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Admin Feature: Post Approval - Moderation
For high volume groups one of the main features we've used in Facebook groups is the ability for all posts having to be approved by an admin or moderator. Possibly a useful feature to add to control the inflow of posts in groups?
Sam Ovens
Yasin Arshad
Garry Malone
Robin Keijzer
Daniel Well
New comment 15h ago
3 likes • Jun 27
We definitely need this feature too! I use this currently and rely on it to maintain our boundaries/schedules and an inclusive culture in our groups. My team doesn't want to wake up to any "surprise" posts that we then have to do damage control around - so this is a feature we 100% use every day!
Post Approvals System
Description of Problem: it only takes one or two sour apples to ruin the vibes in a community. It happens from time to time (especially in high ticket where people are investing a fair amount) that a student gets upset and decides to start spamming the group with upsetting posts and content. This often has a ripple effect of diminishing peoples' confidence in themselves and their ability to succeed. As a platform that prides itself on community collaboration, I'm sure most everyone can agree that a moderation suite is critical in maintaining integrity. Feature: the specific request would be for the ability to toggle-on a "posts must be approved by a moderator" feature that allows the moderators or admins to preview posts, and then choose to approve or deny them. If the post is denied, the moderator or admin would have the ability to send private feedback to the user about the reason behind the rejection of the post. Business impact: we're about to migrate roughly 3,000 high ticket clients into Skool. The lack of more robust moderation tools means we need to staff extra customer support resources to lurk on the community page, ready to remove any "violating" posts. Puppy gif included below for greater visibility!
Sid Sahasrabuddhe
Sean Kochel
Lori Swift
Garry Malone
Daniel Well
New comment 15h ago
2 likes • Aug 1
I second this! Definitely need this feature.
LIVE Feature?
Will there be the ability to go LIVE? Not having this feature is the ONLY thing keeping us from shifting our FB community to Skool...
Mariah Coz
Bernardo Fagot
Tim Grover
Fitzgerald Council
Nadine Pulver
New comment 1d ago
6 likes • Aug 4
Why not just put the zoom link on the calendar in Skool and go live on zoom?
1000 Members in 30 Days on Skool (Creator Party Case Study)
I just recorded a video about *everything* we did to reach 1,000 members in our new free community, Creator Party, in the first 30 days of launching it. (I approved the 1,000th member live in the video!) We consistently hear from our members that our community is the most engaged, generous, and FUN group they have *ever* been a part of. I’m sharing with you how we’ve created such a thriving group that people rave about to their friends. In the training I share: ➡️ How we set up and prepped the group to be valuable and engaging from day 1 ➡️ The podcasts, posts and emails promoting the group, with examples ➡️ Why and how I asked for help and rallied our community to invite their friends ➡️ How we highlight our free trainings and leverage “podcast chats” into engaging posts It’s everything we did to reach 1,000 incredible members in 30 days in our free community. I hope you find this valuable, if you have any questions just pop them in the comments, I’m happy to help. Next stop… monetization! I’m excited for what’s to come 😁 Thank you to Sam and Skool!
Rigo Dade
Mariah Coz
Zahida A Khan
Alex Smith
Caleb Hosmer
New comment 4d ago
1 like • Sep 23
@Elizabeth Sainez 🎉🎉
1 like • 21d
@Zahida A Khan 🙏 so glad it was valuable to you!
Introducing "Discovery" — Explore Communities and Get Discovered
Now you can explore all the communities on Skool! This has two benefits: 1. Members can find communities that interest them 2. Communities get found by members (free advertising) Open your switcher (cmd + k) and click "Discover communities" to explore. You can search for anything, browse categories, and filter by free/paid, and private/public. We rank communities by an engagement/quality score. The more engaged your community is, the higher you rank. This means the better you make your community, the more members you get. Watch the video below for more info. Enjoy 🎉
Gabriel Padilla
Danny Westwood
Kobi Asare
Kory Kahley
Steven Pearson
New comment 26d ago
6 likes • Oct 23
So excited about this! 🎉
Hi, I am looking for the best “PAID Community” training if possible using Skool as Community Software, or also a Mastermind about it… Any options you can recommend me??? Thanks in advance!
