One trait all unsuccessful consultants have (and how to fix it):
Hey Workshoppers,
I usually don't cross-post anything from our Workshopper Inner Circle community but this video I made for the group today kinda exploded and created a lot of really interesting conversations.
So I said fuck it, let's pop it in here too :)
P.S. Applications are still closed right now for joining our Inner Circle community, if they open again any time soon we'll post about it here 👍🏻
**************************************************here's the post***********************************
Hey all!
I spend a lot of time coaching or being coached.
I spend a lot of time around hyper-successful entrepreneurs and consultants, but also people who are stuck (and stay like that forever).
I have some thoughts about what keeps people stuck and what makes people successful.
I decided to make a little video about something I think is going to hold a LOT of you back from achieving success. It's a bit of an experiment so lemme know if it's interesting!
Jonathan Courtney
One trait all unsuccessful consultants have (and how to fix it):
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