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Free Skool as a Community Magnet
Using your skool as a community magnet. We profiled @Mariah Coz inside Community Empire as her work with the Creator Party --> Monetize funnel is a piece of art. Community magnets are the future - leave those "free PDFs" and "exclusive playbooks" behind. They are as valuable to your audience as all the PDFs you have downloaded and ready regularly (right?). Part of the ACP funnel created by @Greg Isenberg, the community magnet is the off-ramp from social networks for your audience. This is your dedicated space to DO WITH your community, and to DO WITHIN your community. No more algorithm games. Straight alpha. Real people. This is literally the lowest-hanging fruit out there, and people are clamoring to be connected. Bonus points, you have their contact information and you have a one-on-one channel with your people. Enjoy this walkthrough on how you can use skool to as your community magnet.
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Aww thank you so much for the feature ❤️🎉 I appreciate the kind words! Always happy to share with others how we do things
$0-$1,000,000 in 5 months... now what?
Hey Skool fam! I'm in a unique situation and I'd love to get some feedback from this group. My business partners and I founded a creative video agency 5 years ago. We grew our notoriety quickly and started working with some global brands. So naturally we decided it was time to hire on a workforce of creators to scale our agency worldwide... that failed miserably. This is an insanely long story so I wont bore you with the details but it lead us to developing a library of creator courses and tools. Our hero product the 'TikTok & Reels Creator Course' is a low-ticket offer that we've scaled from $0 to $1,000,000 in the last 5 months. Now thats been the most exciting thing to ever happen on my entrepreneurial journey thus far, but we've been growing our business in Kajabi and our community on Facebook. I've been a long time fan of both Sam and Alex. They've given an incredible amount of value to us and I attribute a lot of my success to them, so when I saw this partnership I was obviously STOKED. SO heres the million dollar question: DO we migrate our business from Kajabi to Skool? Pic for proof: (PS we're located in Canada so $897USD is over $1m in our northern monopoly currency)
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I moved all of my FB groups (and courses) to my combined Skool community. People prefer Skool, engagement is higher. You can incentivize your students to move over by adding some bonuses to the classroom that they can unlock in Skool and a live event on the calendar so everyone comes over (plus move their course access of course). It sounds like your students are engaging, so you can keep that up on Skool and I would add some prizes that unlock at certain levels to make your course even more fun with the gamification. Happy to answer questions about the process of getting students over from FB to Skool!
Two Skool groups V one group 🤔
For those of you still undecided re two groups (eg one free + one paid) V one main group for everyone, which way are you swaying? 🤔 I'm feeling pulled towards the 2 group option, BUT am still open so would love to hear pros and cons from those who have done OR are are considering one of the above.
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I have 2 groups, one free and one paid. I personally wouldn't have minded having one group, but when I was doing market research, a lot of people said that for the paid offer they would enjoy having a more private community to discuss different topics that wouldn't be public so they could ask more high level questions and just have privacy. And I definitely prefer using Skool billing for my paid group because it automatically removes people who cancel and I wouldn't want to do that manually if I used a 3rd party checkout.
🎉 CELEBRATING my first paying member! 🎉
I haven't even gotten into properly promoting, so this was such a great surprise! This is NOT a business-related group, it's a foodie group (raw, vegan, plant-based) so the intention is for it to be low-ticket high-value and to be a great first step or last step with me. The next step up is to a professional online program for those who want to be a raw food chef, coach, or restaurant owner. Most won't go that route. But I really want to make a difference with this group because I healed a whole BUNDLE of health challenges when I went raw. Anyways. This is fun. It feels REAL now, so I'm more motivated to go after it more hard core! Now I just need to eventually decide if I want there to be two separate groups for the two offers. I think that will probably have to be the case? I'll figure it out soon. Very excited about the relative ease to get this set up and out there!
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Congrats! 🎉
Group Guidelines!
Best place to put these? And what are yours like? I'm on the very FINAL touches for my group right now! I don't see a proper spot for them so am thinking either a dedicated pot in the community or classroom? Or perhaps just include them in the welcome post?!
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We put them both as a pinned post at the top of the Community and as a lesson in the Start Here course to cover all bases ✅
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