Joshua St. Clair
Asmâa Methqal
Danny Mallinder
Mariah Coz
Sid Sahasrabuddhe
New comment 18d ago
1 like • 21d
@Sid Sahasrabuddhe thank you for the shout-out! 🎉 @Jose Martinez happy to answer any questions about how we can help. Sounds like my group is exactly what you're looking for!
Any advice welcome. I have always hosted my groups on FB and got great engagement. I am finding engagement in my courses on SKOOL great.. (I love it and so do they) however engagement in the community on Skool is not great. I don't want to take them back to FB for better communication. Eg I get notififed when they tag me there, I only seem to get this when I login to Skool.... I can't tag everyone in the group at once and can only email them every 72 hours.... and can't go live (all methods I usually use to connect with them all and connect them with each other) How is everyone else successfully getting group engagement in their Skool Community- I would love to improve this. thanks so much- J
Genc Doda
Matthew J. Watts
Shaun Michael
Dom Thorpe
Jo Davison
New comment 19d ago
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Skool is built for engagement so make sure you're using all the cool features available! For example: - Creating premium content that unlocks at each level within courses (this is key) - Prizes for the top 3-5 on the leaderboard each month - If you have a weekly piece of content you publish publicly, create a discussion post for that each week to answer more questions about it (we do this with our Podcast Chats in my Creator Party community) - Posting question/discussion posts to kick off conversation - Create a 21 day challenge where people need to post their answers to the prompts or report on daily progress each day for 21 days as the first thing they do when they join I posted a video about everything we did to create a super engaged group in the first 30 days Hope it's helpful!
Free Private Community vs Free Public Community
Whats everyone's experience? Pros and cons of each? I'm leaning towards a free private community with locked (paid) workshops using the calendar
Steven Pearson
Bijan Izadi
Mariah Coz
Shaun Michael
Danny Mallinder
New comment 20d ago
3 likes • 21d
Because I'm basically using my free public community (Creator Party) as my website now and to host all my free trainings, posts, etc, I like having it public because I can link to unlocked content in my classroom and posts in my group basically as web pages in a way. People can see them without any barriers to entry, but if they want to join the conversation or get any of the other higher level courses unlocked, they can join the group to earn points. But it allows new people to get a taste of what is inside when they can lurk first, which I'm fine with. Also I'm playing the long game of seeing what can happen with SEO traffic for a public group for lead gen ✅
0 likes • 20d
@Joshua St. Clair the thing is there is no analytics on the backend for traffic so at this point there's no way to know. I do get a steady stream of new members every day, and I'm not actively promoting it every single day, so I could be getting new members from that but without analytics there's no way to be sure.
How to raise engagement with members?
My Leadeth stats today are: In the past 30 days, your group grew to 109 members (+18) and 52 members (48%) were active. Looking for some suggestions on how to proactively engage the community with more discussions? I’ve seen other groups post ‘social media sharing pods’ we’re members can share post for a wider reach.
Erika Kulpina
Brent C
Sid Sahasrabuddhe
Alex Smith
Mariah Coz
New comment 21d ago
4 likes • 21d
Congrats on the growth! A while ago I posted this video training of what we did when we launched to create amazing engagement and get our first 1000 members: Hope it helps! 🎉
built a runway calculator for entrepreneurs lol
i hate always having to manually calculate my cash runway (how much time i got before money runs out). it's something I do literally every single day like 5 times per day. So i just decided to build a simple app where i can put in my numbers like current cash + burn rate. Using that it automatically calculates & visualizes how much runway I have and time I got left to get my 💩 together 😂. idk if it's helpful to anyone in here since y'all are entrepreneurs, if it is let me know i can share with you ❤️ -Qazi
Stephen G. Pope
Asmâa Methqal
Faro Zacarías
Rafeh Qazi
Mariah Coz
New comment 21d ago
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Find POWER in deadlines!
