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I remember hearing how Jonathan Courtney extracts workshops from books. Sprint, as a book about Sprint workshops, is an obvious example. What I'd like to do is create a generic methodology/workshop for doing this transformation systematically. The idea outcome would be workshops/workflows that speed up attaining nrew skills and utcomes What steps could I use to read and process a book, or only part of it, and turn into a practical workshop...and what underlying principles shoud I comsider? Say. take Atomic Habits and turn it into a Habit Design workshop, or Effective Data Storytelling Brent Dykes) and turn it into a Data Story Workshop(s) that transforms research raw data into a data story. Got any thoughts, methods, mindsets?



David Newman
Shannon Wagers
Austin Govella
Shaul Nemtzov
Martin Silcock
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    For clarity I’m not looking to take any copyright off anyone, simply looking to design a way to take ideas in books and make them useful and incorporated into a workshop. I only used Mr Clears book as an example of the kind of non fiction book. Still monte rested in a step by step approach to designing a workshop.

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    @Shaul Nemtzov Thanks. Again I’m not looking to copy from any book content. Simply extract the essence of the idea and then create a workshop design that produces a result. I like the idea of making a canvas that captures the principles embedded in a book (or article) and the use it to structure exercises that manage peoples attention and creativity to produce an output. One I’m very interested in would be a workshop that designs a 20 minute online questionnaire. Rather than 2+ days produce it in 2 hours.

All workshops are meetings, though all meetings are not workshops?...I'm wondering if/how to take get into facilitation-workshop mindset into all meetings.



Sam Pettersson
Chefrany Laitenu
Santina Burakiewicz Carlson
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Has anybody used facilitation on themseleves to help solve problems or create strategies? I watched Jonathan Courtney video were he did something like this on one piece of paper - a series of micro exercises...got me wondering about how to extend this paper facilitation idea



Jakub Michalski
Martin Silcock
Rebecca Courtney
Sam Pettersson
Dave Gregurke
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Hi I'm Martin. I've started to think seriously about how I might use facilitation in my work as a market researcher and insights partner inside a lifesciences company undergoing a lot of organisational change. I work remote ( UK, Midlands) with people across the world so Miro and other virtual collaboration tools are my main medium for collaboration and facilitation. I've a marketing background (since the 1980's) and shifted into research and insights in early 2000's I've done workshps efore and like frameworks and got the books...now thinking need to get serious as the thing about research and insights is until someone acts on it, it has no value. I want also to find ways of using facilitation type exercises (recipes) to see if I can reduce time and effort that research takes in setting it up, project managing it and reporting it out as presentations....and what I call insight activation workshops. Looking forward to learning and contributing and creating new ideas.



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