about succeeding as a copywriter. More than most, I’d argue. And I keep having this voice nagging me in my head ... What if I could help OTHER desperate beginners shortcut years of painful trial and error in their career ... By packaging my framework into a course? I think it could genuinely help aspiring copywriters quit their day jobs and start winning as freelancers fast. But before I invest months of work into creating something like this, I’d love to know: Would you have any interest in a course like that?
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@Mat Leo a dormant volcano and an extinct volcano are not the same
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I would say the #1 thing for success in the info space is to be actually good at what you teach. If you have obvious legit proof that you are amazing at what you teach, people will listen and pay. Just look at Leon Hendrix's YouTube workshop, $120k in 4 days. Hamza with his adonis skool, he has proof he went from being a "jeffery" (lol) to getting his life together. It's the people with sketchy/ very little verifiable proof that makes people suspicious
~15,000 likes (and +1,000,000 views) on a LinkedIn Post in 48 hours
Hey guys, here's a big realization about creating genuine educational content, whether written or video: Few days ago I felt like writing a short post on LinkedIn telling the story of how I got my job at NASA. I had no expectations; I just wanted to share the story. It was a genuine post. It took off instantly. I tried thinking about why my LinkedIn post did so well, and here are some lessons: 1) Stories are the most powerful marketing tool. If your story is relatable and helps people feel moved emotionally, they will feel connected to you. I plan on starting to use more relatable stories in my marketing for my program. 2) Most people have one core desire. To trust themselves. To be able to take a leap of faith and take first steps in confidence, independent of what the outcome looks like. Intuition is your superpower. Learn how to use it. 3) The biggest psychological challenge in business is attachment to the outcome. As we spend our hard-earned money aon ads, thumbnails, video editors, we inherently have this attachment to how an video performs and how our business performs. While that is practical and important, the reason this LinkedIn post took off is that I had 0 expectations and just wanted to write something genuine. If you can figure out how to crack this "not attached to outcome" approach in business, you will scale way faster. 4) Are you having fun in your business? One of the reasons I succeeded as an engineer and researcher is because I did it for fun, not for the money or any expected results. It's what I enjoyed doing. Lately, I felt like I was not having fun in my business, and that is reflected in my slower execution, boring ads, and rigid sales video. I decided to spice things up and tried to run meme ads, and it worked. Now I am very focused on having more fun in my business. Obviously, some copywriting skills were needed, here's the post if you're curious to read it:
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My first script
Today i wrote my first script for my youtube video . at first it was so bad even a little funny to read but i rewrote it and saw significant improvement . It is still bad but i am improving and getteing better . Any advices to make the process faster would be greatly appreciated
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2 likes • 3d Well done on taking action and not over analysing first. "Start then learn" - Andrew Kirby
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