What is it about deadlines that makes you MOVE? They can put the fire under your A$$! DO IT NOW! I'm learning with @Mariah Coz in her group "Monetize with Mariah" about getting Skool set up. While I've created groups and programs and masterminds, and I put deadlines on MYSELF, this is different. She is dangling a carrot that, if I have it set up by Sunday and tell her about it, SHE'LL TELL THE WORLD in a Black Friday advert. Fun! But for my existing clients, I've already told them I'll open today, no matter what! So now the fire is under and around and inside to GET 'ER DONE! I'm excited! Sharing this here because, I bet I'm not the only one who's been taking longer than hoped or planned. Can you give yourself a deadline and commit to it?! Feel free to share your deadline here! Now LET'S GOOOO!!! C'mon. Skool is fantastic. We all know that. So let's get those Skools created so we can make use of them!
Asmâa Methqal
Erika Kulpina
Joshua St. Clair
Mariah Coz
Éva Raposa
New comment 21d ago
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We love it!! So excited to see you launch 🎉🎉🎉
Membership Challenge Starts NOW — Win $100k+ in prizes
Starting NOW! September 25th — If you get paid members to join your Skool community, you'll win prizes. The challenge will run for 28-days from September 25th to October 23rd, 2023. Pacific time. 📈 You can see who's winning in realtime here on the Leaderboards. There's three ways to win: 1. Get the most paid members (1st, 2nd, 3rd) 2. Get the most MRR (1st, 2nd, 3rd) 3. EVERYBODY who gets 10 paid members Prizes include: 16" MacBook Pro's + 27" LG 5k screen's + Lifetime FREE Skool Ready? Read the full instructions on the Membership Challenge here
Greg Dandy
Tom Hopcroft
Sam Ovens
Patrick Couto
Khanh Nguyen
New comment 26d ago
4 likes • Sep 27
Good luck to everyone!! 🎉
Our Free -> Paid Skool setup = $450k per month
Hey Skool... buddies? I wanted to share how I'm using a free group funnel to move people to my paid community... using Skool of course! Now, I'm not the biggest fan of writing, I get bored fast.. so I'm mostly gonna bullet point this AND I made a Loom video here: Happy to answer whatever questions you like. Ok, so main things to know: - I run a company called AJ&Smart, we're a digital product studio and innovation training company (we help companies like Lego, Google, GE, Amex etc with their digital products) which also sells online courses (mainly to teach people how to Facilitate Workshops) - For the specific online course side of the business, we use Skool to funnel people from ads/youtube videos (example)/books and other activities into a Free Group called "Facilitator Club" - Facilitator Club is focussed on helping consultants in the product/innovation/tech space move from being people who have to execute tasks for their clients to just being involved in the strategic/up-front work like "ideation". We also have a lot of people from other industries in there too who just want to move toward strategy and away from execution. Here's the group: (Please only join if you think it might be relevant). - This free group is full of little things to keep people engaged, primarily using the Leaderboard system to help people "unlock" courses and resources. These actually help people to preview the quality of our paid stuff. - The free group acts as a "holding pattern" for people to move to our paid group which costs €6000 and now almost has 1000 members. - The free group isn't the only way people are getting into the paid group, but it's definitely been an amazing place to "warm people up" before moving them to the paid group.
Jesse Clark
Nick Guadagnoli
Shaun Michael
Danny Holtschke
Yohan Delalande
New comment Oct 30
6 likes • Jun 26
This is great, thank you for sharing! I'm curious if you ever thought about having 1 combined group for everyone, with differentiation being unlocked courses and calls/calendar events for paid members? I'm seeing a lot of discussion about combining your community vs. separating the paid members and I'm on the fence. Curious if you thought about that decision too!
skool vs. circle. vs. kajabi vs. other platforms...
