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What did you find on Skool that has changed your life?
Finding friends with big ambitions is like hopping on a train full of cool people heading to unimaginable destinations. Itโ€™s like an endless flow of inspiration, taking you on a ride through the most beautiful and exciting places in the world. This is what Skool gave me.
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How did you protect your google account and YT channel from hackers?
Hi everyone! A few questions on safety&security for content creators โš”๏ธ: 1. Did you use a new google account to create a YT channel where you post your videos so it's separated from your personal account? 2. Did you use a different phone number for 2-step verification? 3. What about the recovery email? Is it the one you're using or a separate one specifically for channel recovery (just in case)? Thanks in advance!
How are you applying Synthesizing to your niche?
That is a question that I have been pondering about. How do you go about applying being a synthesizer to a given niche? Tell me down below!
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What's your goal this year?
Im 23. - I started an AI Automation Agency back in August 2023 - First client in September 2023. - Did not make any money until December 2023. - Pivoted towards being an AI Consultant and Synthesizer. - I signed 6 clients so far and they are still with me, and many other past clients. - Joined Skool in February 2024. - Made more than 3000$ with AI until now. This year : $10k per month.
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GPT4o insanity!
Since monday, GPT4o has dropped. AI people are going insane with the use cases. Have you tried using it? if yes, is it interesting? Share the nuggets!! For me, I did not try it thoroughly yet, saw some dudes generating a video game under 60 seconds using a screenshot, that was jaw dropping.
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