Workshops from books : What's the "meta" process
I remember hearing how Jonathan Courtney extracts workshops from books. Sprint, as a book about Sprint workshops, is an obvious example.
What I'd like to do is create a generic methodology/workshop for doing this transformation systematically. The idea outcome would be workshops/workflows that speed up attaining nrew skills and utcomes
What steps could I use to read and process a book, or only part of it, and turn into a practical workshop...and what underlying principles shoud I comsider?
Say. take Atomic Habits and turn it into a Habit Design workshop, or Effective Data Storytelling Brent Dykes) and turn it into a Data Story Workshop(s) that transforms research raw data into a data story.
Got any thoughts, methods, mindsets?
Martin Silcock
Workshops from books : What's the "meta" process
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