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Group for UK private investors and traders, both for AIM and FTSE. Everyone and all skill levels welcome.



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YouTube Ads problems/questions?
Happy Friday Ad Men, What are you currently struggling with when it comes to creating and running profitable YouTube Ads? Reply and let me know. -Brian
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I paid for WeTube and so which course should I do, the YT ads part of WeTube or the one in this Skool group? Or are they the same?!
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@Brian Moncada Thanks Brian.
Does YouTube Ads REALLY Beat Facebook Ads every time...?
Does YouTube Ads REALLY Beat Facebook Ads every time...? We've all heard it before... "YouTube Ads BEATS Facebook Ads every time..." But is it true? Or is it just a sweet angle with a killer HOOK? Well, obviously I'm biased... But if you ask Joe and Bogdan from EasyFX Trading, they'll confirm with you that it's true... You see, Joe & Bogdan are the co-founders of a online trading education company... They sell a high-ticket coaching program that teaches people how to trade using Forex. Their problem? They couldn't get their FB Ads to scale profitably without their CPL's and CPBC's sky-rocketing every time they tried increasing budget... As a result, they needed a new way to get MORE and BETTER leads to pack their team's calendars with qualified sales appointments, so that they can scale. Naturally, they booked a call with us after being recommended to us by Cole Gordon, and because they didn't wanna waste time and money learning YouTube Ads all by themselves... The result? They went from being STUCK and unable to scale with FB Ads, to booking an extra 45 calls per week and having leads PAY IN FULL on the very first call with YouTube Ads! Here's a screenshot from them sharing their feedback on the YouTube Ads lead quality vs. Facebook...(pics attached) Now before I just end the post here and link their full testimonial for you to watch... Followed by a soft CTA to book a call so that you can achieve similar results... I'm going to actually give you step-by-step gameplan we used to actually get them those results... FIRST... We took their already proven marketing message that was working for them on Facebook and organic... And simply re-wrote their ads, to follow our proven HOOK, STORY, CLOSE, framework... Remember, with YouTube Ads, people watch YouTube videos to LEARN or to be ENTERTAINED... So you can't just take the SAME copy and film it as a YouTube Ad and expect it to work... This is where MOST people FAIL with YouTube Ads. Next, we showed them exactly how to film the ads, and edited all the videos for them...
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I'm in this niche so this is interesting! Usually you see scammers sitting in front of rented supercars when they make money through affiliate brokers and not actually trading.
We made $125k in 30-days with this NEW 'HYBRID' Agency Offer (here's how)
Okay Ad Men, We've helped 5 different business owners AVOID the stress, headache, AND overwhelm that comes from having to... Write, film, edit, and setup all their YouTube Ad campaigns by themselves... How? We've offered to write their scripts, coach them on exactly how to film the ads, edit all the videos, and setup + launch their campaigns for them! But that's not all... We've even offered to COACH them for 12-weeks AFTER their ads are LIVE, so that they can learn how to manage, optimize, and scale their YouTube Ads themselves... And so far, in the last 30-days... we've made $125k with this NEW 'Hybrid' offer! I just posted a brand new YouTube video sharing how: Enjoy 🥂
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Just seen your new studio @Brian Moncada. Looking solid! Which boom arm are you using?
🇬🇧 London Mastermind recap (plus a surprise at the bottom)
Yesterday we flew back home from the UK after a half-week long business trip where we accomplished 3 things: 1. Meet up with the UK team (shoutout to @Billy Porter & @Asel Abey) 2. Get together with a few members from the Ad Men Mastermind 3. Speak at Charlie Morgan's mastermind on YouTube Ads And I'm happy to report that it was a TOTAL success! Last Wednesday we met up with our team & Cam for dinner at this super unique Italian restaurant called, Circolo Popolare. Once you walk in, you're greeted by the staff and asked if you want to check your coat or your umbrella (something we never even think about in AZ lol...) And then you're eyes become fascinated by the copious amounts of liquor shelves molded into the walls on your right and left of the restaurant with lights behind them that almost make it look a bit like it's Christmas! Not to mention, the food was absolutely delicious... A bit small to be fair, but hey, maybe that's why America is a lot HEAVIER than the UK hahah... Lastly, the conversations were even better. There's nothing like meeting up with your team in person and breaking bread together. You get to learn more about the people you work with everyday virtually, on a whole different level and most importantly... It makes all this REAL! Not saying your business, or my business isn't real lol... But it becomes even more REAL when you get to physically see your clients, customers, and team members in real life! Not just for you, but for them too. Which is extremely important for buy-in and commitment to your vision, mission, and values as a company! Needless to say, everyone left that dinner happy and excited for the future :) Then, come Friday, it was the first day the Imperium mastermind with Charlie Morgan and his team. Now look... I've been to plenty of masterminds at this point in my career... The first mastermind I ever joined and attended was Vince Del Monte's 7-Figure Fitness Business mastermind in Toronto, Canada almost 4+ years ago now...
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Funnily enough Circolo Popolare would’ve been top of my recommendations if you’d told me you were staying centrally!
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@Brian Moncada Yep, I live not too far away from there! Glad you enjoyed it man. Relaunching my YouTube and high ticket offer very soon - appreciate the feedback on the tech kit.
Gear Recommendations
Hi everyone - I bought the Sony A6400 and Sigma Lens based on Brian's recommendation (and no complaints!) - I also bought the Shure SM7B which is insane. I'm now looking for recommendation please for: - Lighting/softbox - Teleprompter If anyone can help that would be hugely appreciated. Thank you in advance. My goal is to go heavy on YouTube to generate leads, prove out and build my high ticket offer organically, and start to add on ads with Adspend to accelerate this.
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@Mike Medico @Yuvraj Wadhwani @Jesus Jimenez Thanks a lot guys for your input! The Desview and the Amran are on the way!
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