Here is the consensus... tldr; skool dominates. Context: I'm a developer, a huge tech nerd. Have a YouTube channel with 1m+ subs and 5,000+ paying customers. Done well over 7+ figures in revenue. I have used Teachable, Kajabi, Podia, Heartbeat, Facebook Groups, Discord, Slack, and probably few others I can't think of lol. And spent 100's of hours in the last few weeks trying to pick a solid platform that meets my needs. Yesterday I got on free trials for circle & skool. I spent hours and hours talking to my good friend about the pros and cons. I wanted to join circle so bad because the UI/UX seems SOOO much better on Circle. But skool had simplicty. I couldn't make up my mind. So here's what I decided to do. A live user test. I went to my girlfriend. Opened up a Circle community on the 1st tab. Opened up a Skool community on the 2nd tab. Asked her to use them. I just sat back and watched. Holy mother of hell. She kept clicking on random things in Circle and kept getting confused in terms of how to navigate. She didn't know exactly where the course material was vs. community. vs. members. I then watched her use Skool. She knew EXACTLY where the community was, members, and the course. Here are her exact words... "I don't know how to put it... But Skool just feels familiar." And in my head I was like "Yes it does lol. Because it's Facebook". I then asked my girlfriend to rate her experience on both platforms. She said 6/10 on Circle. She said 9/10 on Skool. I then sat down and started building my course modules on Skool. The experience was better than ANY course builders experience than I've ever had. It's fast. It's simple AF. and it genuinely inspired me to build. It was a similar experience i've had when I used beehiiv for emails. It blew Convertkit and everything else out of the water for me. So... I think I'm going to be going with Skool. I'm still in the 14 day trial. Haven't started paying just yet. But I think very soon I will be.
Leigh Metcalf
Erika Kulpina
Eduardo Mussali
Virin Gomber
Rafeh Qazi
New comment Oct 28
4 likes • Oct 20
🔥🔥🔥 We love to see it! Skool is very intuitive.
10 Skool features I think... users would love to have :) [Voice chats, Groups, blue check]
You love Skool, right? :) It's one of the best platforms for online coaches and entrepreneurs right now. It has everything you need to grow your business and your audience. A killer community, a sleek classroom, a powerful dashboard, and a bunch of other cool features. Skool is awesome. But... It could be even better. Much better. Here are a few features I think Skool users would love to have: 1. Voice notes: Text is fine, but voice is better. It's more personal, more human, more engaging. Imagine being able to send voice messages to your students, your peers, or your mentors. How cool would that be? You could share your insights, your feedback, or your jokes in a snap. No more typing, no more typos, no more boring messages. Just pure voice 🔥 @Derek James talked about it here 2. More formatting options within posts: Have you seen the new Twitter feature that lets you write threads in one single tweet and add pictures in the middle of your text? You can also make some words bold or italic to emphasize your points. That's pretty neat, right? Well, could we have something like that too. It would make the posts more interactive and well explained. You could show screenshots, graphs, memes, or whatever you want to spice up your content. 3. A plus tab that shows you a list of all communities and what they do: You know how hard it is to find the right community for you on Skool? There are so many of them, and they all have different names, niches, and prices. It's like a jungle out there. Well, what if there was a way to browse through all the communities in one place? You could sort them alphabetically, by category, by price, or by popularity. You could also search for keywords and find all the communities related to them. For example, if you're looking for ads-related communities, you could just type "ads" and see all the options. That would be awesome, right? And guess what? Skool could also make some money by charging commissions for putting some communities on top of the list. Win-win. (this isn't that necessary though)
15 members have voted
Andrea Pascual
Mariah Coz
Sara Kremer
David Allen
New comment Oct 23
2 likes • Aug 28
#5: blog You could do this with posts now. The way skool SEO works, to my understanding, each new post created becomes an indexed "page". So your posts are like blogs in public groups. If you wanted to organize them, you could do that in your classroom with the Pin to Module feature. Like what it's done with my Podcast Chats course which is just a library of my podcast blog posts. Unless I'm misunderstanding and you're saying Skool the company should have a company blog? Why wouldn't they just use posts in the group though for that stuff?
3 likes • Aug 28
#7 engagement rewards There are already killer engagement features, if you want to set up your group to have different levels give people $ like gift cards or something you could. Just set it so that at Level X, the bonus that unlocks is a $ gift card or coupon code or whatever with instructions on how to redeem in that course.
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