Hi I'm Martin. I've started to think seriously about how I might use facilitation in my work as a market researcher and insights partner inside a lifesciences company undergoing a lot of organisational change. I work remote ( UK, Midlands) with people across the world so Miro and other virtual collaboration tools are my main medium for collaboration and facilitation.
I've a marketing background (since the 1980's) and shifted into research and insights in early 2000's I've done workshps efore and like frameworks and got the thinking need to get serious as the thing about research and insights is until someone acts on it, it has no value.
I want also to find ways of using facilitation type exercises (recipes) to see if I can reduce time and effort that research takes in setting it up, project managing it and reporting it out as presentations....and what I call insight activation workshops.
Looking forward to learning and contributing and creating new ideas.
Martin Silcock
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