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Create ‘Adspend Quality’ Ads Within 16 Weeks - How’s That For An Offer?
A few days ago, I sent an email announcing our upcoming DWY offer, and the replies were quite surprising… …Because I got none lol So, instead of feeling bad about it… …I shut my day down to THINK. Was it my approach? Was it my email? Was it my subject line? …Or was it that the offer wasn’t strong enough? After thoughtful consideration, I realized it was the latter… "Coaching" Offers suffer in this digital era for that same reason… There’s too much noise, little clarity, and every approach has been tried to death… …Reason why I was painted with the same brush. Even though I do my best to give honest value here, every day. So... …I realized it’s not just about giving you what you ‘want’... …But what you NEED… …And what I KNOW most agency owners, coaches, consultants, experts, course creators, and even marketers need RIGHT NOW more than ever is… …Better creative. Better ads. Better editing. Better ideas. Better execution. And that happens to be what we’re known for. We’re the most sought-after YouTube Ads advertising agency in the entire world for a reason: Our creative is GOATED. So I’m here to ask YOU something... …If we could WRITE, EDIT, LAUNCH and optimize control-beating ads FOR YOU… …Would you take us on that offer? Even more… If after writing, editing, launching, and optimizing your ads, we showed you EXACTLY how we do it every day for ourselves, so you can go out there and replicate our success for yourself AND your clients… …Would you think that’s a no-brainer? But even BETTER… If after we wrote, edited, launched, optimized, and showed you HOW to do it all yourself… …We coached you and trained you to THINK beyond processes and become an Ad Man… …Would you reply to this post saying, "Yes, Brian, I want to know what the hell is going on"? If so, please do… … If not, please let me know what you consider a no-brainer. After all… I’m here to make the advertising world a better place. And that includes you. Thanks in advance for your help 🥂
Rohan Saxena
Yamuna Bihari
Nicholas Nicola
Israel Fernandez
Kashan Hussain
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Exciting News - You Can Now Purchase The FULL YouTube Ads Accelerator Course for only $1,997
Hey future Ad Men, exciting news! We've now made our FULL YouTube Ads Accelerator course available for purchase inside this community! A lot of you have been asking questions related to setting up your ads, conversion tracking, campaigns, and also launching, optimize, and scaling... And now you can purchase the entire course which includes: - Account Setup - Launching - Optimizing - Scaling - MORE Account Audits - BONUS - For Agency Owners (How to sell YT Ads as a service + get clients as an agency) - PLUS a bunch of amazing bonuses for you to scale your info-biz to 7-figures+ using YouTube Ads Watch this video for more info: And if you wanna get the course, just DM me with the word "course" and I'll send you a message asking for your best email so that we can send the stripe invoice to you to pay and get access immediately! Cheers 🥂
Yamuna Bihari
Jason Weinberger
Mitch Cleary
Shane Dutka
Sean Mize
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LIVE Masterclass From Sam Oven's Former Sales Manager Tomorrow!
Hey Ad Men, Tomorrow inside the Ad Men Mastermind we have a LIVE Masterclass training hosted by's former sales manager David Draey! David Draey worked directly with Sam Oven's for over 3+ years and was the TOP closer at the company for a very very long time... He's also currently working with me and my team + a few of our top agency clients by leading, managing, and training their sales teams for PEAK performance. And tomorrow, he's doing a LIVE masterclass training inside our Ad Men Mastermind where he will be sharing everything he's learned + hosting a Q&A! You see, every other week inside the mastermind we do a LIVE masterclass training like this with me and my team, OR with special guests we bring in from our network, or even our own clients... to SHARE what's working for them and their businesses RIGHT NOW! Regardless, this masterclass training takes place tomorrow inside of the Ad Men Mastermind at 11am EST. If you're interested in attending, and getting more trainings like this every month, along with direct access to me and my team on a weekly basis to ask questions... PLUS exclusive access to our first ever in-person mastermind happening this NYE weekend in beautiful Miami, Florida 🌴 Then DM me privately and I'll connect you with my team to see if it's a good fit :) Cheers 🥂
Ian O'Brien
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Organic Outbound Booking Masterclass w/ Charlie Morgan
This Thursday we have Charlie Morgan hosting a LIVE Organic Outbound Booking Masterclass inside the Ad Men Mastermind! Charlie Morgan is a client of ours at, and prior to working with us, he successfully scaled his company EasyGrow to $500k/month ALL organically without spending a single cent on paid ads whatsoever… Prior to that, Charlie and his partner @Baudouin Borghans had an agency that helped gym owners get more gym members and they scaled that agency to 7-figures plus, again, all without ads… However… With an offer so good to say no to, he knew (and WE KNEW) he’d NUKE YouTube with the right creatives… But that's a case study/testimonial we already shared with you last month ;) Point being... If there’s anyone who can teach you how to pack your calendar with qualified appointments and enroll 20 high-ticket clients in the next 180 days all organically... Guaranteed... It’s Charlie and his team. Because well, that’s exactly what he did, and that's what he helps his clients do all day long. And this Thursday at 11am EST, he will be having his team share the 3 BEST organic outbound booking strategies working RIGHT NOW for him and his clients. After all, paid ads are amazing because they work fast… but they take cash to get up and running. So if you don’t yet have enough budget stockpiled to invest in paid ads just yet, then you gotta create an organic system that consistently gets you qualified calls booked on your calendar… Otherwise you’ll be relying on word of mouth and referrals forever, which aren’t always reliable, especially when you need new cash/MRR fast! So if you’re an agency owner, coach, or course creator who’s looking to find the best ways to get high-ticket clients in 2023... And mastermind with the best up and coming marketers who are going to dominate the info-industry for years to come… Then you should apply to join the Mastermind today, and attend Charlie’s training this Thursday.
Brian Moncada
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We just crossed over 2,000 members!
Happy Monday Ad Men, We just crossed 2,000 members inside the community 🎉🍾🥂 Crazy to look back and realize we took this group public in January, and in just 6-months, have crossed over 2k members, wow! Obviously couldn't have done this without each and every one of you here who've been active, and asking questions + offering support to the other members... So thank YOU! Over the weekend I was actually reading the book "Get Together: How to Build a Community With Your People", and it reminded me of some core key principles that are important for us to remember when it comes to our community... (Feel write this down to remember for YOUR community as well) 1. Building a community isn't about you and what you can do; rather, it's depending upon what you and your people can do. - Who do I care about? - Who do I share an interest, identity, or place with? - Who do I want to help? Getting clear on your WHO + WHY is first and foremost... Which is why for us, we've created this community specifically for Coaches, Course Creators, and Agency Owners who sell info-products & online education... Why? Because that's what WE do, and that's what WE love... As we mention in the "START HERE" intro post we refer everyone to when they are accepted into this community, our mission is to educate the world through advertising... And we created this community to bring together the next generation of 'Ad Men' so that we can all help each other make more income, and impact, with paid ads! Which brings me to the 2nd takeaway of the book that I read this weekend... 2. In order to make sure your community's purpose is grounded in your people's needs, and that it expresses what you can accomplish together, consider: - What do my people need more of? - What's the change we desire? - What's the problem only we can solve together? When you have a strong hunch about your WHO you want together, and WHY you are gathering, you're better equipped to decided WHAT to do next...
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Onur Degirmenci
Brian Moncada
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